The Companies Powering New Hampshire‘s Booming Tech Industry

New Hampshire may have a reputation for quaint small towns and beautiful nature scenes, but quietly and steadily, the Granite State has also become a burgeoning hub for technology innovation. Homegrown startups are achieving explosive growth, while established giants are expanding their footprint.

Let‘s explore the trailblazing companies that are powering the rapid emergence of New Hampshire‘s technology sector. This in-depth guide will profile NH‘s tech elite based on factors like market value, revenue size, and competitiveness:

Semiconductor Powerhouse Anchors State‘s Tech Prominence

The undisputed technology leader in New Hampshire is Allegro MicroSystems – a semiconductor manufacturer whose components help run everything from data centers to electric vehicles. Allegro was founded in Manchester, NH in 1990 as a subsidiary of European electronics firm Sensors & Controls. After several decades of consistent profitability under the radar, Allegro emerged in a big way when it went public in 2020.

  • Currently valued at over $4 billion in market capitalization on the NASDAQ stock exchange, Allegro is NH‘s most prominent public tech company
  • For its fiscal year 2022 ending March 31st, Allegro generated $768 million in total revenue – a 31% increase year-over-year
  • As per Allegro‘s latest annual filing, the company now employs over 3,500 staff across its locations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia

Allegro is that rare manufacturer which has kept significant production operations within the United States, leveraging its specialized facility in Dover, NH. This home-base advantage helps Allegro deliver product innovations faster while safeguarding intellectual property.

As Silicon Valley analyst Richard Shannon said during a recent Allegro investor update, "Allegro‘s technology is extremely difficult to replicate. Competitors are years behind which gives Allegro recurring revenue visibility for the next decade."

With electric and autonomous vehicles growth supercharging demand, Allegro expects to power NH‘s tech sector for years to come.

Driving Digital Transformation for Business: PC Connection

While not flashy, PC Connection deserves credit for its remarkable 42-year journey transforming itself from a tiny IT equipment reseller into a mega provider of technology solutions for enterprises and public sector organizations.

Founded way back in 1982 by current CEO Patricia Gallup, PC Connection went public in 1998 and hasn‘t looked back:

  • Trading on the NASDAQ as CNXN, PC Connection currently boasts a market cap hovering near $1.3 billion
  • For 2021, PC Connection reported revenue of $2.9 billion – enough to place it amongst Fortune 1000 companies
  • The company ensures customers continuous access to specialized expertise through 2,500+ IT certifications held by its staff

In an interview last year, Gallup explained PC Connection‘s staying power: "We‘ve survived by staying nimble enough to continually adapt. We maintain a small company feel through our dedication to customers and employees while driving growth in new solution areas."

As small business digital adoption accelerates, PC Connection seems well positioned to remain NH‘s trusted technology advisor for decades more.

CompanyEmployees2021 RevenueMarket Value
Allegro Microsystems3,500$768 million$4 billion
PC Connection2,500$2.9 billion$1.3 billion

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