Hello, Let‘s Compare the LG A2 vs LG B2 OLED TVs

Curious whether to choose the LG A2 or LG B2 OLED television for your next TV upgrade? As a home theater technology specialist, let me guide you through an in-depth comparison to match these phenomenal LG OLED models against your viewing priorities.

By the end, my advice should provide clarity whether the lower-priced A2 or pricier B2 better aligns with your needs and budget based on our comprehensive feature examination. I‘m thrilled to present everything you should factor as we analyze LG‘s 2022 OLED lineup! Buckle up…this will be fun!

Demystifying the World of OLED TVs

Before assessing the A2 vs B2 situation, let‘s briefly unravel the wondrous yet perplexing arena of OLED televisions generally.

OLED stands for "organic light-emitting diode" representing an advanced display panel technology using electroluminescent organic compounds that emit light themselves when electricity passes through. This contrasts with LED/LCD televisions that require a separate backlight system to produce illumination.

The OLED lighting method delivers monumental picture quality benefits:

  • Perfect black levels and essentially infinite contrast since pixels switch off completely. This creates stunning shadow detail.
  • Exceptional color accuracy with over a billion color variations displayed flawlessly
  • Extraordinary viewing angles with colors and brightness unaffected at wide angles
  • An ultra-thin panel profile using fewer components behind the display
  • Lower power consumption efficiency for energy savings

Additionally, LG‘s proprietary WOLED panel includes a white sub-pixel for brighter images alongside the standard RGB layout. LG WOLED drives remarkable luminosity, color range, and color accuracy while avoiding burn-in.

For the pinnacle of television display innovation in 2023, OLED reigns supreme with LG as the world leader in panel production and TV manufacturing.

Now that I‘ve set the stage regarding elite OLED TV prowess, let‘s examine how LG‘s affordable A2 and B2 series showcase the technology.

How Do The LG A2 and LG B2 OLED TVs Compare?

As 2022 entries to LG‘s trend-setting lineup, the LG A2 debuted first at aggressive pricing followed by the enhanced LG B2 months later with minor improvements and cost increases. Let‘s inspect how they stack up across various metrics:


LG designed the A2 as an introductory model with very affordable pricing to lure buyers into experiencing perfect OLED picture quality without draining bank accounts. The 65" LG A2 debuted at $1299 but has retailed lately between $1099 – $1199 during sales. This undercuts LG‘s mainstream C2 series by over $500 bringing flagship performance to budget buyers. Even LG‘s premium G2 launched hundreds above it.

In response to customer requests for enhanced gaming optimizations at economical rates compared to the LG C2, the subsequent LG B2 emerged priced from $1199 to $1499 for the 55" and 65" versions. This slots the B2 series right between the A2 and C2 model prices. Later, at CES 2023, LG unveiled a colossal 77” screen B2 model for wide-open entertainment spaces at an equally reasonable $2199 cost ceiling.

For shoppers fixating strictly on price tags, the LG A2 undoubtedly prevails as the least expensive path to LG’s astounding OLED image fidelity. But modest savings of only $100 or so over the B2 dampens that pricing advantage quickly. And considering the B2’s larger screen potential in its 77" beast, the value pendulum shifts markedly depending how much display real estate you desire. We’ll uncover more preference-based considerations ahead.

But purely judging affordability? The LG A2 conquers as the unrivaled budget selection, followed closely by the almost-as-cheap LG B2, while the C2 and G2 demand bigger bucks.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate indicates how many frames per second (Hz) a TV updates the image. Higher rates produce smoother, crisper motion clarity for sports, video games, and action films. Deeply integral to the viewing experience, this was the marquee upgrade embedded into the B2 over the A2.

The LG A2 features a native 60Hz refresh rate which is the classic standard across the TV industry for decades. At 60 frames per second, fast moving imagery exhibits some staggered blurring and jitter despite LG’s processing attempts through black frame insertion, backlight blinking, and motion interpolation to smooth the appearance artificially.

