Hello, Let‘s Find Paramount Network on Spectrum

Have you heard about the Paramount Network? If you‘re a Spectrum cable subscriber unfamiliar with this channel, you may know it better by its old name — Spike TV.

In this guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to find Paramount Network on your Spectrum lineup. We‘ll explore the channel‘s origins, its programming then and now, how it fits into Paramount Global‘s broader streaming-linear strategy, and yes…how to tune to it on Spectrum across the country.

Stay tuned for a deep dive into:

  • A Brief History of Paramount Network
  • Paramount Network Channel Finder for Spectrum
  • Paramount Network‘s Programming Lineup
  • Difference Between Paramount Network and Paramount+
  • The Future of Paramount Cable Networks

Plus FAQs on some common Paramount Network questions. Let‘s get started!

A Brief History of Paramount Network

First launching back in 1983 as The Nashville Network (TNN), Paramount Network has undergone numerous ownership changes, rebrands and programming pivots over its 40-year history.

What began as a country music-centric regional cable channel eventually grew into the male-focused Spike TV of the early 2000s. By 2018, corporate owner Viacom repositioned the network under the Paramount banner — striving for a broader audience.

But to understand Paramount Network today, we have to go back to the beginning…

The Nashville Network (1983-2000)

TNN launched out of Nashville in 1983 as a country music and lifestyle channel. Focused on rural and Southern audiences, it found moderate success. But a major turning point came in 1995 when Westinghouse Electric Corporation acquired TNN and sister stations Country Music Television (CMT) and CBS.

Finding TNN and CMT‘s offerings too similar, Westinghouse restructured the lesser-viewed TNN around broader programming targeting younger viewers. This ushered in an era of reruns, outdoor sports, and male-oriented content for The Nashville Network.

Spike TV Era (2003-2018)

After Westinghouse merged with CBS in 1999, its networks became part of Viacom‘s portfolio. Looking to better compete with dude-centric upstart network G4, Viacom made its next big move in 2003:

Renaming TNN to Spike TV.

This ushered in Spike‘s era as "The First Network for Men" — featuring syndicated acquisitions like Baywatch and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation plus R-rated films and edgy original content for young adult males.

These moves successfully catapulted Spike as the top-rated cable network for men 18-34 by 2006. However, the network‘s overt masculine focus also spurred controversy at the time around gender stereotypes.

By 2018, with pay cable subscribers declining industrywide and streaming competition heating up, Viacom again opted to rebrand Spike to attract a wider viewership:

Paramount Network (2018-Present)

Thus Spike TV became Paramount Network in 2018 — shedding some of its former associations but retaining subsidiary Paramount‘s film library and IP catalog. The network promised "premium entertainment" blending movies, scripted dramas and reality fare.

Launching alongside a new Paramount Network was early breakout hit Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner. The contemporary Western became cable‘s most watched summer series debut in six years with nearly 5 million same-day viewers of its premiere episode.

While shifts in cable television economics left Paramount Network unable to sustain as many resource-heavy scripted originals in later years, smash success Yellowstone still carries the network today. Combined with syndicated sitcoms and Paramount Pictures‘ acclaimed film catalog, Paramount Network retains a solid channel offering in the streaming age.

Next let‘s look at exactly where you can find it on your own Spectrum lineup based on where you live…

Paramount Network Channel Finder for Spectrum

Check the table below to find what channel Paramount Network falls under across Spectrum‘s channel packages nationally:

MarketParamount Network Channel
Albany, NY55
Anaheim, CA66
Austin, TX69
Bakersfield, CA38

Paramount Network is typically located in the channel range of the mid 30s to mid 70s, depending on your specific Spectrum market.

In certain selected areas, Paramount Network may also fall under some special channel packages:

  • Spectrum Select ($25/month)
  • Spectrum Silver ($85/month)
  • Spectrum Gold ($110/month)

However, in most Spectrum regions you‘ll be able to access Paramount Network under their Spectrum TV Choice plan ($25) or equivalent entry-level cable package.

Now that you know where to find it, what can you watch on Paramount Network today?

Paramount Network‘s Programming Lineup

While Paramount Network may never revive some of the raunchier original content that defined its Spike TV era, it today offers a respectable mix of contemporary movies, syndicated classics, and critically-acclaimed original drama in the form of Yellowstone.

Let‘s explore a few highlights of what you‘ll generally find showing on Paramount Network in 2023:

Original Series

The biggest feather in Paramount Network‘s Stetson hat remains Taylor Sheridan‘s neo-Western soapy drama Yellowstone. Starring Kevin Costner as the steely patriarch John Dutton, Yellowstone chronicles the conflicts and power struggles encircling its fictional 6,500-acre Montana ranch — the largest contiguous ranch in the U.S.

Running five seasons strong as of 2023, Yellowstone delivers cable‘s highest ratings outside of sports and news programming. Upwards of 11 million viewers tuned into its season four finale across platforms — demonstrating the franchise‘s event program status.

Beyond Yellowstone, Paramount Network‘s only other active original is long-running bar rescue reality series Bar Rescue starring hospitality expert Jon Taffer. In each episode, Taffer helps transform struggling bars across the country into thriving businesses through overhauls of their physical spaces, menus and business operations.

While current economic factors make commissioning multiple high-budget scripted originals challenging, Paramount Networks still provides outlets for Paramount Global‘s IP — both on cable and streaming. Which brings us to…

Syndicated Series

With only one current scripted original in Yellowstone, Paramount rounds out its schedule through acquired off-network syndicated series — essentially broadcast series reruns.

