Las Vegas Facts

Las Vegas is a tourist hot spot in the U.S. with a large number of annual visitors

Known all around the world for its bright lights, one-of-a-kind entertainment opportunities, glamorous resorts and gaming facilities, fine dining, and so much more, there is truly no place like Las Vegas.

But how much do you really know about this US-based hot spot? Here we reveal five fascinating facts that give a better insight into the alluring, all-captivating Entertainment Capital of the World.

The Famous Strip is Not Actually Located Within Vegas’ City Limits

The Strip and Las Vegas

‘The Strip’ and Las Vegas are synonymous with each other, with many people instantly recognizing the name given to the street that contains a wide variety of huge hotel complexes, casinos, restaurants, and high-end shopping locales. This stretch of land is a touch over 4 miles long and is one of the first spots on most tourists’ list when landing in Vegas.

However, visitors may be surprised to find out that this famous street is actually located outside of Las Vegas, in the official jurisdiction of Clark County. Regardless, with a whole host of things to see and do, the Strip is the heartbeat of the city and undoubtedly worth a visit.

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Las Vegas is Home to the Oldest Casino in the United States

Golden Gate Hotel and Casino

In addition to cruising the Strip, those who venture out to Vegas look forward to visiting the city’s wealth of casino properties, with hundreds of different gaming options available inside. Las Vegas has an interesting mix of casinos; some were built just a few years ago, whereas others have roots that date back several decades.

In fact, Sin City is home to the oldest casino in the U.S., the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino, which was originally named Sal Sagev Casino or Las Vegas spelled backwards. The Golden Gate first opened its doors to the public in 1906, but visitors can still stay here today and play classic games on its historic gaming floor.

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More Than 42 Million People Visit Each Year

las vegas tourist

Given the interesting facts presented thus far, it isn’t a surprise that Las Vegas is one of America’s most desirable tourist destinations. Over 42 million people flock to the shiny lights of Vegas each year, with many of them participating in and attending a variety of entertainment activities, from theatre performances to casino gaming, live concerts, and more.

And because there is always something new to see and admire here, the influx of tourists is not expected to slow down anytime soon.

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The City Contains Over 150,000 Hotel Rooms

The Bellagio is one of Vegas

Vegas is more than equipped to accommodate all the people that make their way out West annually, with over 150,000 hotel rooms spread across the city. Not to mention that out of all the largest resorts in the world, a whopping 15 are located in Vegas. Some of Vegas’ most famous hotel sites include the Venetian, Caesars Palace, MGM Grand, the Mirage Casino, and of course, the Bellagio.

Here, tourists and locals alike can enjoy one of the best aquatic shows of all time where fountains shoot up water choregraphed with music and lights. For this reason and more, the Bellagio is a fan favorite in Las Vegas. The Wynn Las Vegas is also a popular option, as this 5-star resort offers guests a top-class stay equipped with the best restaurants and entertaining live shows.

The bottom line – in Las Vegas, you won’t have a hard time finding a hotel that fits your accommodation preferences since they are so many different options to choose from.

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Las Vegas Strip is the Brightest Spot on Earth from Space

Las Vegas Strip is the Brightest Spot on Earth from Space

For many, outer space is a mysterious and fascinating place – even the idea of it is an interesting concept that is hard to grasp. One thing people may be surprised to find out is that the Entertainment Capital of the World, namely the Las Vegas Strip, is in fact the brightest visible place on Earth as seen from space.

Images released from NASA prove this to be true, as aerial photos of the Earth show a lit-up line that is most certainly this stretch of land. This area is so illuminated because of the high concentration of hotels and casinos that line the world-famous Strip.

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