Surpassing expectations, the LG B2 boosted its native refresh rate to 120Hz matching high-performance gaming monitors. By displaying twice as many frames each second, the difference in motion fluidity and precision becomes strikingly apparent to the human eye. Video games or movies with lots of panning and erratic on-screen activity especially showcase the LG B2‘s buttery responsiveness. It wholly eliminates motion blur for absolute sharpness as quick imagery pans across the scene.

If you mostly stream steadier drama films or sitcoms on Netflix where mellow scene transitions dominate over action, the superb clarity and contrast of the LG A2 should sufficiently amaze without breaking budgets. But I advise the LG B2‘s 120Hz refresh prowess for sports addicts, FPS gamers, or cinematic universe bingers hungry for every pixel delivered without lag when heroes dash rapidly across cities.

Gaming Features

Aligning with its higher performing 120Hz capabilities, gamers were absolutely top of mind for LG when crafting the B2 series as a gaming TV dynamo while keeping pricing lower than the also splendid C2.

Specific gaming bonuses introduced in the LG B2 include:

  • NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium support for synced frame rates between console and display
  • Game Optimizer settings menu with genre-specific presets to instantly tune picture and sound
  • Dynamic tone mapping to maintain details and contrast without blowing out bright areas
  • Low latency through various modes to translate controller inputs into on-screen actions quicker than ever

Make no mistake, casual gaming and multimedia on the LG A2 holds up admirably. Its gorgeous OLED panel and α7 Gen5 AI Processor 4K handle rendering video games at 4K60fps impeccably.

But competitive gamers craving the highest frame rates, lowest lag, and tweaked presets for FPS, sports sims, RPGs, and every genre should undoubtedly elevate their sights to the LG B2 for the ultimate big screen gaming experience under $2000. Immerse yourself in lifelike virtual worlds as you battle smoothly without tearing or input delays. The LG B2 brings desktop monitor speeds and accuracy into the living room sublimely.


With today‘s home theaters incorporating multiple external devices from cable boxes, to surround sound audio gear, to Blu-ray players and game consoles, a television‘s physical port selection remains vital for integrating everything harmoniously. This was another fruitful territory enriched within the LG B2.

The LG A2 contains 3 HDMI ports plus 2 USB connections — sufficient to operate a competent entertainment hub but rather limiting if you hoped to attach a multitude of components simultaneously without constant plugging/unplugging.

Acknowledging customer feedback pleading for more inputs, LG outfitted the B2 series with 4 HDMI ports gaining flexibility to mate with a greater assortment of media boxes, sound systems and game consoles hassle-free. Complementing this HDMI boost, USB expanded from 2 ports on the A2 up to 3 ports on the B2 for convenient media playback from storage drives.

Looking closer, the LG B2 also advanced every HDMI pipeline to cutting-edge HDMI 2.1 spec opening bandwidth up to 48Gbps. This unlocks support down the road for uncompressed 4K video at 120 frames per second — perfectly synchronized with the LG B2‘s own 120Hz abilities — for super smooth gaming sans jagged edges. Additional gems enabled via HDMI 2.1 include Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), and Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC).

If you just need room for a cable box, Blu-ray spinner, and games console, the LG A2 should fit the bill plug-and-play. But surround sound gurus integrating 7.1 channel receivers with dual subwoofers or avid gamers with both Xbox and PlayStation consoles will adore the LG B2‘s connectivity edge. The extra ports reduce headaches while futureproof features ensure compatibility with upcoming 8K/120Hz video sources.

Audio Soundscape

As display resolution and refresh rates push new boundaries, inadequate audio can undermine the entertainment potency delivered through the on-screen visuals. Do the A2 vs B2 models stand out sonically?

Thankfully both the LG A2 and LG B2 incorporate beefier integrated speakers over past series packing notable volume and full sound. Specifically you‘ll enjoy 2.0 channel audio with two woofers pumping 20 watts total through the display. This replicates most stereo content faithfully while dialog and effects come through clearly.

