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Military is a necessity of life in every country of the world. In this time, we all need to be prepared for what may happen in terms of security threats and danger.

The need to understand what the military means is hard to understand. For example, military service is service that can be done by an individual or group.  So, in an army you can have anything from random fighters to naval forces that are joined and working together on a mission.

In this post, we will learn more about the definition, use, and various facts about the military. Generally, the role of the military will be discussed in detail to describe what we need to know about this armed force related to war and fighting.

Today,the US Army has about a million active  troops!  Some militaries are as big as companies and employers in many countries around the world. Let’s get right to some military facts below!

The size of many militaries is very large especially the USA

USA military

The amount of military spending will stun people especially in bigger countries around the world. For example, the United States has a massive military. The military budget often, especially these days, dominates the budget of many countries.

For example, you have the Department of Defense, which is considered the largest employer in the United States. Basically, the United States Department of Defence has well over 3 million employees. If you were to think about it, the military is a large employer in the USA.For comparison, Walmart has 1.3 million employees, and after the United States government you have Exxon-Mobil with nearly 1 million employees.

These days with current tensions with country borders, you have growing military budgets in China as well as Mexico that require a specific amount of military service from every citizen. The following countries are seeing large increases in the budget that include Russia, the UK, Saudi Arabia, and of course now Ukraine.

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Many militaries for the first time in World War 2 began bombing Germany …

B-24 over Germany

World War II bomber crews faced the constant threat of enemy fighters and “flak” during their missions over occupied Europe, much like the crew of this B-24 Liberator on a bombing mission over Germany in 1945. Airmen faced capture by the German military when they were forced to parachute from damaged aircraft. (U.S. Air Force photo)

It was not common for many military efforts and countries to work together. However, things changed drastically when the world wars happened, especially world war 2. The significance of this bombing campaign began by the French meant a lot of movement and change for Europe and Germany until 1045.

So, the war began as a coordinated war effort. Basically, it began with the first air raid being delivered by the French. The allies along with the US bombed the German capital at night which would best be described as an older French bomber.

Strange things happen when there is bombing. For example, throughout World War II, the bombing that began created different and strange situations. For example,  the very first bomb dropped on Berlin created an odd problem. Basically, in Berlin, there was an animal death in Germany, which killed the only elephant in the local Zoo.

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The army or military of the United States is older than the country itself

Opening Ceremony of Resolute Castle 22 NATO Joint Forces Exercise

US Army soldiers attend the opening ceremony of the Resolute Castle 22 NATO exercise, with participating forces from Romania, US and UK, at the Getica National Joint Training Center in Cincu, Romania, on Tuesday, May 10, 2022. Sweden and Finland are both set to decide if they are to join the defense alliance NATO with Russias invasion of Ukraine upending the security set-up of the two militarily non-aligned Nordic nations. Photographer: Andrei Pungovschi/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The army of the United States interestingly enough was around before the country officially formed. This is an odd fact about the military and the USA in general.  The army is older than the country itself. In history, it was George Washington that had commandeered the first continental army.. This happened in June of 1775 before the beginning of the USA. All in all, what This means exactly is  that the American army is older than the country as a whole by a year.

Overall, Congress officially began and set up the Army in September of 1789. Further on, the Continental Army of this area that became the USA was formed in 1775.  Therefore, the U.S. The Army is older than the country it serves and protects. For example, some nations now have real and big military budgets like the USA.

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Around the world, all Countries globally  spent a combined $2.24 trillion on the military

Around the world, all Countries globally  spent a combined $2.24 trillion on the military

The military is a big spender in every way. If you want a big budget then the military is the place. For example, last year, there was a larger increase for many military budgets due to border insecurities around the world.

Technological projects that build weaponized dolphins or gadgets as weapons are expensive. So, budgets need to increase to create bigger and more sophisticated militaries.

In summary, around the world military spending has increased every year since 2015. In Europe, for example, there was a nearly 15 percent rise in spending in Europe. The United States is the world’s largest military spender and China is number two. Both countries spend more than 200 billion a year!

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The Department of Defense is the World’s Biggest Employer

The Department of Defense is the World’s Biggest Employer

No other place or company employs more people than the department of defense, which is impressive. Being that the Department of Defense is the largest employer on the planet there are some special challenges.

It is also one of the largest consumers of fuel on the planet. It runs a communications infrastructure that runs from the depths of the oceans to outer space.

