MetroPCS vs. T-Mobile: What's the Difference and Which is Better for You?

MetroPCS vs T-Mobile: An In-Depth Comparison to Decide What‘s Best for You

As a wireless customer evaluating your next carrier, choice looms critically important. The decision between MetroPCS and T-Mobile proves especially pivotal. Comprehung these two major operators on paper shows more similarities than differences. However, peering closely across critical facets from monthly cost to customer support reveals where one likely outshines the other.

This guide serves as your detailed resource contrasting T-Mobile and MetroPCS. You’ll gain keen perspective on their backgrounds, coverage strengths, plan differences, device lineups, perks, limitations and customer recommendations. Let’s commence uncovering what sets them apart so you can determine which makes for the smarter selection based on your wireless priorities!

Setting the Stage: MetroPCS and T-Mobile Backgrounder

First, let’s catch you up on essential history and facts around MetroPCS and T-Mobile so you fully grasp their DNA as carriers. This table captures distinguishing details:

Background FactsMetroPCST-Mobile
Year Founded19942002
HeadquartersRichardson, TXBellevue, WA
Subscribers21 million102 million
Network Type4G LTE5G/4G LTE
WiFi CallingYesYes
MVNOs HostedGoogle Fi, Spectrum

As you see, T-Mobile maintains around 5 times as many subscriber lines in service compared to MetroPCS. However, MetroPCS still ranks as one of the largest prepaid carriers.

Initially MetroPCS relied solely on regional networks of its own. However, a 2013 merger brought MetroPCS under T-Mobile ownership. Consequently, MetroPCS now utilizes T-Mobile’s expanding 5G and 4G infrastructure. So you derive coverage parity but differences emerge in subscriber prioritization and network speeds.

Comparing Core Monthly Plan Rates and Fine Print

When evaluating T-Mobile against MetroPCS, their rate plans warrant careful comparison. Pricing and inclusions often sway heavily in purchase decisions. These carriers take distinct approaches to crafting monthly offerings for individuals and families:

Plan ComparisonMetroPCST-Mobile
Lowest Individual Price$30 (2GB)$70
Unlimited Plan Rate$50-$60$70
HD Streaming AllowanceOnly on $60 planIncluded or $10 addon
Hotspot Data10GB on $60Unlimited at 3G
Int’l Roaming DataAdd-on packages required2G speeds included
RestrictionsVideo capped at 480pNo major limits
Monthly PerksGoogle One or Amazon PrimeNetflix, weekly gifts

Analyzing the plan comparison details shows MetroPCS’s least expensive $30 monthly rate allows only 2GB of data at 3G speeds. Their $40 plan bumps that to 10GB of speedier LTE connectivity. However, video streaming still finds itself restricted to DVD-quality 480p resolution regardless of MetroPCS plan chosen.

T-Mobile eliminates all those hurdles with its baseline unlimited package. For $70 monthly, its T-Mobile One plan lifts video throttling allowing HD 1080p streaming. It also bundles free Netflix access where MetroPCS makes you pay extra. Plus T-Mobile includes free 2G roaming in 210 worldwide destinations whereas MetroPCS levies addon fees for CAN/MEX data and int’l calling packages.

The Contrast Continues for Support Service, Phone Deals and Perks

Delving deeper into T-Mobile vs MetroPCS comparisons, customer service merits equal inspection. How carriers support users often determines satisfaction and recommendations as much as plan rates. Third-party research paints a definitive picture:

Customer Service SnapshotMetroPCST-Mobile
ACSI Rating67/10071/100
BBB Rating1.2/5 Stars1.05/5 Stars
Retail Rep Service Rating3/5 Stars4/5 Stars

The better customer ratings go to T-Mobile across satisfaction benchmarks like ACSI and undercover retail shopping evaluations. MetroPCS store reps prove helpful but hold times stretch longer when needing call center assistance.

Additionally, MetroPCS trails T-Mobile in support avenues. Phone, online web tickets and social media make up the only reliable MetroPCS contact channels. T-Mobile provides further outreach through live chat, enhanced online resources and branded apps. As such, T-Mobile emerges the superior pick for customer support right now.

Another area requiring your scrutiny sits phone device availability. MetroPCS focuses primarily on budget-friendly models. Nearly all of their 34 smartphones cost under $250 full retail. And they sell older generation iPhones and Galaxys lacking the speediest processors and specs.

T-Mobile gives you far more choice and flexibility in devices. Their installment plans allow spreading costs over 24 or 30 months. So T-Mobile subscribers enjoy access to pricier premium phones like the:

Top Flagship Smartphones
Apple iPhone 14 Pro
Google Pixel 7 Pro 5G
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Yes, MetroPCS sells those models too. But you must pay $800 and up fully upfront rather than via manageable monthly payments. So T-Mobile unlocks the door for flagship devices the typical MetroPCS inventory misses.

We’d be remiss excluding the perks discussion too. As Unlimited plan carriers, both T-Mobile and MetroPCS infuse nice bonuses to elevate value:

Plan Perks Face-offMetroPCST-Mobile
Free Video StreamingNetflix Basic 2-screen
Travel BenefitsPay-as-you-go210+ destinations covered
Weekly Promotions T-Mobile Tuesdays
Data MaximizationVideo optimization tools

T-Mobile allures buyers through perks like:

  • $9.99 monthly Netflix subscription
  • Free Gogo in-flight WiFi hour
  • Weekly T-Mobile Tuesdays contests & gifts
  • Free unlimited texting and 2G data across 210 destinations

MetroPCS equivalents prove more limited or nonexistent. So free video streaming, travel connectivity and regular promos set T-Mobile apart. But MetroPCS does allow conserving data usage through their handy optimization tools.

Which Carrier Deserves Your Business?

Reflecting on T-Mobile vs MetroPCS, you’ve gained clarity across what sets them apart. Where one excels, the other sometimes falls short whether in pricing, network speeds or customer support.

For those absolute cheapest plans and phone costs rank important, MetroPCS should satisfy pretty reasonably. Just prepare for mismatched technology on latest smartphone releases or data streaming limits. Otherwise coverage itself remains robust as MetroPCS utilizes T-Mobile infrastructure.

But subscribers wanting the pinnacle unlimited plan experience with wide-ranging travel connectivity, newest devices and premium extras like live TV and gifted perks may wish to justify T-Mobile’s higher rates. For barely $20+ more over MetroPCS options, T-Mobile unlocks HD video, unlimited music and 209 worldwide destinations completely free.

So weigh your personal wireless priorities. And utilize this comprehensive breakdown to determine if MetroPCS money saving plans suffice or T-Mobile unbeatable flexibility warrants your long-term business!

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