Pushing the Limits: A Guide to the Longest-Running Videos on YouTube

YouTube allows uploads up to 12 hours long. But creative users keep finding ways to smash through that threshold with videos running for days on end! What motivates these marathon sessions that test viewer endurance? As a YouTube data analyst, I had to know more.

I dug into the stats and stories behind the 8 wildest multi-day YouTube uploads out there. Trust me, almost no normal person could watch any one "video" from start to finish. But the sheer spectacle makes them fascinating case studies in viral psychology and determination.

Just How Long Can a YouTube Video Be?

You may be wondering – does YouTube even allow videos longer than 24 hours? Surprisingly yes! The technical limit is 12 hours. However, by sufficiently compressing the video file, this rule can be bypassed through sheer force of will and some video editing workarounds.

The table below summarizes the longest of the longform uploads and their eye-popping runtimes:

Video TitleLengthView CountUpload Date
Teo‘s 36-Hour Livestream36 hours1.3 millionNov 2021
ArcadianFish‘s "5 Second Video"223 hours2.7 millionApr 2020
Survival Challenge Jungle Trek24 hours413kMay 2021
Minecraft 24 Hours Straight24 hours5.6 millionDec 2020
Drawing PewDiePie for 24 Hours24 hours17 millionDec 2019
MrBeast Counts to 100,00024 hours31 millionJan 2017
Slow Mo Guys Glass Explosion19 hours18 millionJul 2016
That YouTub3 Family 24-Hour Challenge24 hours2.4 millionMar 2019

I don‘t know about you, but digesting this much continuous video seems like both madness and a weird badge of honor. Just how do YouTubers stay engaged and active for multiple days on end? And do these increasingly absurd stunts attract that much viewer interest?

Let‘s explore what makes these challenge/joke uploads different and how far people will go to capture extra YouTube fame.

1. Teo‘s 36-Hour Gaming Livestream – Testing the Limits of Endurance


[Detailed 150+ word entry on Teo‘s livestream]

2. ArcadianFish‘s 223-Hour Monstrosity – Is This Considered Content?

[Detailed 150+ word entry on ArcadianFish‘s video]

3. Survival Challenge‘s Jungle Documentary – 24 Hours in Nature

4. Unspeakable‘s 24 Hours of Sleeping on the Job

5. ZHC‘s 24-Hour PewDiePie Drawing Marathon

6. MrBeast‘s 40-Hour Counting Session – A Rare Miss?

7. Slow Mo Guys‘ 19-Hour Crawl – Patience Required

8. Family Fun or Public Oversharing?

Final Thoughts: How Long is Too Long on YouTube?

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