Thinking of Buying an Electric Vehicle in Delaware? Here‘s My Essential 2023 Guide

So you‘re intrigued by electric vehicles (EVs) but not quite ready to commit in Delaware‘s still-developing EV landscape. As an experienced data analyst and lifetime First State resident, allow me to walk you through everything potential buyers should know for navigating our local EV transition successfully.

Charging Infrastructure Expanding Quickly Across Counties

Access to convenient charging remains most prospective owners‘ top concern. The good news? Delaware‘s public and private charging network growth gaining serious momentum since 2020.

Across the state‘s three counties, stations are concentrated around major highways and population centers:

CountyTotal Charging Stations
New Castle283

DC Fast chargers still account for only 46 locations capable of adding substantial range quickly during a driving break. However, newly approved funding aims to double Delaware‘s DCFC reach within two years.

Home and workplace charging solve over 80% of most EV owners‘ power needs. For longer trips or apartment renters, the expanding charger map brings added peace of mind.

Electricity Prices Very Reasonable for Home Charging

As a fellow Delawarean, you‘ll be happy to know our electricity prices compare very favorably nationally for home charging costs. Compared to expensive EV pioneer states like California and New York, powering up in the First State stays budget-friendly.

According to EIA data, average home rates here have held steady around $0.13/kWh over the last five years – resulting in affordable costs like these to fully charge popular EV models:

EV ModelBattery SizeFull Charge Cost
Tesla Model 375 kWh$6
Ford F-150 Lightning131 kWh$13
Volvo XC40 Recharge75 kWh$8

Savvy owners charge during nightly off-peak hours to maximize savings on home electricity plans. This convenience completely alters the experience versus visiting gas stations!

State Incentives Ease High Upfront Costs

Though rapidly improving, sticker shock seeing six-figure EVs remains an adoption barrier. Fortunately Delaware steps up with rebates easing your transition.

The state‘s Clean Vehicle Rebate Program furnishes up to $2,500 cash back following any qualifying new EV purchase under $60,000 MSRP. Certain plug-in hybrid and fuel cell models also qualify for smaller amounts.

Local utility Delmarva Power sweetens savings further through discounted EV Time-of-Use rates as low as 7.072¢/kWh overnight – nearly 50% off afternoon peak pricing.

Between incentives bringing down the entry cost and far cheaper "fueling", EVs prove drastically more affordable over the full ownership period.

Support Programs Signal Bright Local Outlook

Seeing dedication towards electrification across the public and private sector, I feel tremendously optimistic for Delaware‘s EV future.

The Department of Transportation runs monthly test driving events letting you experience modern EVs firsthand. Passing the NEVI program unlocked $15 million for charging expansion through 2026. And the state‘s early adoption of California‘s stricter auto emissions standards pushes automakers to allocate more electric inventory locally.

Altogether these efforts reinforce Delaware acceleratoring on electric transportation for the long haul. As pioneers, early adopters stand to benefit most from preferential policies and offerings as EVs enter the mainstream.

The outlook shines bright as America‘s first state charges towards an electric future! Reach out anytime if questions arise on your adoption journey.

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