Your Complete Guide to PlayStation Plus September 2022 Games

Hey friend! September 2022 gifts PlayStation Plus members a buffet of free games across a variety of genres. This month‘s monthly PlayStation games span need-for-speed racing, flashy anime fighting, and relaxed photography adventuring.

On top of that, PlayStation Extra and Premium subscribers get access to a slew of acclaimed titles added to the ever-evolving game catalog like Deathloop, Assassin‘s Creed Origins, and Watch Dogs 2. Whether you‘ve been a longtime PS Plus member or just recently subscribed, this guide will overview everything coming this month and help determine which new games are worth your time.

Let‘s rev up and dive deeper on September 2022‘s PlayStation Plus monthly games and catalog additions!

Overview of September 2022 PlayStation Plus Monthly Games

PlayStation Plus this month offers three free monthly downloadable games, one each for PS4 and PS5. Here‘s a quick glance at what‘s on offer before we analyze each deeper:

Need for Speed HeatPS4Racing
Granblue Fantasy: VersusPS4Fighting

In addition to these monthly games, Extra and Premium PS Plus members get access to a bunch of new titles added to the PlayStation game catalog which we‘ll detail shortly.

First, let‘s break down each of this month‘s free monthly game offerings so you know exactly what you‘re getting!

Need for Speed Heat Delivers High-Octane, Underground Racing

Need for Speed Heat brings some much needed tuner culture back to the long-running Need for Speed franchise. Tired of bland street racing depictions in recent series entries, Heat returns to the illegal underground racing roots that defined early Need for Speed games.

Set in the vibrant open world of Palm City, Heat‘s gameplay revolves around strategic decisions balancing risk and reward. Official daytime sanctioned races allow you to safely earn cash to upgrade your garage of tuned cars. But if you‘re willing to brave the dangers, illicit night street races earn you reputation for performance parts and respect.

Making the situation more complicated is a rogue police unit specifically gunning to take down racers like you. Completely corrupt, they‘ll wreck your car and rob you of hard-earned rewards if you‘re not careful at night. Heat‘s innovative day/night structure creates an excellent risk/reward loop as you expand yourcriminal street racing enterprise.

Beyond the setting and cops, Heat also features some of the deepest customization the series has ever seen. Not only can you extensively tune performance parts on 20+ authentic import cars, you also customize your character‘s full wardrobe. Compared to the limited, static options of 2012‘s Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Heat‘s focus on personal expression through tuner car culture is a strong step forward.

Critical reception to Heat praised these upgrades while still noting room for improvement. Review aggregator Metacritic averaged a 72 critic score and 6.8 user score for the PlayStation 4 version. Positive reviews like IGN‘s 8.0 praised the nighttime cop chases and car customization depth. Others like Polygon‘s 6.5 score cited an overall lack of innovation for the series now over 20 years old.

Nevertheless, Need for Speed Heat delivers a thrill-ride open world racer focused on street racing culture sure to satisfy fans. The cop chases offer intense excitement while deep customization and a vibrant city beg for exploration. For racing fans, it‘s absolutely worth taking this PS Plus freebie for a ride.

Anime Fighting Game Granblue Fantasy: Versus Invites Newcomers In

While not a household name, Granblue Fantasy: Versus brings slick arena fighting action to PlayStation from a massively popular Japanese mobile game series. Featuring beautiful anime graphics and accessible mechanics, developer Arc System Works (of Guilty Gear and Dragonball FighterZ fame) aims to open the fun of the fighting genre to Granblue fans and newcomers alike.

For context, Cygames‘ mobile RPG Granblue Fantasy first launched in 2014 and swiftly became one of Japan‘s most popular and highest grossing games ever. Its colorful fantasy world, lovable characters, and expansive lore spawned numerous console spinoffs and an anime adaptation.

Versus marks developer Arc System Works‘ first crack bringing the series‘ unique JRPG appeal into a traditional fighting game. Known for their fast-paced, aggressive mechanics, ASW instead tailors Versus for wider appeal. The intuitive four-button system emphasizes combo fundamentals perfect for beginners. Yet its eleven wildly varied fighters with complex movesets also provide genre veterans plenty of depth to master.

Charming locales like airships, cloud cities, and dragon nests backdrop the fights with the same gorgeous art direction defining Granblue Fantasy. Combined with intricate animation and effects, Versus feels like controlling anime episodes come to life.

Generally positive reviews praised Versus‘ accessibility for a new generation of fighting game fans. Aggregate sites Metacritic and OpenCritic averaged critic reviews around 75. Multiple critics applauded the ease getting into fundamentals while retaining nuanced gameplay for dedicated players.

So if you‘re seeking an inviting, beautiful fighting game allowing easy enjoyment whether a fan of the series or trying the genre for the first time, be sure to download Granblue Fantasy: Versus this month with PlayStation Plus!

Relax Into a Nostalgic Photo Adventure With Charming PS5 Game Toem

September‘s PlayStation 5 PS Plus game delivers a relaxed adventure perfect for the changing seasons. In cute black and white puzzler Toem, you embark on a quest to reach a distant mountain summit. Along the winding journey you‘ll meet charming characters and explore natural wonders. But most importantly, you‘ll view it all through the lens of your trusty camera!

More akin to a "photosafari" than an epic quest for glory, Toem encourages taking pictures purely for the joy of discovery rather than perfection. Its nostalgic, minimalist art echoes traveling memories from youth when capturing real-life images meant more than filters or performance. Approachable puzzles have you snapping photos to help mountain villagers, reveal hidden objects, or just appreciate the beauty surrounding you.