Dolby tunes the audio experience on both models promoting rich sound with added spaciousness and clarity compared to standard stereo. We can also stream Dolby Atmos soundtracks from supported movies harnessing object-oriented audio that renders stunning 360° dimensional soundscapes. Whether dinosaurs stomp from behind, race cars whizzing overhead, or starship laser bolts pinging side-to-side, Atmos positional trickery makes the A2 and B2‘s two integrated speakers convincingly mimic directional channels.

If truly thunderous, room-shaking audio really revs your engine, I still recommend pairing LG‘s OLEDs with a dedicated surround-sound system or soundbar. The 20 watt drivers only stretch so far. But impressively, the onboard A2 vs B2 speakers present nicely for everyday TV viewing rather than mumbling as an afterthought. Paired with gorgeous OLED visuals, the dynamics offered out-of-box sound great for apartments or secondary spaces minus full-blown home theater gear.

Smart Features

As connected smart TVs fast replace old-fashioned dumb panels restricted to mere broadcasting, LG packs its webOS platform across the A2 and B2 infusing both models with identical streaming talents.

webOS excels under the hood processing with its nimble speed thanks to the α7 Gen5 AI Processor 4K leveraged in both series. Menus zoom with snappy response unhindered by lag. Additionally, integrated ThinQ AI powers intelligent search to efficiently find entertainment across apps and channels. Just speak natural language queries into the mic-enabled remote to launch shows easily.

For entertainment, webOS grants access to all major streaming providers from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+, HBO Max and too many more to list without taking a breath. Hundreds of free channels also flow through LG Channels without any subscriptions required. If you cut the cord fully like me, no need to worry missing out on content.

webOS shines brightest when used in conjunction with other LG devices for seamless connectivity via Home Dashboard. Link up LG washers, dryers, refrigerators, air conditioners and more to control smart homes effortlessly. Feel free to adjust appliance settings, modes, or scheduling using webOS as the central automation hub.

Since LG regularly issues over-the-air updates, both the A2 and B2 will inherit helpful functionality improvements over time like expanded voice commands. But out of the gate when comparing today‘s capabilities, the A2 and B2 share webOS equality to satisfy streaming entertainment appetites while intuitively managing smart ecosystems.

Which Is Better – The LG A2 or LG B2?

We‘ve now toured every square inch between the LG A2 vs LG B2 — two phenomenal OLED television series that each tout gorgeous 4K displays primed by LG‘s famed TV processing. Pricing, features, and use cases vary discernibly though. So which model should you choose?

For buyers perusing home theater aisles on tight budgets who still desire tremendous clarity with deep blacks watching shows, I have no qualms recommending the LG A2 as long as you temper expectations around high FPS gaming and live sports. Movies and streaming affords little downside on the A2. Without breaking the bank, OLED goodness awaits!

However, considering the LG B2 rings up just $100 – $300 higher depending on sales, its merits make stretching additional funds worthwhile if at all feasible. You‘ll appreciate the LG B2‘s boosted gaming responsiveness, livelier motion quality for sports, enhanced futureproof ports, beefed up processing, and sonic refinements. Plus its stunning 77” panel addition outpaces smaller A2 screens for more impactful immersion. If home theater is a priority now and years ahead, the LG B2 undoubtedly fulfills bigger, bolder OLED aspirations!

Ultimately for most well-rounded usage spanning cinema, streaming, and gaming, I recommend the LG B2 above any reservations. Revel as its gorgeous colors and perfect blacks draw you inside on-screen worlds with phenomenal responsiveness elevating excitement. The LG B2 distills LG’s brilliant OLED leadership into a mid-range cost-conscious package with amazing bang for the buck.

Thanks for letting me guide you on this OLED comparison journey! My advice aims getting the right LG television tailored exactly for your situation. Feel free to reach out anytime with additional questions as you evaluate the A2 vs B2 models against home theater goals and budget! Enjoy whichever route you select!

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