JBL vs Klipsch Soundbars: Which Is Better?

When it comes to enhancing your home entertainment experience, few accessories can compete with a high-quality soundbar. Both JBL and Klipsch are renowned brands in the audio world, crafting soundbars that deliver powerful, immersive audio perfect for movies, music, and more.

But when comparing JBL vs Klipsch soundbars, which brand reigns supreme? There are some key differences that you should consider before making your buying decision.

JBL vs Klipsch Soundbars: Side-By-Side Comparison

Here is a helpful overview comparing some of the key features and specifications of JBL and Klipsch soundbars:

FeatureJBL SoundbarsKlipsch Soundbars
Frequency Response40Hz – 20kHz28Hz – 20kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion<1%<0.5%
Power output100W – 650W80W – 800W
Bluetooth ConnectivityYesYes
Voice ControlYes (with compatible device)Yes (with compatible device)
HDMI ports1-31-4

As you can see, both brands offer soundbars packed with connectivity and features to elevate your entertainment. But let‘s dive deeper into some of the key differences.

Sound Quality

When selecting a soundbar, sound quality should be the number one priority. Both JBL and Klipsch deliver excellent audio performance, but they take slightly different approaches when tuning their soundbars.

JBL Sound Quality

JBL soundbars stand out with their powerful, chest-thumping bass and clear vocal reproduction. Multiple drivers and advanced audio processing work together to create an expansive, room-filling listening experience. Technologies like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X decode audio signals to produce 3D, multidimensional sound that makes you feel like you‘re inside the action.

So if you love deep bass and crisp dialogue, JBL soundbars deliver in spades. They excel with action movies and music with a heavy low-end.

Klipsch Sound Quality

The hallmark of Klipsch soundbars is their wide, detailed soundstage. Proprietary horn-loaded tweeters act like acoustic lenses to provide enhanced clarity and stereo imaging. The result is precise audio that layered and spacious, filling your entire listening space.

While they may not dig as deep as JBL subs, Klipsch soundbars showcase excellent balance across the frequency range. From sparkling highs to a punchy mid-bass, they sound fantastic with both music and films.

So if you want a soundbar that recreates the experience of a live concert or cinema, Klipsch models are tough to beat. Their accurate, dynamic sound shines with intricate, multi-layered content.


You‘ll also want to consider the design and aesthetics when choosing your soundbar. JBL and Klipsch take different styling cues with their models.

JBL Soundbar Design

JBL soundbars sport a contemporary, minimalist look perfect for modern homes. Clad in black or silver, they feature rounded edges and a slim profile that seamlessly blends into your décor. Controls are neatly tucked away to maintain the clean facades.

You‘ll also find clever design touches like wireless subwoofers and detachable battery-powered speakers. This modularity gives you flexibility in setup while reducing cable clutter.

If you want a fuss-free soundbar that looks sleek and tidy, JBL fits the bill.

Klipsch Soundbar Design

Klipsch opts for a more retro-inspired aesthetic with their soundbars. Copper or wood accents provide an eye-catching vintage appeal, while sturdy construction and attention to detail give off an air of luxury.

Rather than try to disappear, Klipsch soundbars command attention as decorative pieces in their own right. The large horn-loaded tweeters are a nod to classic audio components that audiophiles will certainly appreciate.

So if you want a statement piece as the centerpoint of your living room, Klipsch delivers stunning visual design.


You‘ll want to ensure your new soundbar offers sufficient connectivity to interface with the rest of your gear. Once again, JBL and Klipsch provide similar options but a few small differences.

JBL Connectivity

JBL packs their soundbars with inputs to connect everything from Blu-Ray players to games consoles. You‘ll typically find at least one HDMI input plus optical digital and analog auxiliary connections.

Wireless connectivity is a strength of JBL as well. Bluetooth makes it a breeze to stream content from smartphones and tablets. Support for AirPlay, Chromecast, and WiSA means you can send audio over your home network for multi-room streaming.

And some models even integrate voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free control using your voice.

Klipsch Connectivity

Like JBL, Klipsch soundbars include an array of wired inputs like HDMI, optical, RCA, and 3.5mm auxiliary. This ensures broad compatibility with various media sources.

You also get excellent wireless connectivity from Klipsch models. Bluetooth with aptX support provides CD-like quality perfect for playing tunes from your mobile device. And some higher-end Klipsch bars include Wi-Fi for accessing music services and internet radio stations.

One unique feature of some Klipsch bars is an integrated phono preamp stage. This lets you directly connect a turntable to enjoy your vinyl collection without any other gear.

Size and Configuration

The size and configuration of surround speakers is another consideration when selecting a soundbar. JBL and Klipsch provide options to suit spaces of all sizes.

