The 5 Most Popular EVs in Utah

Hey there! Have you noticed more electric vehicles cruising the streets of Utah recently? As a long-time EV driver myself, I’m excited to see charging stations popping up left and right here. And the word is out that despite Utah’s wide open spaces between cities, the latest EVs can easily handle road trips to our world-famous ski slopes and national parks thanks to extended range batteries.

In this blog, I’ll cut through the hype to rank the 5 all-electric models proving most popular with Utah drivers like you today. We’ll look in-depth at why these EVs fit the Utah lifestyle so well. I’ll also help you compare across the key factors – range, performance, charging tech, and capabilities – that should drive your EV decision. Sound good? Then let’s get rolling!

Overview: EV Adoption in Utah

  • 25,000+ EVs registered in Utah as of 2021, nearly 10X the 2,500 total in 2016 [1]
  • Utah offers EV tax credits up to $2,500, helping boost ownership [2]
  • EV share of Utah registrations reached 0.6% in 2021, more than double the 0.1% share in 2016 [3]
  • Utah’s surplus clean electricity gives EV charging rates around $0.11 per kWh, below national average [4]

Table 1. Key Attributes of Utah’s Top 5 EV Models

ModelRange0-60 mphChargingPassenger/Cargo CapacityPrice
Nissan LEAF149-212 miles5.5 sec17.5 kW AC5 seats, 24 cu ft$27,800 starting
Tesla Model Y279-330 miles3.5-5 secUp to 250 kW DC5-7 seats, 76 cu ft$47,490 starting
Ford Mustang Mach-E250-312 miles3.8-6.1 secUp to 150 kW DC5 seats, 29-61 cu ft$42,895 starting
Tesla Models S396-405 miles1.99-3.1 secUp to 250 kW DC5 seats, 28 cu ft$88,490 starting
Hyundai IONIQ 5303 miles5.2 sec350 kW DC5 seats, 27 cu ft$41,450 starting

1. Nissan LEAF – Affordable Gateway to EV Driving

Pioneering the mainstream electric movement, the 2023 Nissan LEAF keeps winning over Utah first-time EV buyers thanks to its practical range and hatchback utility. The LEAF’s 149 to 212-mile battery capacities confidently cover most residents’ daily commutes, while 5 seats and 24 cubic feet of cargo space retain family-hauling versatility [5]. Plus, with a low center of gravity from its underfloor battery, the LEAF’s well-tuned suspension absorbs uneven terrain surprisingly well for an EV.

While no speed demon at 5.5 seconds 0-60 mph, the LEAF’s affordable pricing around $28,000 reflects Utah values [6]. For empty nesters and second car purchases, Nissan’s long-running deal sweetens the pot: buy or lease any 2023 LEAF in Utah, and you’ll receive complimentary charging for up two years at hundreds of EVgo stations statewide [7]! Utilizing the LEAF as a short-trip vehicle while saving on your main car’s gas, my friend totally loved this experience.

2. Tesla Model Y – Tech-Laden Electric Trail Explorer

Tesla’s reputation for envelope-pushing performance, luxury and software cool-factor sells itself for Utahns craving next-level EVs. But the game-changing Model Y crossover SUV enhances Tesla’s allure by better accommodating ski trips, camping getaways and mountain bike adventures.

Thanks to available third-row seating, the 2023 Tesla Model Y can haul your whole family plus gear to southern Utah’s national parks or wintery slopes up north. The Long Range and Performance models flex respective EPA ratings of 330 miles and 303 miles per charge, easily covering distances between charging stops even at elevation [8]. Trust me, that peace of mind is invaluable when planning epic road trips across Utah’s wild terrain!

Equally impressive, the Model Y matches that long-haul practicality with sheer driving exhilaration unmatched among electric SUVs. Engaging the throttle provokes neck-snapping acceleration as low as 3.5 seconds 0-60 mph in Performance guise – which some claim feels even swifter off the line [9]. Table 2 shows how the Model Y clearly outpaces rivals like Ford’s Mustang Mach-E. Coupled with fluid handling and Tesla’s trend-setting interface, the Made-In-America Model Y makes a compelling luxury EV suited to Utah’s great outdoors.

Table 2. Performance and Utility Comparison: Tesla Model Y vs Ford Mustang Mach-E

SpecsTesla Model Y PerformanceFord Mustang Mach-E GT
0-60 mph3.5 sec3.8 sec
Top Speed155 mph130 mph
Max Range303 miles270 miles
Max Charging250 kW150 kW
Passenger Capacity7 seats5 seats
Cargo Capacity76 cu ft29-61 cu ft
Towing Capacity3,500 lbsn/a
Base Price$54,490$59,995

3. Ford Mustang Mach-E – Galloping High Tech Pony

Not one to be outdone without a fight, the Blue Oval strikes back at Tesla’s Model Y with its very own Mustang-branded electric SUV. Make no mistake, Ford’s Mustang Mach-E can absolutely hang with Tesla’s finest dynamism-wise. Yet the Mach-E also channels signature Mustang design flares, tech-laden cabin luxury and torque-rich electric drive for a uniquely American take on high-riding EVs.

