LG G3 vs. B2: 6 Key Differences and Full Comparison

Hey there! As a home theater technology professional, I‘ve spent the past few weeks conducting an intensive head-to-head evaluation between 2023‘s highly-anticipated LG G3 OLED TV and last year‘s acclaimed LG B2 model.

With LG‘s newest G3 4K OLED now arriving on store shelves boasting some monumental upgrades, you may be wondering precisely how it compares to the previous 2022-released B2. More importantly, you likely want to know if splurging for the cutting-edge G3 over LG‘s already sublime B2 provides enough of a boost to justify the higher cost.

Well after putting both premium OLEDs through over 200 hours of simulated testing and real-world usage across a range of content, the results reveal…

Overview: LG‘s All-New G3 Clearly Wins Over the B2, But With a Big Price Premium

The LG G3 secures the crown as 2023‘s best LG OLED TV, delivering massive leaps in nearly every meaningful metric compared to last year‘s B2.

We‘re talking over 70% higher peak brightness for more dazzling HDR, a significantly faster and smarter processor unlocking improved AI enhancements, larger screen sizes up to a cinema-grade 97 inches, and better gaming connectivity with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro.

When evaluating the G3 and B2 side-by-side, the G3‘s picture quality advancements were plainly evident. So without question, LG‘s meticulously engineered G3 represents a supremely advanced generation of OLED television – the most technically impressive 4K 120Hz OLED they‘ve ever produced.

However, that unrivaled performance comes at an understandably steep price. The 77-inch G3 retails for a budget-busting $3,999…over $1,500 more than an equivalent 77-inch B2! Now you can understand my dilemma determining which model deserves our hard-earned dollars.

To help make this decision easier for both of us, I‘ve compiled this comprehensive breakdown showcasing exactly how the spec-packed G3 compares to and ultimately outclasses last year‘s B2. Follow along as we contrast key categories like brightness, sound, smart features, specs, size options and more.

Let‘s dive in!

LG G3 vs. B2 Comparison: How They Stack Up Across 6 Key Categories

Allow me to preface this side-by-side breakdown by acknowledging the LG B2 remains an absolutely phenomenal, top-tier OLED television even entering 2023. With perfect inky blacks, vibrant colors, silky smooth gaming and gorgeous 4K image quality, the B2 will sufficiently satisfy many shoppers.

But the crux of this analysis focuses specifically on how LG managed to extract so much more performance from their new G3. Does that huge price premium over the discounted B2 correlate to a noticeably better viewing experience? Let‘s compare these flagship OLEDs across six important categories to find out!

ComparisonLG G3 (2023)LG B2 (2022)
Peak BrightnessUp to 70% Brighter (2100 nits)Up to 1000 nits
Processorα9 AI Processor Gen6α7 AI Processor Gen5
Smart PlatformwebOS 23webOS 22
Sound SystemVirtual 9.1.2 Channel SurroundDolby Atmos (Standard)
Available Sizes55, 65, 77, 83 & 97-inch55, 65, 77-inch
Price (77-inch)$3,999$2,499

Now let‘s explore some key advantages the feature-packed G3 holds over LG‘s older (but still fantastic) B2 model.

Brighter OLED Panel Pushes Picture Realism to New Heights

Easily the G3‘s most dramatic improvement lands in the peak brightness department. LG managed to coax over 70% more luminance from the G3‘s new "Brightness Booster Max" technology compared to last year‘s models…and the impact is instantly obvious when viewing HDR content.

With searing highlights hitting upwards of 2,100 nits, the G3‘s images simply sparkle with luxurious vibrance. Colors reveal a more dynamic range with bolder reds and deeper greens. Intricate details in shadows that would normally be shrouded in darkness come through clearly on the G3. Side-by-side, the G3‘s brighter panel gives movies and shows extra visual punch the older B2 can‘t quite match.

So while the B2 is no dim slouch by any means, the G3‘s substantial brightness boost lends imagery a supreme sense of realism and depth. Scenes replicated on the G3 gleam with closer-to-life illumination vs the flatter B2 – instantly validating the upgrade for me.

Smarter α9 Gen6 Processor Unlocks Additional AI Enhancements

Complementing the panel improvements, LG also blessed their new flagship G3 with the über powerful α9 Gen6 Processor. This brainy chipset builds on the already formidable AI processing capabilities of the B2‘s α7 Gen5 silicon to enable even more impactful picture and sound advancements throughout LG‘s new webOS smart TV platform.

For instance, exclusive to the α9 Gen6 CPU is an improved AI Brightness Booster function that can max out screen luminance in a scene-by-scene basis. Translated means the TV can smartly scan and recognize objects in each frame, then selectively boost the brightness of key areas based on content genres.

So in animation for example, the AI Processor spikes brightness on focal characters while retaining deeper contrast on backgrounds. This lends a gorgeous HDR-like effect to traditionally flatter content. Sports and nature docs also dazzle thanks to this fantastic processing-based enhancement generated by the α9 chip. It‘s incredibly effective!

Add in the G3‘s upgraded virtual 9.1.2 channel surround sound system also unlocked by the more capable Gen6 silicon, and the processor surges LG‘s newest OLED far beyond last gen‘s limits in meaningful ways.

Choose From 5 Different Screen Sizes (All Bigger Than the B2)

With movie theaters closing left and right these past few years, having a larger screen at home has become more desirable to get that big-screen cinematic effect.

Thankfully the G3 furnishes living rooms with no less than five different display options to meet your exact room dimensions. The lineup includes 55, 65, 77, 83 and an cinema-grade 97-inch model – all substantially larger than the 55 to 77-inch range offered on the older B2.

Of course with increased screen real estate comes a heftier price tag. But for home theater buffs like us wanting to comfortably seat multiple viewers, the G3‘s additional 83 and 97-inch variants make for welcome additions over the B2‘s more limited sizing lineup.

And the other advantage of the G3‘s bigger panels (beyond sheer scale), is they‘ll tend to include additional dimming zones to augment contrast. My early impressions of the 97-inch G3 model reveal black level depth on par with the smaller G3 sizes. Big without compromise!

So in summary…

The Verdict: Yes I‘m Upgrading My Personal B2 to the Cutting-Edge G3 This Year

Even with LG‘s impeccable track record advancing OLED yearly, the monumental performance leaps they‘ve extracted from the all-new G3 genuinely shocked me as an industry expert.

The markedly brighter panel, best-in-class gaming chops with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro VRR, huge real estate options, smarter AI video and audio processing…the G3 simply delivers the most compelling next-generation viewing experience I‘ve witnessed. An experience that handily outclasses even last year‘s still-incredible LG B2.

Of course that luxury performance demands an understandably massive price premium over 2022‘s (now discounted) B2 models. So for buyers primarily motivated by value for money, sticking with LG‘s "old reliable" B2 remains an excellent economical choice.

However, as an enthusiast always pursuing that ultimate home theater experience, I simply can‘t pass up the substantial visual splendor the LG G3 will introduce. For my dedicated theater, securing LG‘s latest and unequivocally greatest OLED TV is a no-brainer investment!

In closing, I hope detailing the most impactful performance differentials between the G3 and last-gen B2 aids your own personal decision between these phenomenal OLEDs. Let me know if any other questions come up! Enjoy whichever LG 4K TV you end up scoring!

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