Microsoft MS-500 Facts

The Microsoft MS-500 exam is designed for those IT professionals who perform the role of a Microsoft 365 Security Administrator.

These specialists work with the Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrators, Workload Administrators, and other stakeholders to plan and implement various security strategies that ensure compliance of solutions with the management & policies of an organization.

The potential candidates for this test are those individuals who want to obtain the ExamSnap Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate certification.

What are the important details of the Microsoft MS-500 exam?

You should expect around 40-60 questions in your exam that can be performed in the multiple-choice, scenario-based, and drag and drop formats. You may also come across some active screen, build list, and short answer questions in the delivery of the test.

The applicants can choose to take ExamSnap Microsoft MS-500 in English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, or Japanese, depending on their preferred language.

Please note that you need to complete only this exam to get the associated certification. To pass this test, the students are required to earn at least 700 points on a scale of 1000. The lowest score will require a retake of the exam. The fee of $165 must be paid to register for and schedule the test. This process is done through the Pearson VUE website.

By the way, the candidates will have 120 minutes to complete the exam. You do not have to worry though. You will be able to answer all the questions, especially if you are adequately prepared.

What are the objectives covered in the Microsoft MS-500 exam?


Exam-Collection Microsoft Certification MS-500 VCE will measure the test takers’ ability to perform certain technical tasks across four different domains. All in all, the exam content includes the following topics:

  • Implementing and managing identity & its access (30-35%)
  • Managing the features of governance and compliance within Microsoft 365 (25-30%)
  • Implementing & managing a specific information protection (15-20%)
  • Implementing and managing specific threat protection strategies (20-25%)

What is the best way to gain competence in the Microsoft MS-500 exam topics?

The first thing is to go over the details of these topics that you can find in the exam blueprint. The students can download this document from the official website. After observing this material, you should aim to gain competence. Besides that, the individuals can go through the training modules, which are presented on the Microsoft website, get hands-on skills and understanding of the scope of the domains.

Also, it is recommended to dedicate your time to practice tests and exam dumps. These options will prepare you adequately for any question that may be administered in ExamSnap Microsoft MS-500.

Will you be penalized for incorrect answers in the Microsoft MS-500 exam?


You will not. The candidates earn points only for the correct answers they get. Even if you get some answers from the multiple-response questions, you will gain points for the correct answers while the incorrect ones will be marked as wrong.

For this reason, try to complete all the questions in the test even if you are not sure about some answers. The worst that can happen is to be marked wrongly for the missed points.


In this article, we have tried to answer some of the pertinent questions that you may have about the ExamSnap.

Please do not forget that before you take this test, you have to read all the information on the official website to understand what is expected of you before, during, and after the exam.

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