Hello There! Let‘s Compare Makita vs EGO Self-Propelled Mowers

Choosing a new battery-powered lawn mower tuned for quick, clean cuts across your property may seem overwhelming given the options. Allow me to help zero in on an optimal model suited to your grass type and unique needs! Specifically, we‘ll analyze two high caliber electric mowers from Makita and EGO head to head.

Both Makita LXT and EGO Power+ make reliable self-propelled mowers worth considering. Evaluating them feature-by-feature helps determine the right purchase based on lawn size, budget, power level needs and more. You’ll finish this guide better informed to decide where to invest your hard-earned dollars!

Overview: Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

Unlike classic manual push mowers or those requiring fuel, battery-powered electric models provide environmental, performance and convenience advantages. Specifically, they are emissions free, significantly quieter, able to handle most residential grass with power to spare, and require less maintenance over their lifespan.

Electric Mowers Pros vs Cons

EGO, Makita and other brands now manufacture electric mowers spanning push, self-propelled and riding designs. We will focus on self-propelled given their surplus motorized torque applied via a selective variable speed control. This assists navigation across sloped, uneven lawns compared to standard push models. Appreciating how Makita and EGO’s offerings vary in power systems, construction and convenience becomes our goal!

Onward to what truly distinguishes these two electric marvels…

Side-by-Side Mower Comparison

Weeds, pests and seasonal weather undoubtedly complicate maintaining lush, polished grass. Selecting equipment able cut through conditions while achieving your desired aesthetic and height takes awareness of subtle feature differences:

Specs/FeaturesMakita 36V LXTEGO 56V
Best ForYards up to 1⁄4 acreYards up to 1⁄2 acre
Operation ModeSelf-propelledSelf-propelled
Cutting Width21”21”
Cutting Height Settings107
Cutting Height Range1-1/4” – 4”1.5” – 4”
Noise Rating (dB)6260
Safety FeaturesNoneBlade brake clutch
Warranty3 years (battery 1 yr)5 years

Reviewing core parameters side-by-side above reveals EGO marginally ahead regarding run time, control and long term value via an industry leading warranty. However, true differentiators emerge when evaluating power source, construction and intelligences baked into both machines.

Battery & Motor Technology

Much like our mobile phones, incremental enhancements in battery chemistry and voltage tolerances empower electric mowers to operate longer on single charges. Runtime often becomes a key purchasing factor. Let’s explore what’s inside:

ModelBattery SpecsMotorRuntime Est.Recharge Time
Makita36V (2 x 5.0Ah 18V)Brushless30-35 mins30-45 mins
EGO56V 7.5AhBrushless40-50 mins80+ mins

You may notice EGO boasts a higher voltage rating of 56V, accomplished by combining multiple lithium ion power cells, against Makita’s tandem 18V batteries totaling 36V. After losses, expect both to discharge around 33V to 50V depending on load. I’d give a marginal advantage to EGO regarding sustained cutting strength when the grass piles up!

Yet Makita permits swapping in backup batteries to extend mowing sessions. Their 18V packs also power over 100+ other tools if you invest in their unified charging platform! Ultimately EGO takes the long run award running off a single robust charge while Makita offers operational flexibility.

Maneuverability & Ergonomics

Beyond keeping our lawns photoshoot ready, most desire minimizing effort through maneuverability advantages:

  • EGO built theirs with a lighter plastic housing avoiding metal components at 54.5 lbs total weight
  • Comparatively, Makita utilizes commercial steel construction for maximum robustness lifting total packaged weight to 73 lbs

Concerning comfort, both utilize adjustable handles and easy roll wheels when not self-propelling. Makita‘s lower weight advantage may benefit strength impaired users despite marginally shorter run times per battery.

I‘ll note EGO also packages handy LED headlights allowing you to safely map terrain the moment sunset approaches! Evaluation boils down to your strength and need to squeeze every minute of operation from single charges.

Smart Features & Diagnostics

Evolving battery chemistry permits electric motors to finally eclipse classic gas models regarding torque and environmental sensitivity. Modern self-propelling systems increasingly house intelligent safeguards:

  • Blade brake clutch – Halts cutting string whenever excessive mechanical obstruction detected
  • Battery life metrics – Displays voltage cycles to identify fading power cells needing replacement
  • Fault code alerts – Identifies operational or calibration issues needing technical adjustment

Makita positions their mower firmly in the smart device arena by adopting Bluetooth smartphone connectivity and embedded microcontrollers to enable future automation. Their dedication towards maintaining premier industrial lithium battery performance persists post-purchase via modular component design.

While less vocal about intelligence roadmaps, EGO announced integration of safety braking mechanisms plus warranty policies that imply sophisticated battery analytics.

Final Determination

Let‘s summarize key trade-offs discovered in this guide to identify the ideal mower for your grass goals:

Makita 36V LXT

  • Metal components able to outlast plastic competitors
  • Tandem battery design for their large tool platform
  • Lower cutting height capable for 1” grasses
  • Heavier weight may impede older users


  • 5 year warranty denotes long term quality assurance
  • Brushless motor prioritizes torque over width
  • Lightweight with advanced safety components
  • Higher price balanced by feature set

In the end, EGO appears to have reached feature saturation for mostly flat or smaller lawns. I suggest Makita for those needing robust, commercial-like construction with lower blade placements. Homeowners desiring a holistically solid model with safety brake integration will feel confident in EGO’s industry trajectory.

Let me know if any questions remain or if you require additional buying perspectives! I’m happy to offer tailored guidance drawing from two decades observing lawn tech evolutions. Feel free to reach me anytime using the contact info below!

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