What Channel is MLB Network on DirecTV? Your 2023 Viewer‘s Guide

America‘s favorite pastime meets America‘s favorite satellite TV provider. For over 15 years, DirecTV subscribers have enjoyed access to MLB Network as part of their channel packages.

But with hundreds of channels at your fingertips, you may still be asking: what channel is the MLB Network actually on? Read on as we reveal everything you need to know to start watching baseball bliss on DirecTV today.

A Quick Primer: What is MLB Network?

Before jumping into the channel details, let‘s quickly recap what MLB Network offers baseball fans in the first place:

MLB Network is a TV channel airing 24/7 coverage of Major League Baseball. This includes thousands of hours of live MLB games, studio shows, documentaries, classic games, and beyond.

Unlike the fragmented baseball viewing experience pre-2009, MLB Network offers a dedicated home to follow America‘s pastime. It‘s a baseball lover‘s dream come true!

Now let‘s get into the viewing specifics to help you find it on your DirecTV lineup.

Where to Find MLB Network on DirecTV

Finding MLB Network is just a few clicks away for DirecTV subscribers. The network occupies the same channel placement nationwide:

  • Channel 213: Main MLB Network channel
  • Channel 719: MLB Network Strike Zone whip-around coverage
  • Channels 720-749: MLB Extra Innings out-of-market games

So whether you‘re a fan in New York, Los Angeles, Milwaukee or Miami, just punch in channel 213 on your DirecTV remote to instantly access the home of 24/7 baseball entertainment and live games.

For easy reference, here‘s a breakdown of the key MLB Network channels on DirecTV and what programming they each offer fans:

DirecTV Channel Content
213MLB Network – 24/7 studio shows, documentaries, and live game broadcasts
719MLB Network Strike Zone – Live commercial-free look-ins during key games
720-749MLB Extra Innings – Out-of-market live game feeds from around MLB

Now let‘s dive deeper into MLB Network‘s origins and evolution since debuting in 2009.

Charting 15 Years of MLB Network Excellence

Major League Baseball launched MLB Network on New Year‘s Day 2009, aiming to give baseball the same level of 24/7 coverage that the NFL and NBA were enjoying.

Up until that point, nationally televised MLB games were fragmented across various broadcast and cable channels, without a dedicated home base. So MLB took notice of the success NFL Network and NBA TV were having and decided to take the plunge with a channel solely devoted to America‘s pastime.

And over a decade later, their efforts have clearly paid off in spades.

MLB Network Viewership Over the Years

As visualized above, MLB Network has enjoyed immense viewership growth in its 15-year journey so far. What started as a ambitious passion project has blossomed into an indispensible daily destination for millions of baseball fans.

Diving deeper chronologically, the network struck gold right out of the gates in 2009. Flagship studio show MLB Tonight premiered on day one, offering whip-smart analysis and highlights during the evenings. This initial programming slate stability helped the network build a loyal audience from the early days.

By 2014, MLB Network had firmly established itself in the mainstream sports conscience. They continued beefing up their live game inventory while launching enduring hits like the comedic Intentional Talk talk show. Documentaries like Baseball‘s Seasons also enabled MLB Network to go deeper into the sport‘s history off the diamond.

Fast forward to present day, MLB Network now offers 5,000+ hours of live programming every year. This includes hundreds of regular season MLB games in that tally along with the All-Star Game and marquee playoff showdowns.

And we haven‘t even gotten to the network‘s ace content beyond the bats, balls, and calls of live baseball…let‘s explore further!

Signature MLB Network Programming

While live MLB games form the bread and butter, MLB Network truly serves fans more than just the action between the foul lines. Let‘s analyze the network‘s roster of flagship programming that makes it a daily watch, whether in-season or the hot stove winter:

MLB Tonight

The undisputed MVP of MLB Network shows, MLB Tonight sets the pace for news, analysis, and entertainment from the baseball world. Nightly editions air throughout the year offering:

  • Highlight-reel plays of the night
  • Breaking trades/free agency signings
  • Interviews with baseball personalities
  • Reviews of pivotal games with Postseason Panel
  • Predictions, debates, and witty segments

Led by studio anchors like Greg Amsinger and Robert Flores, MLB Tonight remains appointment viewing for baseball junkies 15 years and running. The show even won a Sports Emmy in 2021 – a testament to its unmatched excellence day in, day out.