As of early 2023, you can catch episodes of the following shows on Paramount Network:

  • Two and a Half Men (CBS, 2003-2015)
  • The Office (NBC, 2005-2013)
  • NCIS (CBS, 2003-present)
  • Law & Order (NBC, 1990–2010)

Airings of these popular yet family-friendly comedies and dramas help stabilize Paramount Network‘s viewership and ad revenues between new installments of Yellowstone. They additionally give audiences more reasons to stumble upon Paramount Network while flipping channels.


Finally, Paramount Network continues leveraging parent company Paramount Pictures‘ extensive film catalog — airing an array of recent hit movies and older classics alike.

You may catch titles such as the Men in Black series, Indiana Jones franchise, The Patriot, Skyfall or Rocketman popping up on Paramount Network on any given day. Of course there‘s ample representation from the Paranormal Activity horror series and other previous Paramount smashes too.

Sprinkled around marathons of Yellowstone, Bar Rescue and those syndicated sitcoms, Paramount Network‘s film selections help bolster its channel surfing appeal. But how does Paramount Network‘s offerings distinguish itself from new streaming home Paramount+?

Paramount+ vs Paramount Network

In revamping itself from a male-centric Spike TV, Paramount Network focused on widening its audience reach. Yet at the same time, ownership ViacomCBS (now Paramount Global) worked towards consolidating all its media brands under one streaming roof.

The result? An interesting dichotomy where linear channel Paramount Network supports streaming service Paramount+…yet also feels some programming strains of the streaming era.

To clarify, Paramount+ functions as Paramount Global‘s home for new originals spanning all its network brands — from CBS to Comedy Central to Nickelodeon to Paramount Network itself. Paramount+ originals include:

  • Yellowstone spinoff prequels 1883, 1923 and more
  • Star Trek universe expansions like Star Trek: Discovery
  • South Park movies and new made-for-streaming episodes
  • Reboots of properties like Rugrats and Fraiser
  • New original movies and children‘s programming
  • Live sports and news specials

Yet while Paramount+ gets first dibs on new streaming-first originals, Paramount Network retains some perks in the arrangement via rights to same season reruns.

For example, Yellowstone fans enjoyed early season premieres of 1883 and 1923 on Paramount Network shortly before their streaming debuts. Similarly, Paramount Network enjoys access to a deep film library for its movie blocks via the Paramount Pictures vault.

However, economic factors have also reduced Paramount Network‘s capacity for as many high-budget scripted originals outside key franchises like Yellowstone. Bar Rescue stands as the lone unscripted player in originals as well.

So in some ways, Paramount Network‘s direction stays beholden to Paramount+‘s streaming-first priorities when commissioning much new programming. Yet synergies like spinoff premieres and film access inject Paramount Network with enough exclusive value between syndicated acquisitions.

This balance helps Paramount Network endure as a viable linear outlet amidst the larger economic shifts.

The Future of Paramount Network and Cable

While migrating viewers have led networks like TBS, TNT and other former cable stalwarts to pull back on scripted original investments, Paramount Network strikes a reasonable bet-hedging strategy in the current moment.

With breakout hit Yellowstone anchoring up to 15 million viewers each season, Paramount Network retains enough relevance to justify its content blending. Syndicated filler series amass comfortable viewership levels as on-demand alternatives. Paramount legacy IP offer built-in film library resources to sprinkle into scheduling gaps.

And streaming service Paramount+ provides a new outlet to spin emerging IP like Taylor Sheridan‘s growing Yellowstone universe into fresh stories told on young platforms.

Like a hydra of sorts, Paramount‘s emergence lets its towering IP succeed across linear networks and streaming…even as shows outgrow traditional cable.

So while the Paramount Network may never fully revisit the brazen originals that fueled young Spike TV, its current balancing act sustainably nurtures Paramount Global‘s streaming-network synergies on both sides. Yellowstone breakout moments keep delivering eyes over to Paramount Network as new shows lure streaming sign-ups.

That‘s the heart of Paramount Global‘s strategy: feeding both linear and digital content pipelines into a unified Paramount experience encompassing on-demand versatility with cable‘s unique live thrills.

In that sense, Paramount Network retains plenty of vitality left as both a conduit to Paramount Pictures‘ cinematic history and the gateway toward Paramount+‘s all-access on-demand future.

I hope this guide helps explain Paramount Network‘s place within Paramount Global‘s larger cable-streaming ecosystem! Below I‘ll also tackle some common FAQs around Paramount Network and Paramount+ too.

Frequently Asked Paramount Network Questions

What is the Paramount Network?

Paramount Network is a cable channel owned by Paramount Global, previously known as Spike TV. It mainly airs films, syndicated reruns and original series like Yellowstone along with reality shows like Bar Rescue.

How does Paramount Network differ from Paramount Plus?

Paramount+ is Paramount‘s streaming home for new originals spanning all its brands, while Paramount Network is focused on wide-audience linear cable content like movies and Yellowstone.

Why did Paramount change Spike TV to Paramount Network?

Spike TV rebranded to Paramount Network in 2018 to distance itself from prior associations perceived as sexist or low-brow. The Paramount name aimed to signal an accessible, cinematic and upmarket programming direction.

Does the Paramount Network app allow live streaming?

No — the Paramount Network app and website only provide select episodes, clips and films on-demand. To live stream Paramount Network as part of a cable package, you‘ll need a provider login for partner streaming services like Spectrum TV Stream or DirecTV Stream.

I hope this guide serves you well on your Paramount Network viewership journey! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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