Utahns have snapped up Mach-E deliveries in droves, drawn to its claimed 270 to 312-mile range capacities extending backcountry escapes as far as Moab or Park City [10]. Clever packaging under the skin belts up to 61 cubic feet of packs-friendly cargo space, while available hands-free driver assist tech and BlueCruise system enable easier long stints behind the wheel [11].

When the road starts winding, the Mustang Mach-E rears its pony car roots. Plant the throttle, and even rear-drive models scamper to 60mph in a sports car-slaying 6.1 seconds – including my AWD extended range tester. The low center of gravity, bespoke EV chassis tuning and precise steering make attacking canyon switchbacks a thrill. Yet the Mach-E’s roomy, vegan leather-swathed cabin stays serene enough for clients too.

If chasing Teslas is your thrill, the Mach-E won’t disappoint. But its comforting tech, custom accessories and personal support from passionate Ford dealers also court Mustang and SUV loyalists. Blending heritage with what’s next, Ford’s electric stallion earns its Utah fanbase.

4. Tesla Model S – Pinnacle of Performance Elegance

Owning a Tesla Model S declares you’ve reached the EV luxury stratosphere. As Tesla’s aspirational flagship stretching back to 2012, the Model S essentially created today’s high-power long range EV template that followers emulate. Exclusive touches like self-presenting door handles continually modernize this icon whose lavish cabin and effortless Autopilot mode masterfully destress long journeys.

While coddling occupants in rarefied comfort, this sporting sedan also unleashes unbelievable performance potential from its floor-stashed batteries and finely tuned electric motors. In range-topping Plaid edition, three electric motors team up to vaporize 0-60mph in scarcely believable 1.99 seconds – quicker off the line than a million-dollar Bugatti! Even the standard Model S powertrain hits 60mph in just 3.1 seconds, humbling Lamborghinis for a fraction of the price [12].

Yet perhaps most enticing for Utah road trip fans, both 2023 Tesla Model S variants achieve coast-to-coast range without recharging. EPA-rated for 396 miles in Plaid or 405 miles standard, friends have lapped our Tesla Owners Utah chapter on exhaustive 500+ mile adventures relying solely on Tesla’s robust Supercharger network [13]. I’m gearing up for The Grand Tour myself soon!

5. Hyundai IONIQ 5 – Retro-Futuristic Tech Haven

Last but absolutely not least, the sensationally styled Hyundai Ioniq 5 illustrates mainstream EVs zooming toward tomorrow. Fresh for 2023, the Ioniq 5’s radical lines and LED accents mesh purity with space age aesthetics for a showstopper look echoing iconic 1980s concepts like the Lancia Stratos and DeLorean DMC-12 [14]. Yet the realities of 303 miles maximum range, 18-minute fast charging and 5-seat adaptability stay grounded for daily Utah usage [15].

Inside, the Ioniq 5’s minimalist-chic cabin flips expectations sideways via sustainable materials and bidirectional charging to power other devices or even your home during an outage! [16] Such envelope-pushing innovation from formerly boring Hyundai speaks to fun-loving Utah early adopters. And with available AWD paired with a 73kWh battery pack, the Ioniq 5 becomes a properly quick crossover able to silently surge from 0-60mph in under 5.5 leisurely seconds.

Priced from around $43,000 to start, Hyundai’s moonshot EV can’t match a six-figure Model S. But in capturing youthfully optimistic zeitgeist for the masses, the enthusiastically futuristic Ioniq 5 fills its niche as an efficiency game-changer here in Utah.

The Electric Path Ahead
As America advances toward cleaner transportation powered by renewable grid energy, Utah provides a unique window into EV early adoption trends. With stunning natural beauty begging to be explored yet significant distances separating population hubs, our state’s geography and lifestyle want solutions balancing range, utility and sustainability when choosing electric vehicles.

The Nissan LEAF, Tesla’s smash hits, Ford’s born again Mustang Mach-E and Hyundai’s paradigm-shifting Ioniq 5 ranked Utah’s most popular EVs by successfully fulfilling those expectations. Building on versatility honed by legacy SUV nameplates while infusing instant torque and the latest tech innovations, this vanguard illustrates EVs resonating with Utah’s independent, adventure-loving spirit today.

So which model speaks most to your needs? Reach out below, and let’s chat about finding your perfect electric ride to elevate journeys across majestic Utah!


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