How to Make Snapchat Dark Mode in 5 Simple Steps

Have you ever squinted at a too-bright Snapchat screen late at night? Or worried about your phone battery draining too fast from endless Snapchat scrolling?

Enabling dark mode can solve both issues, all while making your snaps look cooler too.

Let’s switch your Snapchat to dark mode together in just 5 minutes with some easy tweaks to your settings. I’ll also dig into the science and data as to why you’d even want dark mode in this app. Buckle up!

Why Should You Use Snapchat Dark Mode?

First, what even is dark mode?

It’s a display setting that replaces bright white backgrounds with darker colors like black and gray across an app‘s interface and content. This year over 130 million users globally have turned dark modes on across various apps and devices.

Specifically with Snapchat, here are the biggest reasons to go darker:

Dark Mode Saves Your Eyes

Staring into Snapchat’s glowing white void late at night isn’t fun. The bright backgrounds strain your eyes, especially in darker environments.

Medical research confirms this. A 2018 Brigham Young University study found exposure to phone screens before bed led to:

  • 55 minutes longer to fall asleep
  • Feeling sleepier and groggier the next day

Yikes. The blue light from screens tricks your brain into thinking it’s still daytime, disrupting sleep signals.

However, just enabling dark mode can shrink eye strain and sleep issues significantly.

In one test, users felt 80% less eye discomfort in dark interfaces versus bright white. Plus, sleep quality shot up by nearly 90% after ditching the bright backgrounds. Talk about an upgrade for nighttime Snapchat!

Extra Battery Juice

Do you constantly glance at Snapchat? You’re likely draining your phone’s battery fast without even realizing it.

The black and gray colors in dark mode require less power to generate on OLED screens compared to bright white backgrounds.

As one comparison, Google found dark mode uses 63% less battery than standard light modes on its Pixel phones. That could mean over 1 hour of extra Snapchatting before needing to grab a charger.

Across two years, you could save 50+ hours of total use time thanks to dark mode‘s battery optimizations. More Snapchatting whether you‘re at home, traveling, or just super busy.

A Classier Look

Ok, I know Snapchat isn‘t exactly about elegance…but dark mode adds a touch of refinement to the chaotic Snap experience.

Your shared snaps gain a sophistication against those darker backgrounds colors simply can’t achieve on white. Shadows appear deeper, details stand out more, and videos reflect cinematic appeal.

Think of it like an Instagram filter subtly enhancing everything you capture without even trying.

Suddenly even boring selfies or random life moments gain ambiance. Dark mode Snapchat flexes style you can’t find anywhere else.

Convinced yet? Let’s make the change.

5 Easy Steps to Make Snapchat Dark Mode

From opening your profile to tapping a setting, you can enable Snapchat’s dark mode in under 60 seconds.

Here‘s exactly how:

Step 1: Open Your Snapchat Profile

First, launch Snapchat and tap your profile icon – likely your Bitmoji or photo – in the top left corner:

Open profile

This opens your personal profile page.

Step 2: Tap the Settings Gear

Now tap the Settings gear icon next to the Share button on the top right:

Gear icon

This drops down a menu to change various Snapchat settings.

Step 3: Choose ‘App Appearance’

In Settings, scroll down and select the ‘App Appearance’ option:

app appearance

This section controls theming and display preferences.

Step 4: Select ‘Always Dark’

Lastly, choose ‘Always Dark’ near the top to activate dark mode sitewide:

Always dark

And voila! Dark mode enabled.

Step 5: Verify It Worked!

Hop out and check things look darker. Snaps and colors all reflect the new sleek, darker scheme:

Dark mode proof

Well done, you did it! Enjoy this easier experience.

To recap enabling dark mode on Snapchat:

  1. Open Profile
  2. Tap Settings Gear
  3. Choose App Appearance
  4. Select Always Dark
  5. Confirm It Activated

And if you ever decide you want to go back to the bright white backgrounds, just return to App Appearance settings and choose ‘Always Light’.

Let’s wrap up with some common questions:


Does dark mode drain less battery?

Yes! Dark mode extends battery life by over 60% compared to light mode according to Google research on Pixel phones. Savings vary across devices but always net positive.

Is dark mode actually better for your eyes?

Absolutely. Darker backgrounds reduce eye strain by over 80%. This leads to less headaches plus easier time falling asleep if you use Snapchat at night.

Can Android users also enable dark mode?

Yup! These same steps work perfectly to activate dark mode on Snapchat across iPhone and Android devices.

Why does Snapchat lack dark mode automatically?

Good question. Unlike other apps, Snapchat doesn‘t obey your general phone dark mode settings. You have to manually enable it for now within Snapchat itself. I hope automatic dark themes come in the future!

Hope this helps you discover Snapchat’s hidden dark side. Let me know if any other questions come up!

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