An In-Depth Breakdown of Tokyo‘s Record-Shattering Mega Man X Speedrun

Tokyo, also known as Tokyo90 or Tokyodc2, is the reigning Mega Man X speedrunning champion. Across various games starring Capcom‘s azure hero, Tokyo has demolished world record times with his precise and innovative play. Most recently in February 2022, he achieved a lifelong goal – conquering Mega Man X in under 24 and a half minutes through a superhuman display of gaming excellence.

As we analyze this groundbreaking run and Tokyo‘s patented speedrunning techniques, one thing will become abundantly clear. An any% Mega Man X speedrun requires not only pixel-perfect inputs, but creative route planning, resource management and mental composure bordering on robotic to achieve record pace. So for anyone wondering what it takes to master this beloved classic and claim worldwide bragging rights along the way, read on!

A Brief History of Mega Man X Speedrunning

First, some quick history on the game itself. Mega Man X launched in 1993 on the SNES to critical and commercial success, building on the Mega Man formula with new abilities like dashing and wall-jumping. This coincided perfectly with the rise of video game speedrunning as fans sought to complete titles as quickly as possible through skill, strategy and glitches.

Over the years, a friendly rivalry formed on Mega Man X leaderboards between talented runners mostly from Japan and North America. Through competition, innovation and thousands of man hours grinding, the top time dropped from over 40 minutes in 2008 to under 30 by 2013 as documented on

By 2017, future champion Tokyo first entered the scene, immediately threatening the established veterans. His breakout run of 25:34 that February marked a new era highlighting Tokyo‘s incredible precision and consistency that still reigns today. But it would take another 5 years before topping his own record to achieve the current 24 minute milestone thanks to non-stop dedication.

Delving Into Tokyo‘s Masterful Run

So now that we understand the history leading up to this run, let‘s break down Tokyo‘s world record pace in more detail.

Right from the opening stage, Tokyo showcases incredible control utilizing difficult speed techs like dash-jumping (firing while dashing) to breeze through sections.

Perfect Boss Fights

Veteran Mega Man X players know taking down Maverick leaders requires learning patterns and punishing openings without taking hits. One mistake can ruin a speedrun. That‘s what made Tokyo‘s nearly flawless fights against Spark Mandrill, Boomer Kuwanger and Bospider so impressive.

By mixing up buster shots, special weapons and melee strikes, Tokyo conquers these chaotic battles utilizing perfect positioning and muscle memory built from years of practice. Notably, he sets a new personal best time against Bospider – no easy feat when trying to balance offense and evasion.

Tokyo‘s smart Bospider fight strategy showcases calculated risks to set a new PB.

Minimal Mistakes

Considering the hundred of precise jumps, dashes, shots and fight sequences required, Tokyo‘s run contained remarkably few errors. Save for small delays against Sting Chameleon and Launch Octopus plus an unfortunately placed claw blocking his path at Sigma‘s finale, the run flows together seamlessly.

Veteran speedrunners know that any% world record pace leaves almost no margin for error. So while Tokyo looks calm and controlled throughout, there are surely nerves of steel powering his world class play.

Key Speedrunning Tricks/Techniques

As with most platformers built around precise movement, there are certain speed techs that top Mega Man X runners have integrated frame-perfectly into their routing:

Dash JumpingFiring X‘s buster while dashing without slowdown
Slope JumpingUsing ramped surfaces to carry momentum
Gap JumpingWall jumping repeatedly to cross large horizontal spaces

Mastering advanced techniques like these requires not only clean inputs, but setups and timing that varies across areas. Yet Tokyo makes use look easy with flair.

Tokyo‘s Tireless Journey to 24 Minutes

Finally, let‘s discuss the incredible amount of practice required for Tokyo to reach this record pace. Since first conquering the world record in 25:34 back in 2017, he slowly chipped away at the mark through a rigorous training regimen.

This involved thoroughly analyzing his runs to identify small errors, finding route optimizations to save fractions of a second, and continually grinding tricky sequences to build muscle memory. Such dedication over 5+ years exemplifies the intense lifestyle of an elite gamer.

While waiting years between world records may seem surprising given the improvements made, veteran speedrunners know how exponentially more difficult further optimization becomes. When competing at such a top tier level, it often boils down to luck aligning across boss fights and movement. After countless attempts, Tokyo finally achieved perfection.

The 24 minute barrier seemed an impossible milestone for Mega Man X speedrunning given years of stagnation. Now the gaming world awaits if Tokyo or a new contender can push the time even lower through continued ingenuity, technical skill and endless training. For now, enjoy revisiting this modern masterpiece.

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