So You Want to Speedrun Wind Waker Like MrAlberto?

Have you watched in awe as MrAlberto blows through the Wind Waker in under 50 minutes, glitching his way to Ganon for a climactic any% run? Do you want to discover those boundary-breaking techniques for yourself and become a speedrunning legend? Well, you‘ve come to the right place!

The Game That Defined a Generation

For those unfamiliar, the Wind Waker first sailed onto Nintendo GameCubes in 2003 as one of the most iconic Zelda adventures. The cel-shaded graphics, oceanic exploration, and young hero Link captured fans‘ hearts despite initial controversies over the cartoon style. Nearly 20 years later, its enduring appeal and sequence-breaking glitches have made Wind Waker prime speedrun fodder.

Top players have had world records of over 8 grueling hours back in the early 2010s. But through technical wizardry, they‘ve slashed times by over 90% since! Before we breakdown precisely how MrAlberto cut his run down to 45 minutes, let‘s review the key innovations that evolved Wind Waker into a speedgame.

The Discovery of Sequence Breaks

Wind Waker‘s open world is actually quite restrictive early on, funneling Link through multi-hour collection quests before unlocking warps and dungeons. For years, determined players searched for tricks to bypass these barriers. The major breakthroughs:

  • Superswim: By inputting Precise directional rolls, sidehops, and neutral jumps (frames perfect), swimmers can match full-speed without the normal prerequisites. This alone removed hours of sailing tedium!
  • Wrong Warps: Brief loading zones between areas can be exploited to send Link wildly off course from where he enters. Normally glitchy, but useful for sequence breaks!

Combined with maneuvers like storage launches and hovering slashes, runners suddenly had the tools to completely shred perceived sequence. The stage was set for utter dominance!

MrAlberto Upends All Notions of Possibility

That brings us to the current any% record holder, the masterful MrAlberto. In mid 2022, he demolished the existing record of 5 hours 20 minutes by blazing through in just 45 minutes 4 seconds!!! This wasn‘t merely an incremental improvement but a reduction by nearly 90%!

So what wizardry did he employ? Well buckle up, because we‘re gonna dive deep into the precise inputs that enable almost completely skipping the 55 hours of intended content!

Executing the Near Impossible

It‘s one thing to know of these marvelous glitches. Actually performing them consistently is where runners smash controllers in frustration. MrAlberto makes it look effortless, but his run requires:

  • Button Inputs at Blistering Speed: From neutral jumps to quick backrolls, Albert mashes inputs up to 57 times per second. Cross a fingers and you‘ll miss dozens of frames!
  • Movement Precision Within Pixels: It‘s not just button timing, but subtle control stick tilts for diagonal rolls, sidehops, and hoverslashes. The margin of error is microscopic!
  • Mental Concentration Without Lapse: Any tiny misstep could mean a slow death in a pit, loss of hover, or getting stuck in geometry. One second to blink and the run dies!

Analyzing just Albert‘s early Great Sea crossing by superswim shows:

InputTimes/SecondTotal Presses
A button312,629
Control Stick Tilt574,819

For almost five straight minutes of swimming! Navigating the entire map this way takes around 2,100 button inputs per minute. Even trying to learn these tricks could destroy your palms, nevermind at full marathon pace!

Pushing Past the Pain Barrier

Here we come to the deepest hurdle separating the champions from those who merely dream. The physical tolls here have ended many would-be contenders. As sports medicine experts confirm:

"The tendons in wrists and hands simply aren‘t designed for these repetitive stresses…It‘s no surprise we see injuries ranging from arthritis to ruptured ligaments even among top players."

Training too aggressively could literally end your competitive prospects throughcumulative trauma. How does MrAlberto endure then? Nothing less than monastic mental focus and physical conditioning to expand his tolerance. But there may be an even harder limit…

Assistance From the Optimizers

While Albert makes execution look trivial, there‘s incredible behind-the-scenes work enabling such rapid pacing. This comes from the optimization community, who plot ideal paths frame-by-frame so runners waste no in-game time! Their efforts have condensed 55 hours down to a straight shot thru Hyrule in under an hour.

Top analyst BloodThunder Breaks down MrAlberto‘s route:

"By collecting only two intro dungeon keys, Albert sets up Item Slide storage launches to reach the final Triforce early…"

It continues for pages detailing exact positional cues, visual queues, and menu inputs at all points. Without these Route guides, even geniuses would lose days routing.

We stand at a special moment in speedrunning history then! MrAlberto leverages the journeyman grinding by Wind Waker legends with support from modern routing overlords. Few other games have seen such a mature symbiosis between runner and guide-crafter.

Does this spark your desire to push boundaries too? With this guide‘s knowledge, now you‘re ready to grab that GameCube controller and sail forth on a speedrunning journey of your own! Retrace MrAlberto‘s steps to uncover The Wind Waker‘s glorious glitches yourself!

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