Some other interesting facts are that the military is so big it even has specialized health care programs. The amount of people employed means the military has to deal with things in certain ways. Moreover, the meaning of the military being so big means it has logistics and transportation methods of its own.  The military power and specialization is bigger than any commercial shipper. Moreover, the military has provided a know-how and industry for building its own ships, planes, ground vehicles, and much more.

Lastly, in China, the China’s People’s Liberation Army employs the second largest number of people around the world. There are about  1.5 million people employed for the Chinese army. When you think of industry and business don’t forget about the military and all of the different areas of business and commerce it provides.

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Music is an important part of the military war campaigns around the world

Music is an important part of the military war campaigns around the world

Music and the military is a powerful and effective combination. For instance, when the American Revolution happened, songs and poems were a very potent type of entertainment and medium to share and spread messages about the state.

Many militaires have utilized troop maneuvers to enhance the military power of their country. For example, music has been an important part of army and navy life to increase the power of the state. Militaries can utilize drums, trumpets, bugles, and horns of any kind to build power and patriotism.  Any military parade, mobilization and ceremony is greatly enhanced by military and martial music.

A great example of military and music is with the US army and John Philip Sousa. The song in question is “The Field Artillery Song,” which inspires the soldiers. These are all great examples and if you go to Europe and Asia there are more like most notably Tchaikovsky. So it was the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky, which was written in honor of Russia’s defense and win after Napoleon’s invasion attempt.

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Dogs play an important role in the Military

Dogs play an important role in the Military

Animals can be helpful in war and military effort. For example, dogs are able to have an important role for Military Operations. You will be surprised how many war efforts included animals like dogs.

For example, it was with dogs that they were able to  work along with other soldiers. This is a common sentiment overall that created a lot of power and strength to the military effectiveness overall especially American soliders.

It has taken some time for dogs to be recognized. It was only later that dogs were able  to be officially recognized. This happened around World War 2.

During World War 2, it was dogs that were recognized that did a lot of different things. The dogs were Doberman Pinschers, which did everything from working as scouts, being utilized as messengers for soldiers, and much more. In the last 10 years, it is now that dogs are a valued and integral part of military operations and armies around the world. In summary, well trained and skilled military dogs are worth more than $150,000 USD.

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Women in the military has been part of history for longer than you think

Women in the military has been part of history for longer than you think

Women have played a greater role in the military than many realize. As far back 1200 B.C. during the Shang dynasty of China did women participate in military affairs. So, it is purported that general Fu Hao may be the earliest woman soldier or warrior in history.

Later on throughout history, there were other instances of females in war. In the year 361 to 411, the widowed Arab queen Mawiyya, fought against the Romans in modern day Syria.

In general, women have had various and numerous duties and roles in the U.S. military since it began as well.  For example, George Washington hired a female spy when the Revolutionary War happened. Also, the first black woman to join the United States Army was Cathay Williams. So, there is a lot of history with women serving in conflicts around the world especially in the United States.

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The Navy is very important in the military and won big battles

The Navy is very important in the military and won big battles

The Navy fought and won many battles that many may not know historically. Warfare on the seas is not common but vital. One example of naval power is during World War I.

The instance in question is the Battle of Leyte Gulf, which is the biggest naval battle and confrontation in history. Nothing came close to this battle on the seas for the military and warfare in general. So, it was in October 1944, in which Japan reacted by getting  every possible warship to fight. The navy utilized battleships, cruisers, destroyers and more.

Military wars are not just won on the field but on the high seas. This battle engagement included submarines and small auxiliary boats. The Navy is there to protect trade and commerce as it did in American history in the early 1800s. Protecting the seas, oceans, and waterways is crucial for any country in the world.

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The Military invested in research to help invent the internet and a lot of technology

When you think of technology you may have to start thinking about the military. In the United States and various countries in the world, the investment in technology has been massive and very crucial.

For example, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the American Military is very technology forward. These days, it is working on a chip that can be implanted into people. Moreover in the past, the military in many countries in Europe developed highly advanced weaponry, groundbreaking computers, and even inventing GPS. GPS is navigational technology that is now used by many while driving.

Moreover, the military has been behind the internet. This discovery and innovative research took place and was invested in with military aims. As well, the military invested in  speech translation and as well many useful technologies. All in all,  the technological range of weapons, equipment, structures, and vehicles used by the military can no be compared to any other industry.

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