Your Guide to PlayStation Plus in July 2022

Hi friend! Have you checked out all the great games and updates PlayStation Plus subscribers received this past month? As your resident gaming guru, let me bring you up to speed on everything included with a PS Plus membership in July 2022.

A Brief History of PlayStation Plus

First, some background. PlayStation Plus (commonly abbreviated PS Plus) debuted back in 2010 on the PlayStation 3 as an optional subscription service. For an annual or monthly fee, members received premium benefits like online multiplayer access, free games, exclusive discounts, and cloud storage.

Over the years, PS Plus evolved from a nice-to-have into an essential service for most PlayStation owners. The launch of the PlayStation 4 in 2013 made PS Plus required for online play. This raised some grumbles at first, but members soon realized it was still a terrific value.

Today, PS Plus better than ever with new membership tiers providing more free games and content than before! Now is the perfect time to join or upgrade your subscription.

Speaking of tiers, here‘s a quick comparison of what‘s included across the PS Plus lineup:

Membership TierMonthly PriceBenefits
Essential$9.99Monthly Games, Online Multiplayer, Exclusive Discounts
Extra$14.99Monthly Games, 400+ Game Catalog, Ubisoft+
Premium$17.99Monthly Games, 400+ Catalog, Game Trials, Retro Games, Cloud Streaming

July 2022‘s Free Monthly Games

Alright, let‘s dive into the marquee attraction – this month‘s free PS Plus games!

PlayStation drops a fresh selection of free games on the first Tuesday of every month. For July 2022, Plus subscribers can download action-packed platformer Crash Bandicoot 4: It‘s About Time (Metacritic 84), choice-driven horror adventure The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan (Metacritic 72), and flashy multiplayer shooter Arcadegeddon (Metacritic 76).

I‘ll give you a quick rundown of each title:

Crash Bandicoot 4: It‘s About Time

Crash 4 Gameplay

It‘s the long-awaited sequel fans have waited over 20 years for! Everyone‘s favorite wacky marsupial Crash Bandicoot returns to platforming greatness in beautiful 4K glory. Crash 4 stays true to the franchise‘s roots while introducing new gameplay mechanics like wall-running, rail-grinding, and manipulating time.

Zip across colorful dimensions as Crash or his sister Coco rounding up Quantum Masks and thwarting the evil Dr. Cortex‘s plans to reshape reality. With tons of hidden items to find, flashback levels, epic boss battles and more zany antics than ever before, It‘s About Time is a must-play for platformer fans!

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

Man of Medan

From Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games comes this creepy nautical horror story. In Man of Medan, five friends on a diving vacation explore a seemingly abandoned WWII shipwreck in the South Pacific.

Spooky events soon trap the group aboard the ghost ship as they desperately try to escape while avoiding supernatural forces. With lots of tough decisions, quick-time events, and branching story paths, not everyone will make it out alive!

Man of Medan delivers B-movie scares and thrills aplenty. Just be warned, this cinematic adventure will punish nervous players severely! Those who keep calm under pressure will uncover a terrifically tense tale.


Arcadegeddon Gameplay

For some fast-paced shooting action, check out this slick multiplayer blaster from Predator: Hunting Grounds developer IllFonic. When evil mega-corp Fun Fun Co sabotages local arcade owner Gilly‘s hottest game, you dive into the glitchy circuits to exterminate viral bugs across four unique biomes.

Blast through hordes of enemies with an eclectic arsenal ranging from alien ray guns to sticky grenade launchers. Upgrade abilities, customize funky characters, collect rad cosmetic skins — there‘s plenty of rewards to unlock!

Arcadegeddon shines brightest in four-player co-op letting your whole squad tackle the campaign or compete in free-for-all deathmatches. Just don‘t be surprised when play sessions fly by in this addictively-moreish cyber shooter.

Stray Now Available via Game Catalog

That wraps up July‘s free titles! However, PS Plus Extra and Premium members also gained access to purr-fect feline adventure Stray (Metacritic 83) via the Game Catalog on July 19th.

In this cat simulator set in a rainy cybercity, players guide an injured tabby through mysteriously abandoned streets and underground sewers. Your goals? Unlock secrets of this topsy-turvy world, evade menacing Zurks prowling about, and find a way back home!

Bringing Stray‘s imaginative urban setting to life is gorgeous lighting, realistically simulated cat behaviors like scratching and tail wagging, and the game‘s emotional heartbeat – fellow lost soul B-12, a small flying drone who guides you on this journey.

Charming, thoughtful, and bursting with suspensetail environmental storytelling, Stray promises to delight animal lovers and sci-fi fans alike!

Before These Games Vanish!

That concludes your PS Plus July 2022 rundown! Helpful list for reference:

Free Monthly Games (until August 2nd)

  • Crash Bandicoot 4: It‘s About Time
  • The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan
  • Arcadegeddon

New Game Catalog Additions:

  • Stray

Remember, these monthly freebies and Game Catalog titles can disappear at any time. So beat the crowds and download anything that looks fun before it‘s gone!

For the inside scoop on upcoming PS Plus updates, be sure to subscribe and stay tuned here. See you next month!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PS Plus Extra or Premium worth upgrading from Essential?

For most players, PS Plus Extra provides excellent value with its Game Catalog adding hundreds of titles to download for one affordable monthly price. Premium mainly appeals to nostalgic gamers interested in classic PS1-PS3 games or cloud streaming.

What happens if my PS Plus membership expires?

You lose access to that month‘s monthly games and any Game Catalog titles. However, Sony provides a grace period where expired members can renew without losing save data. Multiplayer also remains active unless you cancel auto-renewal. So even if your membership lapses temporarily, with quick renewal you won‘t lose much.

How often does the PS Plus game lineup change?

The monthly free games refresh on the first Tuesday of every month. So be sure to nab titles that interest you fast! The Game Catalog updates more sporadically whenever Sony reaches content deals with new publishers.

Can I access PS Plus benefits on both PS4 and PS5?

Absolutely! PS Plus memberships work seamlessly across generations. Monthly games, online multiplayer, discounts, and Game Catalog are available on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 using the same login details. So no need to subscribe twice!

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