Pokémon Go Facts

Pokémon Go is a huge success worldwide. However, the thing to remember is that it is merely a Nintendo game. There is more than meets the eye with this game.

Pokemon has been a huge success from the ever talented at Nintendo. However, Pokemon Go offers something much different as you move your own character by walking and roaming in the real world.

The real goal of Pokemon Go is more about getting as many as Pokemons as possible. The execution and concept of the game is much different for Pokemon Go! GPS navigation meets real life Pokemon fun.

This game is increasing in popularity so fast that it is more readily used than many social media sites. The addictive nature of Pokemon Go is clear as many want to play and find Pokemons or friends. Learn more about Pokemon Go below!

Pokemon is Japan’s most successful game

Pokemon is Japan’s game

Japan has created a lot of games and Pokemon is the top one overall. Pokemon Go came from Pokemon originally. Originally, Pokemon outsold everyone else in the Japanese gaming industry. The sales amount was incredible and massive at 23 million games sold alone by the release in 2010.

For over 20 years, this Pokemon game has been a top seller in the Japanese gaming industry. Today, the Pokemon franchise makes a lot of money by generating a lot of sales. For example, Pokémon Sword Shield has sold nearly 22 million units.

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How is Pokemon Go different from regular Pokemon

Pokemon Go different from regular Pokemon

The game would best be described as an “augmented reality” game and experience. Pokémon Go is a game that utilizes your phone GPS to determine where you are in general. Basically, Pokemon Go’s goal is that you need to retrieve as many Pokémon as you can.

The original Pokemon is not adapted to GPS navigation because Pokemon Go has an app that can appear on your phone as you catch Pokemons. The Pokemon Go app has great functionality for being able to move different and more types of Pokemon.

When you use your phone then you have to use the GPS and clock of your phone to play Pokemon Go. This combination of a regular video-type game and the real world interaction is what makes Pokemon Go unique. Augmented reality makes Pokemon Go very unique.

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Pokemon brought Augmented Reality to the world

Pokemon brought Augmented Reality to the world

Augmented reality is the future of gaming and perhaps many apps as well. This is a type of blending of virtual elements that can happen within the physical world. All in all, this is not necessarily new technology, but it is exciting that Pokemon has made it so popular with Pokemon Go.

This type of technology has been seen before in cars and the helmets of F-35 fighter pilots, but never video games or apps. For the exception of Snapchat filters, Pokemon Go is in a world of its own with augmented reality.

Pokemon Go’s graphics and capability mean that the real world can interact with physical objects. Clearly, Pokemon Go is unique. Because the game has brought this level of realness to the gaming and app world for Pokemon. In terms of virtual and reality driven gaming, Pokemon Go is an innovator and trailblazer.

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Pokémon Go sold millions initially and broke records internationally

Pokémon Go sold millions initially

In the first week alone, Pokemon Go sold millions. For example, the success was so great that there were 15 million downloads in its first week of release. Pokemon made and broke records for sales  by making around $200 million in revenue. This is all in the first month alone!

In comparison, Pokemon did so well that it made more than seven times more than Candy Crush. It even outperformed popular games like Clash Royale. Pokémon Go was attracting and generating around 250 million people per month! By December 2016 that number had fallen to less than 50 million though.

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Pokémon Go Plus is a high tech games that uses Bluetooth and GPS

Pokémon Go Plus uses Bluetooth and GPS

Pokémon GO is high tech because it is constructed and designed on Niantic’s Real World Gaming Platform. This means that this game is created for augmented reality. GPS is a main feature of the game as it gives the players the ability to search and explore in the real world to catch Pokemons.

The new feature allows players to get more than a hundred species of Pokémon as they move and search around their surroundings.

Pokemon Go on your phone will connect to your mobile via Bluetooth. This will allow players to search and be connected all day as a player. Basically, when you are nearby a device will be activated  when something is nearby. With the app, the user can see their rewards and be able to be more involved in a real way with Pokemon Go!

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Pokemon Go is popular than social media sites and apps

Pokemon Go, like many apps, requires data and interactivity, but nobody expected Pokemon Go to eclipse some classic social media sites. To fully utilize Pokemon Go you need more data than many may realize. However, Pokemon Go is still popular and well used.

Nintendo’s servers for Pokemon Go were overwhelmed initially. Daily users are high still on Pokemon Go as users increase day by day. Compared to Twitter, more people on Android use Pokemon Go than Twitter. Another example is how Pokemon Go users spend an average of around 45 minutes a day on the app!

Pokemon Go is more used daily and on average daily, minutes per day, than Whatsapp, Instagram or Snapchat. On average, Pokemon has outperformed many social media and even dating sites like Tinder.

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Pokemon Go collects more personal data than many realize

Pokemon Go collects more personal data

Pokemon Go is known to store and save GPS location data. Many may not realize it but Pokemon Company reserves the right to share your information with third parties, so be aware of this detail.

When you play Pokemon Go it will be possible to locate any user. The Pokemon Go app will access your camera. Moreover, with Pokemon Go, expect your storage, contacts, and network connections to be out of your hands.

So, be careful when you play Pokemon Go. Basically, when users log in with Google there will be access that is made outside of your reach.  What happens is that Pokemon Go automatically grants access to your Gmail, Google Docs, and Google applications. All of this great amount of data can be used in a variety of ways, which you may not know about.

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Pokemon is a new word or combination of an English and Japanese word inspired by gamers

Pokemon is a new word

Linguistically, the word Pokemon is an invention of what is called “wasei-eigo.” Basically, this word essentially means “Japanese-made English.” So, the word Pokemon is a hybrid wor, in origin, which has no similar reference to any other language.

The Japanese word, Wasei-eigo, has a lot to do with making something new and creative. All in all, these new Japanese words are created from existing English ones.

Other than Pokemon, the other hybrid words are donmai which means “I don’t mind.” Another word is “romansugurei,” which come from the English words “romance” and “gray.” This word simply means a handsome, older man, or better yet known as the expression “silver fox.”

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Pokemon Go has been used for criminal activities even

Pokemon Go has been used for criminal activities even

The Pokemon Go app was used at some point for deception and even crimes. This was never the intent of Pokemon Go, but the app of this game features some powerful functions.

Unfortunately, criminals have taken advantage of the most appealing option of Pokemon Go. This feature of Pokemon Go, which is taken advantage of mostly, is the geolocation feature.  The Pokemon Go app has been utilized by robbers were able to anticipate the location and level of seclusion of unwitting victims,

One particular example of crime was in the United States where our teens used the geolocation option to commit a crime. This crime happened in 2016, the criminals were able to  “anticipate the location and then stun their unsuspecting and trusting victims. Moreover, there have been claims that with Pokemon Go some thefts and armed robberies are connected to the game as well.

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Pokemon is so popular it has its own currency and money

Pokemon money is the main currency, which is represented or backed up by all the Nations of the Pokémon world.The popularity of Pokemon originally has spread to Pokemon Go! The game has taken on new meaning with the real life aspect and augmented reality. At the moment, Pokemon has its own money that exists in the real world alongside the GPS driven app game.

Now, Pokemon Go increases mobility around your town and with this comes more options. The possibilities have grown from the original Pokemon to include money or currency is very eclectic. Pokemon dollars are what makes games work.

In terms of using the money, the country governments of Niue in the South Pacific printed currency with Pikachu’s image. It is a fact that Pikachu was really stamped on the coins and dollars of a country!

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