LG G3 vs Sony Bravia OLEDs: In-Depth Comparison to Find the Best TV

LG and Sony continue to be at the forefront of OLED TV technology, with both brands introducing new and improved models for 2023. LG has unveiled its latest flagship G3 series, going head-to-head with Sony‘s 2022 Bravia lineup including the high-end A95K QD-OLED and more affordable A80K OLED.

But when it comes to finding the best picture quality, viewing experience and value, which model actually comes out on top? This in-depth guide compares every key specification between the LG G3 and Sony’s A95K and A80K to help you decide.

Display Technology Explained

Before jumping into the comparison, it helps to level-set the different display technologies powering these premium TVs:

OLED uses organic light-emitting diode panels where each pixel emits its own light. This enables perfect black levels, infinite contrast and wide viewing angles. However, traditional OLED panels have faced brightness limitations.

QD-OLED takes traditional OLED technology and adds a quantum dot layer. This exponentially improves brightness levels while maintaining OLED’s superior contrast and blacks.

Brightness Booster Max is LG’s latest breakthrough that leverages heat dissipation and AI brightness boosting to push traditional OLED brightness up to 70% higher than previous generations.

LG G3 vs Sony A95K vs A80K: Head-to-Head Comparison

With the key technologies explained, here is an in-depth, side-by-side comparison across the most important categories:

Display Technology and Picture Quality

  • The LG G3 leverages the company’s Brightness Booster Max technology to achieve up to 70% brighter OLED panel versus the LG G2. This improves highlights, color volume and overall contrast.

  • The Sony A95K uses Quantum Dot OLED (QD-OLED) technology with precision LED backlight control for over 200% more brightness than conventional OLED TVs. Expect unparalleled vibrancy.

  • The A80K delivers outstanding OLED picture quality with perfectly deep blacks and pixel-level precision, but can’t quite match the G3 or A95K for peak brightness.

  • All three TVs support Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG high dynamic range content with excellent color and contrast, but the brighter G3 and A95K have the advantage.

  • For pure picture performance – the LG G3 and Sony A95K QD-OLED are extremely close, delivering world-beating quality OLED TVs. The A80K lags slightly behind.

Design & Build Quality

  • The LG G3 has an incredibly sleek, contemporary design with a super slim profile and premium fiber composite materials that reduce weight compared to last year’s G series.

  • Sony’s A95K is impressively slim itself with a clean, pared back style and unique floating style stand. The external connections box can feel bulky.

  • Sony’s A80K features a minimalist “One Slate” aesthetic for a stylish, artistic look. Wide and standard feet stands are sold separately.

  • All models can be wall-mounted for a flush, nearly bezel-less appearance. But LG G3’s wall mount conceals even the mounting section for a truly seamless look.

Smart TV & Features

  • The LG G3 runs the latest webOS platform (version 23) which has been completely overhauled for simpler navigation and discovery via personalized profiles and easy to access “Quick Cards”.

  • Both Sony sets use Android TV with all the familiar Google apps and services onboard. The user experience continues to lag behind LG’s webOS and Samsung’s Tizen platforms.

  • Unique features on the Sony A95K include Gesture Control for changing settings hands-free and an auto power saving mode to conserve energy.

  • LG’s webOS offers the most personalized, customizable and easy-to-use smart TV experience of the group.

Gaming Performance

  • All three models support 4K/120Hz signals, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and eARC.

  • The LG G3 has an upgraded Game Optimizer menu with finely-tuned presets, G-SYNC and FreeSync Premium support for smooth gameplay. Input lag measures an extremely responsive ~10ms.

  • The Sony sets promise HDMI 2.1 input lag of just 8.5ms ensuring lag-free responsiveness for gaming. They also include Auto HDR Tone and Auto Game Mode.

  • For next-generation gaming, LG holds a slight advantage with more tailored enhancements. But Sony also delivers instant response times.

Audio Quality

  • LG’s G3 upgrades to a 3.2.2 channel speaker system with AI Sound Pro for virtual 9.1.2 surround sound and Dolby Atmos playback.

  • Sony’s higher-end A95K and A80K sets both integrate Dolby Atmos, IMAX Enhanced sound and dedicated bass actuators for cinematic, multidimensional audio.

  • For sheer audio performance, there’s little between flagship models. But more advanced Calibration features on Sony sets may give them the edge.

Pricing and Value Comparison

LG G3 OLEDEst. $2,199Est. $3,199Est. $4,199Est. $6,499
Sony A95K QD-OLED$2,999$3,999
Sony A80K OLED$2,000$2,300$3,300

Our Recommendations

  • The LG G3 is expected to deliver best-in-class performance and future-proof gaming features at a more affordable price point compared to last year‘s LG G2 release prices. It offers tremendous value, especially for larger 77" and 83" screen sizes.

  • Sony’s A95K QD-OLED sets a new bar for breathtaking OLED picture quality with over 200% more brightness than standard OLED TVs. It’s a premium experience that demands a premium price.

  • For buyers wanting excellent OLED quality without the lofty price tags, the Sony A80K presents strong performance and audio for hundreds less.

As you can see in this comprehensive comparison, both LG and Sony are pushing OLED TV technology forward. The LG G3 leverages improved traditional OLED performance and promises an outstanding complete package. But Sony’s QD-OLED introduces a real game-changer if money is no object. Use this breakdown as your guide and decide which model best aligns with your budget and needs for a next-level entertainment experience.

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