JBL Size and Configuration

JBL soundbars come in a range of configurations to match the size of your room:

  • 2.0 soundbars with left and right speakers offer a simple stereo setup perfect for smaller rooms and desktops
  • 3.1 soundbars with a dedicated center channel and wireless sub deliver an immersive cinematic experience
  • 5.1 surround sound models with satellite speakers create a true home theater feel

Some high-end JBL bars even incorporate detachable battery-powered speakers. You can position these wireless surrounds anywhere in the room for enveloping Dolby Atmos and DTS:X performance.

So whatever the dimensions of your space, JBL has a soundbar solution to enhance audio immersion.

Klipsch Size and Configuration

Likewise, Klipsch provides tiered soundbar options for various room sizes:

  • 2.1 soundbars with integrated subwoofers offer powerful bass in a compact form
  • 5.1 surround systems with dedicated center and wireless surrounds provide an epic cinematic experience
  • 7.1 setups with four surround speakers and dual subwoofers create a full-scale home theater

Audiophiles seeking no-compromises performance will appreciate Klipsch‘s Reference Premiere lineup. Signature features like copper woofers and tractrix ports ensure smooth, hard-hitting bass to rattle your walls.

If you have a large media room to fill, Klipsch has configurations to deliver fully immersive audio.

Smart Features and Voice Control

Modern soundbars incorporate smart features and voice control for an enhanced user experience. There are some notable differences between JBL and Klipsch here.

JBL Smart Features

Smart capabilities are a strength of JBL soundbars, with many models featuring integrated voice assistants:

  • Google Assistant models allow voice control of soundbar functions and smart home devices
  • Amazon Alexa variants enable hands-free audio streaming through Amazon Music
  • JBL App provides sound customization plus compatibility with AirPlay 2, Chromecast, and more

These intelligent features make JBL soundbars a seamless fit within a connected smart home ecosystem. Just use your voice or smartphone to control tunes!

Klipsch Smart Features

Unlike JBL, Klipsch soundbars do not contain built-in voice control or smart assistants. However, their connectivity options allow you to integrate third-party devices:

  • Connect an Amazon Echo Dot or Google Nest Mini to enable Alexa/Google voice commands
  • Link a Logitech Harmony Hub to control your system via smartphone apps

So with some additional gear, you can voice control Klipsch models and automate them within a smart home setup. But it does require more gear and configuration than JBL variants with onboard intelligence.

Brand Reputation

When investing in a soundbar, the brand‘s reputation provides good insight into the expected performance and ownership experience. So how do JBL and Klipsch compare?

JBL Reputation

With over 70 years manufacturing audio gear, JBL has earned a sterling reputation for quality and innovation. They helped pioneer surround sound technologies that elevated the cinematic experience.

Today, JBL maintains that spirit of pushing boundaries. Their advanced soundbars make theater-quality audio more accessible for everyday consumers. Reviewers consistently praise JBL soundbars for their superb value, boasting performance that rivals more expensive brands.

You can count on JBL for cutting-edge features and thundering sound at reasonable prices.

Klipsch Reputation

Like JBL, Klipsch enjoys an outstanding reputation amongst home theater enthusiasts. Since 1946, their handcrafted speakers and subwoofers have delivered the ultimate immersive audio.

While JBL aims for innovation and affordability, Klipsch focuses on high-end boutique manufacturing. Their reference lines utilize premium internals like ceramic tweeters and copper woofers reserved for top-tier products.

So serious audiophiles consistently rank Klipsch as their gold standard for accuracy and realism. You‘ll pay a premium, but the acoustic perfection is unmatched.

Which Brand Is Better for You?

As you can see, JBL and Klipsch take different approaches but both create exceptional soundbars. So which is better for you?

JBL Soundbars

JBL is the best choice if you want:

  • Thundering bass and crisp vocals
  • Modern, minimalist styling
  • Latest smart features and voice control
  • Strong value for money

Klipsch Soundbars

Go with Klipsch if you desire:

  • Spacious, detailed acoustics
  • Eye-catching vintage aesthetics
  • Audiophile-grade components
  • No-compromise performance

Ultimately, it comes down to your listening tastes, priorities, and budget. Thankfully, you can‘t go wrong with either brand. JBL offers more affordable tiers while Klipsch sits at the high-end.

Choose the soundbar that best fits your lifestyle to build your dream home audio system.

The Verdict: JBL Delivers Better Overall Value

When considering all factors – sound quality, features, design, reputation, and value – JBL emerges as the winner in the battle of JBL vs Klipsch soundbars.

While Klipsch impresses audiophiles seeking ultimate fidelity, their premium pricing limits accessibility for average consumers. The complexity of adding voice control is another downside.

JBL manages to pack similarly stellar acoustics into more affordable packages. Their smart integration and contemporary styling also enhances convenience and seamlessly blends into modern living spaces.

For shoppers wanting an immersive, cinematic soundbar that won‘t break the bank, JBL can‘t be beaten. You‘ll enjoy thunderous, detailed audio with the latest innovations at reasonable prices.

So when considering bang for buck, JBL soundbars like the Bar 9.1 clearly triumph as the best choice for most buyers. Feel confident selecting a JBL model as your next soundbar upgrade!

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