Polestar 4 vs. Volkswagen ID.4: Full Comparison, Which One Wins?

Comparing Two Upcoming Electric SUVs: Polestar 4 vs Volkswagen ID.4

Hey there! Looking forward to the arrival of two exciting new electric SUV options coming down the pike? As automakers expand their EV model lines to keep pace with demand, the upcoming Polestar 4 and freshly redesigned VW ID.4 both aim to balance sustainability, cutting-edge features and real world practicality into compelling high-tech packages.

But how precisely do these electric vehicles compare, and which best aligns with your needs? You‘ve come to the right place for an in-depth feature face-off. I‘ll summarize what we know so far about the Polestar 4 and VW ID.4, dig into the specs that matter most, and help identify which all-electric SUV looks like the better match based on your priorities. Let‘s get rolling!

Polestar and Volkswagen EV Model Histories

As context before we dive into the Polestar 4 itself, let‘s briefly recap Polestar‘s short but exciting history and the overarching EV strategy for parent company Volvo. Launching as a standalone electrified performance brand in 2017, Polestar originally focused solely on speedy hybrid coupes and sedans. The Polestar 1 in 2019 marked their first model: a gorgeous 2-door luxury cruiser pairing 600hp with 93 miles of pure electric driving range.

Shifting emphasis to all-electric vehicles going forward, Polestar expanded into the red-hot SUV segment with their aptly named Polestar 2 fastback. This model put them firmly among the ranks of Tesla with a technology-packed EV rivaling the Model 3. Next up comes the 2023 Polestar 3, a roomy 5-seat electric crossover promising 300 miles of range and an $84,000 price tag.

Which brings us to the lower, wider and more aggressive Polestar 4 set to follow in 2024. Sharing some DNA with the Polestar 3 but in a more rakish sport-inspired body style, the 4 takes aim at rivals from Tesla, Ford and more by injecting Porsche-like performance into an electric SUV package.

Meanwhile Volkswagen, the storied and mass-market German automaker, continues broadening its portfolio of electric models including compact ID.3 hatchbacks and larger ID.5 crossovers popular overseas. American drivers rejoiced at the ID.4‘s launch in 2021: VW‘s first all-electric SUV offered here combined dependable brand familiarity with 260 miles of range and sleek futuristic styling inside and out.

VW‘s electric mobility strategy banks heavily on the MEB modular platform underpinning ID. series models like the ID.4. Rapidly evolving battery technology, upgraded manufacturing and simplifying model complexity will enable VW Group to achieve economies of scale. Producing EVs profitably at higher volumes helps make sustainable electric mobility accessible to more buyers.

Dimension and Design Distinctions

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Let‘s visually compare the external dimensions and interior passenger + cargo volumes between the Polestar 4 and VW‘s ID.4 redesign for the 2023 model year:

SpecificationPolestar 4VW ID.4
Length190 in180.5 in
WidthTBD73 in
Height67 in64 in
WheelbaseTBD108.9 in
Seating Capacity5 seats5 seats
Cargo Capacity (rear)15 cu ft (est)30.3 cu ft
Cargo Capacity (front)TBDn/a

Polestar makes a bold styling statement with the 4, from its extremely fastback coupe-inspired silhouette to the panoramic glass roof and massive wheels pushed to the corners. Smoked glass elements and digital side mirrors further modernize the exterior. No rear window glass allows the roofline to slope dramatically. Cameras replace the window providing live video feeds to the digital rear view mirror.

Comparatively the ID.4 adopts a more traditional compact crossover shape. Rounded edges optimize aerodynamics while large wheels, short overhangs and a flowing shoulder character line inject style. Updated front and rear bumpers smoothed out the design for 2023. Eight subdued color choices and restrained brightwork reflect Volkswagen‘s familiar, fuss-free styling ethos.

Inside, the Polestar 4 forecasts a sleek Scandinavian-inspired cabin blending sustainable materials, tactile finishes and intuitive technology. Recycled fleece fabrics, microtech synthetic suede and open-pore wood elements connection occupants to nature while staying true to Polestar‘s focus on reducing environmental impacts.

The ID.4‘s living space carries forward VW‘s adherence to clean, clutter-free design highlighted by ambient lighting, smart storage and a floating central touchscreen hub. The interior evolves subtly for 2023 thanks to injected textures and patterns plus updated seat fabrics on higher trims.

