Hello There! Let‘s Compare MetroPCS vs Mint Mobile So You Can Pick the Best Phone Carrier

Have you felt overwhelmed while evaluating affordable cell phone plans that offer great coverage at the right price? As a long-time industry insider, I totally get it! Allow me to simplify this decision with an easy-to-digest battle between two popular wireless prepaid carriers—MetroPCS and Mint Mobile.

By the end of this guide, you’ll have all the info needed to determine which budget-friendly provider best fits your lifestyle based on network performance, plan pricing, device selection, and additional carrier perks that matter most to you. Let’s dive in!

Why We‘re Comparing These Carriers

First, what do MetroPCS and Mint Mobile have in common? They both leverage access to T-Mobile‘s reliable nationwide 5G and 4G LTE network. This gives them broad, quality coverage at affordable rates without signing yearly contracts. Makes sense why they rank amongst today‘s fastest growing prepaid plans!

But when scrutinizing the finer features and fees, MetroPCS and Mint start to show some key differences that could tilt you towards one over the other. Weighing these distinctions based on what you prioritize is exactly what we’ll outline below!

By the end, you’ll know whether Mint’s cheaper entry pricing or Metro‘s flexibility better matches your needs…

METROPCS VS MINT MOBILE: Side-By-Side Plan Comparison Chart

|| MetroPCS | Mint Mobile |
| Network Coverage | Uses T-Mobile‘s nationwide network | Also uses T-Mobile‘s nationwide network
| Reliability & Performance | A “very good” 89% satisfaction rating on ACSI survey | 4.2 out of 5 star customer rating average on TrustPilot
| 5G Accessibility | Available in many metro areas on all plans if phone supports 5G | Available in many metro areas on all plans if phone supports 5G
| Monthly Plan Rates | $30 for 2GB $40 for 10GB $50 for unlimited | $15 for 4GB (first 3 mos.) $25 for 10GB $30 for unlimited
| Taxes & Fees | Included in monthly price | NOT included (~$5 extra per month)
| Perks & Features | Mobile hotspot Data capped video/music streaming International roaming Visual voicemail Wi-Fi calling | Mobile hotspot (uses plan data) Free calls to Mexico & Canada Wi-Fi calling

Let’s explore some of these features more closely…

Plan Pricing & Affordability Comparison

While base monthly rates are essential, you also have to account for extra taxes and fees which can add up.

  • Mint Mobile wins on base pricing with plans starting at just $15 monthly for 4GB data (first 3 months only then $25/month). Their 10GB and unlimited plans are also cheaper compared to Metro.

  • However, MetroPCS includes taxes and fees in their advertised monthly costs so your bill totals are more predictable. Mint tacks on extra county/state fees so budget another $5-10 on average per line.

When calculating your total yearly cell phone spending including fees, Mint Mobile usually still saves the most money. But savvy MetroPCS shoppers can sometimes find limited-time promotions (like free month of service) allowing them to achieve similar long term economies.

Network Performance & Coverage Review

Since both carriers operate on T-Mobile’s large nationwide infrastructure, their 4G LTE and growing 5G coverage is on par based on independent analysis. However…

  • MetroPCS ranked higher in overall customer satisfaction based on the 2019 American Consumer Satisfaction Index report, scoring an impressive 89 out of 100 rating. This measures real user experiences with call quality, download speeds, reliability and more.

  • Meanwhile, Mint Mobile earns very positive customer feedback as well with over 50,000 online reviews averaging 4.2 out of 5 stars on sites like TrustPilot. Many happily report strong reception matching more expensive providers.

So most customers can feel confident in both networks‘ performance meeting their connectivity needs without major differences…

Device Support Comparison

MetroPCS and Mint Mobile take different approaches for supported devices which impacts selections. A few key contrasts:

  • MetroPCS accommodates both GSM and CDMA phones so you can bring a wider variety of device types from previous carriers. Mint just works with GSM models like certain iPhones and Samsung Galaxies.

  • Metro sells many flagship smartphones like the latest iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S21 series. So shoppers desiring higher-end gear get more options. Mint only carries budget to mid-range devices.

  • If you want a cheaper device bundled with your plan, Mint Mobile provides some of the industry’s lowest pricing on simpler smartphones like the Motorola Moto G Fast or Samsung Galaxy A21.

So MetroPCS gives you more flexibility and device choices, while Mint streamlines selections around economical phones…

What Unique Perks Do These Carriers Offer?

Beyond pricing and coverage, each carrier sprinkles in their own exclusive bonus features that could appeal to you.

A few extras that make MetroPCS stand out:

  • MetroPCS builds strong brand affinity through diversity and inclusion initiatives, such as charity events and multicultural advertising featuring Latino and African-American families. If those efforts resonate with you, it’s another small reason to lean their way.

  • Family plans make it easier for multiple lines to share data buckets while still keeping monthly costs reasonable. Mint just allows account discounts when adding lines.

  • If you want the latest phone model immediately on launch day, MetroPCS retail stores usually offer them right away on payment plans. Mint often takes weeks or months before newly released devices appear.

And a couple of Mint Mobile’s niche perks:

  • They heavily promote sustainable business practices such as reducing e-waste and providing carbon neutral shipping. So tech enthusiasts passionate about the environment tend to rate Mint’s corporate values highly.

  • Calling or texting friends and family in Canada and Mexico at no extra charge is a small but welcome bonus that appeals to border city dwellers.

While not dealbreakers alone, these unique advantages contribute to long-term user satisfaction…

Which Carrier Is Better For You?

Now for the million dollar question: should YOU choose MetroPCS or Mint Mobile as your prepaid cellular provider?

Well, it depends on which features or offerings matter most when balancing your budget, usage needs and phone preferences. But in general:


  • Spending the least amount possible every month
  • Using 3GB data or less (then their cheaper 4GB plan is plenty)
  • Having flexibility to change plans monthly or preorder innovations
  • Are OK with budget to mid-range device options


  • Paying taxes & fees upfront instead of mystery add-ons
  • Need shared family plans with more data
  • Desire high-end phone brands like latest iPhone or Galaxy
  • Value domestic & international roaming

Hope this detailed side-by-side comparison helped simplify your buying choice! I aimed to equip you with an unbiased accounting of how MetroPCS and Mint Mobile overlap but also diverge so you can confidently pick which affordable prepaid carrier fits your preferences.

Feel free to reach out with any other questions. Happy wireless shopping!

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