Toem‘s chilled-out reflective vibe enchanted reviewers with its originality and imagination. Aggregate review site Metacritic averaged an 80 critic score praising its accessibility, whimsical environments, and novel take combining photography with adventure gameplay. Eurogamer hailed it as "a little slice of zen" choosing childlike wonder over cynical maturity.

So for PS5 owners seeking to relax this fall with a game the whole family can enjoy, be sure to treasure Toem‘s short yet magical trip when it joins PlayStation Plus September 2022!

PlayStation Extra/Premium Members Get Bonus Catalog Additions

While all PlayStation Plus members get access to the three free monthly downloadable games, Extra and Premium subscribers receive the additional benefit of an ever-expanding game catalog. The catalog delivers hundreds of games across PS4, PS5, and even classic consoles at no additional cost, providing incredible value Sony continues enhancing each month.

September sees a particularly strong slate of additions across both contemporary and classic PlayStation consoles. Let‘s break down this month‘s notable titles organized by platform:

New PS4/PS5 Game Catalog Additions

Assassin‘s Creed OriginsPS4Adventure84
Watch Dogs 2PS4Adventure82
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2PS4Fighting74
Chicory: A Colorful TalePS4Adventure84

This month sees an incredible variety of contemporary games added. Headlining the updates are critically acclaimed hits like shooter Deathloop where you‘re stuck in a time loop taking down targets across a twisting island landscape. For those who missed it last year, don‘t pass up this PS5 exclusive.

If open world action is your style, both Assassin‘s Creed Origins and Watch Dogs 2 deliver huge worlds to explore with tons of content. The former brings the Assassin‘s Creed historical action formula to ancient Egypt packed with mysteries. Watch Dogs 2 fixes many shortcomings of the original swapping to a vibrant, sunny Oakland playground for your hacking exploits.

Several imaginative indie adventures also join the lineup: the emotional Spiritfarer has you ferrying spirits to the afterlife while Chicory: A Colorful Tale tasks you with repainting a black and white world. For anime fans, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 lets you finally enter the vivid arena of DBZ to battle your own custom fighter against iconic foes.

With so many exciting additions across immersive AAA adventures, creative indies, and multiplayer fighters, PlayStation Extra/Premium subscribers have plenty to enjoy this month!

New Classic Catalog Additions

In addition to modern games, Premium members get access to several new classic PlayStation titles from past console generations:

GameOriginal ConsoleGenre
Syphon Filter 2PlayStation 1Stealth
Sly Cooper CollectionPlayStation 3Platformer
Sly Cooper: Thieves in TimePlayStation 3Platformer
Bentley‘s HackpackPlayStation 3Puzzle

Headlining this month‘s classic lineup is the complete adventures of master thief Sly Cooper with both The Sly Collection and fourth entry Thieves in Time now playable on PlayStation Premium‘s streaming service. Additionally stealth fans can enjoy PS1 cult classic Syphon Filter 2 continuing secret agent Gabriel Logan‘s missions. Rounding out the set is a standalone series of mini games in Bentley‘s Hackpack letting the brains of Sly‘s crew take the spotlight.

With such strong classics additions on top of modern hits, PlayStation Premium members have yet another set of great games easily accessible this month through the game catalog!

Which PlayStation Plus Tier Is Right For You?

Hopefully this breakdown gives you a comprehensive overview of everything offered across PlayStation Plus tiers in September 2022. As a reminder, here‘s how the membership perks compare depending on which tier you select:

TierMonthly GamesGame CatalogGame TrialsGame StreamingClassic GamesPrice
Premium✅ (720p)$17.99/month

PlayStation Plus Essential satisfies basic needs getting you online multiplayer, exclusive discounts in the PS Store, and 1-2 free monthly downloadable games. But upgrading to Extra nearly doubles the free offerings through its 400+ game catalog while only costing $5 more a month.

Premium bundles the highest perks adding extended game trials, streaming, and access to classic PlayStation 1, 2 and Portable games. But with only a $3 increase over Extra, most users are better served saving money with Extra to still get huge benefits. Compare the differences against your personal gaming habits to determine which tier suits you best!

Frequently Asked PlayStation Plus Questions

Still have some lingering questions about September 2022‘s PlayStation Plus updates or what the service offers in general? Check some answers to our most frequent questions below:

Is Toem an enjoyable game for everyone?

With its relaxed pacing and family-friendly theme centered around appreciating life‘s small wonders, Toem can entertain kids and adults alike. If seeking fast action it may underwhelm, but an openness finding joy in exploration and charming environments will find Toem a delightful journey.

Do I have to renew my subscription each month to keep games?

Nope! PlayStation Plus games claimed as a subscriber are yours to keep and play as long as you maintain an active membership. If your membership lapses, you‘ll lose access until resubscribing. So even grabbing just one month to claim offerings is worthwhile.

Which PlayStation Plus tier gives the most games for my money?

PlayStation Plus Extra likely provides the most robust game collection for most players. The 400+ game catalog grants far more titles than the 2-4 monthly games of Essential. And Premium‘s additions only expand deeper into retro console libraries rather than modern games. If you play lots of genres, Extra is your best bet!

We hope this guide gives you clarity on exactly what exciting games and benefits PlayStation Plus offers across all tiers this month! September 2022 brings great variety between racing, fighting, and relaxing photography games perfect for all interests. And the ever-expanding PlayStation Game Catalog means consistent value long after this month‘s updates.

Let us know which new PlayStation Plus games or classic additions you‘re most excited to play in the comments! Happy gaming!

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