Powertrain Showdown: Performance, Range & Charging

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SpecificationPolestar 4 Single MotorPolestar 4 Dual Motor AWDVW ID.4 RWDVW ID.4 AWD
Power268 hp (est)537 hp (est)201 hp295 hp
TorqueTBDTBD229 lb-ft339 lb-ft
0-60 mph7.4 sec (est)3.8 sec (est)7.6 sec6.5 sec
Battery Capacity95 kWh (est)95 kWh (est)82 kWh82 kWh
Max Range372 mi (est)347 mi (est)280 mi268 mi
Max Charging Rate200 kW200 kW135 kW135 kW
Charging Time: 5-80%30-35 min (est)30-35 min (est)36 min36 min

Performance specs clearly set the AWD Polestar 4 in a speedier league than VW‘s family-hauling ID.4. With supercar-like acceleration under 4 seconds to 60 mph from its 537 horsepower dual electric motor powertrain, the Carbon Fiber package lets the 4 flaunt its track-capable moves visually too. Yet single motor Polestars still outpace VW‘s uptuned 201 hp RWD electric motor.

Both SUVs deliver ample real world range for road trips and daily commutes, with Polestar‘s larger 95 kWh battery offering 70+ more miles than VW‘s already robust 82 kWh pack. The ID.4‘s charging curve charges incredibly rapidly from low states of charge, though the Polestar should match it for speed from 10-80%.

Occupants of the Polestar 4 and ID.4 enjoy a sanctuary from harsh external elements. Heated surfaces coddle on the coldest days: steering wheels, seats, armrests and more. Customizable ambient lighting sets the mood while large panoramic sunroofs connect you to blue skies overhead. Airy cabins feature the latest tech displays without crowded, confusing buttons.

You‘ll also stay out ahead of traffic and potential hazards with some of the industry‘s most sophisticated standard driver assistance features. These electric SUVs think for you, taking some of the fatigue out of navigation, cruise control and safety interventions. Both automakers pledge continued OTA updates to give your EV new skills over time too.

Innovation Meets Affordability in Two High-Tech Packages

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SpecsPolestar 4VW ID.4
Base Price (Est)$65,000$37,495
Launch TimingEarly 2024On Sale Now
Tax Credits$7,500 Fed$7,500 Fed
Range347-372 mi268-280 mi
0-60 mph3.8-7.4 sec6.5-7.6 sec
Charging Time: 10-80%30-35 min36 min

Despite being a next-generation EV from an upstart brand, Polestar makes a remarkable value proposition with estimated base pricing around $65,000 for the single motor when it launches in 2024. Factor in a $7500 Federal tax credit many buyers qualify for plus any state/local rebates, and suddenly this 500+ hp electric performance SUV coupe becomes attainable for more drivers.

Of course Volkswagen counters with the ID.4‘s cost of entry roughly $25,000 below an entry-level Polestar 4, at least for the moment. And shoppers need not wait months or years to get their hands on VW‘s thoroughly developed EV package either. Given today‘s sky-high gas prices, ID.4 owners will laugh all the way to the bank thanks to lower operating costs of at-home charging versus filling up that old gas-guzzler. Those same incentives knock the ID.4‘s real world starting price down to around $30,000 – on par with many mainstream compact crossovers.

Polestar 4 vs VW ID.4: Which Electric SUV Is the One For You?

In truth, there may not be any bad options among newcomers like the Polestar 4 and established players like VW‘s ID.4 remodeling for 2023. These electric SUVs blend approachable usability with sustainably-minded engineering to elevate EV adoption rates industrywide. Yet guiding personalities and priorities shine through in the designs. Let‘s recap strengths of each model and align with potential buyer mindsets.

For the free-spirited driver craving performance and cutting-edge style, the curvaceous Polestar 4 excites with concept-car aesthetics transitioning to reality in an attainable package. Five hundred horsepower and sports car acceleration coupled with a high-tech minimalist cabin make this coupe SUV feel like driving the future. You‘ll relish serving as an EV ambassador while friends and neighbors gawk at its unusual lines. Given Polestar‘s close ties to legendary Swedish parent company Volvo, expect impeccable safety systems too.

For the road tripper wanting peace of mind and flexible utility, the Volkswagen ID.4 confidently carries the torch among modern electric wagons refined for families. Its trustworthy brand lineage guarantees intuitive usability across 280 miles of daily adventures or long weekends away. Pack up to 5 passengers with ease while clever cargo arrangements swallow essentials for spur-of-the-moment trips. An overabundance of thoughtful tech features cater toconnectivity and infotainment demands so the miles breeze smoothly by. If your needs lean more pragmatic than pulse-pounding, VW‘s ID.4 warrants your consideration.

For EV enthusiasts fixated on the next big thing in sustainable mobility advancements, continue watching Polestar‘s spaceship development. The production-intent Polestar 4 already looks phenomenal on paper and promises to push boundaries in reality. Yet VW‘s rock-solid ID.4 EV crossover satisfies on every level today for road warriors who can‘t wait to shift to electric. Either way you choose, charging into an electrified future never looked so promising!

Let me know if you have any other questions coming up in your buying process. I‘m always happy to chat EVs, weigh options andcompare notes across models to help friends shop smart. Catch you down the road!

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