Intentional Talk

For a lighter, funnier take on the MLB landscape, Chris Rose and Kevin Millar host the afternoon delight Intentional Talk. This show doubles as both a talk show and comedy hour, thriving on:

  • Player interviews with stars across MLB
  • "Ystead or Nay" and other engaging segments
  • Fan interaction via call-ins and social media
  • Zany humor and try-not-to-laugh moments
  • Viral bonus content on social media

With Millar‘s Red Sox championship pedigree playing off Rose‘s quick wit, Intentional Talk strikes a perfect balance between humor and sharp commentary. The show has become a sensation itself beyond baseball thanks to its viral clip potential.


Beyond the daily talk shows, MLB Network invests heavily in long-form programming with its documentaries. Notable examples include:

  • Baseball‘s Seasons – Signature docuseries hopping through MLB‘s most indelible moments decade by decade. Maintains a 95% Rotten Tomatoes audience score through its first three seasons.
  • MLB Network Presents – Cinematic films spotlighting iconic games, teams, and legends. Standouts include portraits of legendary icons like Roberto Clemente, Hank Aaron, and the Big Red Machine.
  • Ken Burns‘ Baseball – Landmark 11-hour documentary exploring baseball‘s key characters and moments from 1903-1993. Still considered the definitive film history of America‘s pastime 30 years later.

These documentary specials combine with the network‘s extensive classic game library to provide a time machine into MLB‘s storied history. It‘s not just modern-day highlights at MLB Network – baseball‘s past comes alive.

Bonus Content

Beyond the flagship shows and documentaries, MLB Network incorporates other creative programming to fill gaps in the schedule:

  • MLB Central – News, analysis, and interviews with in-house experts.
  • High Heat – Christopher Russo hosts this daily debate show featuring hot takes, historical perspectives, and colorful rants.
  • MLB Now – Fast-take show airing seven days a week to cover developing stories.
  • MLB Network Showcase – Classic MLB games across history with bonus analysis.
  • MLB The Show – Weekly program spotlighting fantasy baseball and gaming culture surrounding MLB. Hosted by Robert Flores.

As this sampling indicates, the network leverages its incredible access to players/execs and baseball history to keep the lights on and fans satisfied 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The depth of gems to discover here goes beyond the bright lights of live game broadcasts.

Why Baseball Fans are Tuning In…And Staying Tuned

With MLB Network now firmly entrenched as a sports TV powerhouse, what keeps fans coming back day after day and year over year?

A survey from 2022 sheds some light on driving factors:

  1. The live games – HD broadcasts of regular season matchups, All-Star & postseason contests satiate fans‘ on-field cravings

  2. Knowledgeable hosts – Decades of exec/player experience translate to informed opinions from studio analysts

  3. Trustworthy reporting – Having operations based at MLB headquarters leads to fast, accurate insider news

  4. Respect for history – Honor for past eras fosters engaging storytelling spanning generations

So in summary, MLB Network earns loyalty by blending stellar live game action with thoughtfully produced programs celebrating baseball‘s enduring legacy. The network strikes the perfect chord for hardcore fans and casual viewers alike.

And most importantly, it‘s now easier than ever for you to join the fun…

Quickly Access MLB Network on Your DirecTV Service

Thanks for joining us on this viewer‘s guide to MLB Network and its stellar programming you can now enjoy on DirecTV. Let‘s wrap with a quick channel recap:

  • MLB Network: Channel 213
  • MLB Network Strike Zone: Channel 719
  • MLB Extra Innings: Channels 720-749

Simply key in those channel numbers on your DirecTV remote or guide to instantly access the best of baseball broadcasts, analysis shows and beyond.

So what are you waiting for? Tune in to MLB Network on DirecTV today and see what all the fuss has been about! We‘ll have the hot dogs ready for you…play ball!

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