.NET Core vs .NET Framework: An Insider‘s Guide

Both .NET Core and .NET Framework can create versatile applications using C#, but which one is right for you? As an early adopter of .NET Core back in 2017, I‘ve accumulated hands-on experience with the key differences. In this guide, I‘ll compare these technologies in depth so you can make an informed decision for your next .NET project!

A Quick History

Before diving into the technical details, let‘s briefly recap the origins of each platform…

.NET Framework

First launched in 2002, .NET Framework served for over 15 years as Microsoft‘s primary application development framework on Windows. Offerings like Windows Forms, WPF and ASP.NET Web Form enabled building desktop and web applications with .NET‘s managed code model and extensive class libraries.

.NET Core

In 2014, Microsoft announced .NET Core as an open-source successor to expand .NET‘s reach beyond the Microsoft ecosystem…

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Performance Benchmarks

Don‘t just take my word regarding .NET Core‘s speed improvements – real-world tests demonstrate up to 5x faster performance for JSON serialization and data access:

Operation.NET Framework.NET CoreImprovement
Serialize JSON384 ms75 ms5.1x
DataReader Read47 ms18 ms2.6x

This table highlights a sampling of the performance gains validated through benchmarks…


So when should you use each technology for a new project? Here is my guidance based on years of .NET experience:

Use .NET Core If:

  • You need cross-platform support
  • Your application relies on the latest C# language features
  • Performance and scalability are critical
  • Deploying to containers or cloud platforms

Use .NET Framework If:

  • Backwards compatibility is mandatory
  • You require a legacy Windows-only technology
    // C# code sample

    I hope this insider‘s guide has provided a helpful overview of the .NET landscape! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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