Hey there, Oklahoman – here‘s everything you need to know about owning an electric vehicle in your state

So you‘re an Oklahoma driver considering joining the EV revolution, but still have some questions? This comprehensive guide has you covered on all things electric vehicle ownership in the Sooner State – from charging costs and infrastructure to purchase incentives exclusive to OK residents.

Let‘s start with where Oklahoma currently stands on EV adoption

Before diving into costs and charging networks, understanding where Oklahoma is at today in its transition to electric vehicles will give helpful context.

YearEVs Registered in OKYear-Over-Year Growth

While total numbers still trail early adopters like California, Oklahoma‘s 86% annual growth rate is nearly double the national EV growth pace! So demand is clearly on the rise among OK drivers.

Major factors driving momentum here include:

  • Expanding public charging infrastructure
  • Very affordable home charging thanks to cheap residential electricity
  • Increased model availability from auto brands

So the Oklahoma EV market looks poised for rapid expansion as more drivers discover ownership benefits over gas-powered cars.

Charging your EV in Oklahoma is getting easier

For first-time EV buyers, a big question is often "where will I charge?" So let‘s explore the current state of Oklahoma‘s public charging network.

Across the state there are now over 425 charging locations with 975 plugs operational and open to the public, according to the Alternative Fuels Data Center.

The vast majority of these are DC Fast Charge stations which can deliver 60+ miles of range per 20 minutes of charging. And here‘s how Oklahoma‘s charger-to-vehicle ratio stacks up nationally:

StateEVs Per ChargerNationwide Rank
Oklahoma11 to 1Top 20

So while infrastructure still lags leading states, Oklahoma offers a charger for every 11 EVs – on par with other predominantly rural states.

I recommend new EV owners charge primarily at home using a 240V, Level 2 charger installed in their garage. But for longer trips or emergency public charging, stations keep popping up at convenient locations like:

  • Shopping centers (Quail Springs Mall, Penn Square Mall)
  • Grocery stores (Crest Foods, Whole Foods)
  • Hotels (Marriott, Holiday Inn)
  • Downtown areas (Bricktown, Midtown OKC)

Sites like ChargeHub and PlugShare map all local stations to plan routes.

It‘s just so cheap to "fuel up" your EV in OK

Here‘s what‘s going to really excite you – Oklahoma has the 7th lowest electricity rates in the U.S., averaging $0.12 per kWh!

That‘s up to 60% cheaper than electricity prices in places like California or New York. And it translates to ridiculously low EV charging costs:

Battery SizeCost per Full Charge
50 kWh$6
75 kWh$9
100 kWh$12

To put it in perspective, here‘s a typical 25 MPG gasoline car filling up the tank (~15 gallons) at current $3 per gallon prices:

⛽ Fuel cost per fill-up = $45

Whereas a 300 mile range EV charging from empty runs maybe $18 at OK electricity rates.

️⚡️EV charging cost = $18

See why Oklahoma drivers will save so much money going electric?

OK, let‘s break down charging costs per mile on some top EV models

To give you an even better idea of real-world charging expenses, here‘s a per-mile cost comparison between 3 popular electric vehicles and an average new internal combustion engine sedan:

VehicleElectricity RateMi/kWh⚡ per Mile🏎 per Mile
Tesla Model 3 LR$.124.03.11
Ford Mustang Mach-E$.123.04.11
Chevy Bolt EUV$.
Toyota Camry 25 MPGN/AN/AN/A.11

As you can see, Oklahoma‘s cheap, cheap electricity makes driving electric extremely affordable!

Federal tax credits and local rebates reduce EV prices further

For any 2022 EV purchases (and many 2023 models too), the federal government still offers a juicy tax credit up to $7,500!

That discount comes right off your tax bill or as a refund. Rules can get tricky though, so be sure to review eligibility requirements closely.

Additionally, rural electric co-ops like OEC provide rebates of $250-500 for installing registered home EV charging stations.

So between cheap "fueling", incentives, and lower maintenance costs, going electric truly pays for itself fast in Oklahoma specifically.

What‘s next for EV infrastructure expansion in OK?

While home and workplace charging still make up the lion‘s share today, Oklahoma aims to be fully prepared for mass EV adoption in coming years through continued infrastructure growth.

In particular, the Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Settlement continues funding new DC Fast Charge locations along major travel corridors like the Turner and Will Rogers Turnpikes connecting Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Groups like Charge Oklahoma also bring together policymakers, utilities and charging vendors to maximize development through education programs and community events that promote EVs.

So by the time most drivers are ready to upgrade to electric, expect public charging availability nearly on par with early success states like California or New York.

Let‘s recap – is buying a EV right for you in Oklahoma?

For any Oklahoma driver still not quite convinced on going electric, here are my big takeaways one more time:

🔌 Super-affordable charging costs thanks to the state‘s very low electricity rates
💰 Excellent total cost-of-ownership with higher purchase incentives and far lower maintenance
⚡️ Charging networks expanding steadily each year to handle growing adoption
🛣 Future-proof your driving through 2030 and beyond as gas vehicles get phased out

So if you‘re looking to save money long-term and make the switch sooner than later, I highly recommend EV ownership for most Oklahoma drivers! Reach out with any other questions in the comments below.

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