Mini Cooper vs Chevy Bolt: Battle of the Electric Hatchbacks

Electric vehicles have charged into the mainstream market, combining environmental benefits with high-tech features and reduced ownership costs. Two models vying for the title of top eco-friendly hatchback are the 2022 Mini Cooper SE and 2023 Chevy Bolt EV. These zippy EVs blend modern styling with surprisingly practical interiors – but which one should you plug into your garage?

This in-depth guide compares every key metric between the Mini and Chevy, including:

  • Performance and powertrain specs
  • Real-world driving and charging
  • Interior space measurements
  • Available technology
  • Safety ratings and driver assistance features
  • Detailed pricing across trims
  • Ownership costs over 5 years

Read on to see whether the quirky Mini SE or value-packed Bolt better electrifies its respective segment!

Overview of the Contenders

As more drivers discover the advantages of going electric, automakers continue expanding EV model availability across segments. Two compelling choices for eco-conscious hatchback shoppers are the Mini Cooper SE and Chevy Bolt EV.

Mini Cooper SE

The Mini Cooper is a style icon, blending cute and quirky design cues with thrilling road manners. For 2022, Mini launched the Cooper SE – an all-electric variant keeping brand hallmarks like active handling, personalized details and premium cabins. Rated at 110 miles of range from its small 32 kWh battery, the SE brings EVs fully into Mini‘s heritage of fun driving character.

Chevy Bolt EV

Initially debuting in 2016, the Bolt EV immediately made waves as an affordable EV with impressive 259 mile range. Its distinct profile stands out from typical小hatchback* silhouettes, with two boxier body sections linked by a narrowing window line. Revisions for 2023 bring styling tweaks plus nicer interior fabrics and trims. With up to 200 horsepower from its 65 kWh battery pack, the Bolt remains America‘s top selling EV excluding Teslas.

Now let‘s dig deeper across pivotal categories to see whether the Mini SE‘s charm outweighs the Bolt EV‘s everyday livability and value.

Performance, Handling and Powertrain

While straight line acceleration…

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