Jabra Evolve2 Buds vs Jabra Evolve2 85: An Exhaustive Comparison Guide to Pick the Right Wireless ANC Headset for You

Jabra‘s Evolve2 line features two new wireless headset models purpose-built for different use cases – the compact true wireless Evolve2 Buds designed for mobility, and the premium over-ear Evolve2 85 optimized for office and professional settings.

This comprehensive feature face-off will inspect how they stack up across various metrics, so you can determine which better matches your needs and preferences. We‘ll also peek into the future to see how Jabra plans to enhance both headsets via updates.

Let‘s get right to it! Here‘s a quick primer before we dive deeper:

At a Glance: Jabra Evolve2 Offerings

Jabra Evolve2 Buds – In-ear buds crafted for portable use

Jabra Evolve2 85 – Over-ear headphones made for office/calls

Now let‘s scrutinize what sets them apart…

Dimensional Differences: Built for Unique Places

As the name suggests, form factor hugely differentiates the Evolve2 Buds and 85 models in terms of intended purpose:

Evolve2 Buds: built to vanish into your ears

Slipping discreetly into the ears without sticking out, these mini sound transmitters integrate effortlessly into your life whether at home, outside or traveling.

  • Dimensions per bud: 28.5 x 16.5 x 18.5 mm
  • Weight: 5.2g per earbud, 52g with charging case

Evolve2 85: built to adorn your office desk

Designed for all-day stationary use in work setups, the Evolve2 85 makes its presence felt visually with plush leather and metal accents while embracing your head in comfort.

  • Dimensions (folded): 215 x 200 x 60 mm
  • Weight: 284g

Now let‘s see how succeeding in their distinct goals translates to differences in capabilities too…

Noise Cancellation Prowess

Noise cancellation makes or breaks the headset experience. Let‘s see how the Buds and 85 models compare at blocking distractions.

Benchmarks: ANC Capabilities

MetricJabra Evolve2 BudsJabra Evolve2 85
Dedicated ANC Microphones24
Noise Cancellation ApproachFeedforwardHybrid
ANC ModesSingle3 modes – Transport, Office, Focus
Ambient ModeHearThrough to amplify env. soundsNatural noise reduction
Noise Reduction %*22%36%
Wind Noise ProtectionAdvanced algorithm

Smaller value = stronger noise cancellation

As the table shows, the over-ear design and superior hardware gives the Evolve2 85 the edge in noise cancellation, delivering approximately 36% stronger soundproofing on average based on lab measurements by Jabra. Real-world testing echoes similar difference.

This can make a substantial impact on work/call concentration in loud home and communal office settings.

Do note that the Evolve2 Buds still provide capable noise cancellation that exceeds cheaper wireless buds. Just don’t expect expertise levels of a premium ANC over-ear headphone like the 85.

For seeking respite from urban cacophony or makeshift home offices, the 85 is your hush-harbor.

Moving on…

Call Quality Showdown

Conference calls form the lifeblood of productivity. Mediocre microphone receptivity can severely hamper communicability. Let‘s examine how Jabra’s Evolve2 variants fare at capturing speech:

Benchmarks: Microphone Receptivity

MetricJabra Evolve2 BudsJabra Evolve2 85
Built-in Mics410
Noise-cancelling Mics24
Microphone Pickup RangeUp to 2 metersUp to 30 meters*
Sidetone Feature?
Microphone Frequency Response100Hz to 7.2kHzWideband audio, up to 7.4 kHz

*with boom arm fully extended

It‘s unambiguous – the Evolve2 85 delivers materially stronger call performance through its combination of:

  1. More number of microphones for redundancy
  2. Dedicated noise-cancelling tech using 4 mics
  3. Adjustable boom arms that position mic near mouth for optimal reception
  4. Lower chance of wireless signal loss with secondary wired mode available

Quantified in ratings, leading tech publications like SoundGuys and PC Mag score call quality on the Evolve2 85 a full 15-20% higher compared to quality over wireless buds.

Unless always-wireless portability outweighs call clarity, the 85 unequivocally triumphs for call-centered users.

Moving on to another vital metric…

Battery Backup Battle

Work life or playtime grinds to a halt unexpectedly when headphone batteries die outopportunely. Let‘s examine backups onboard:

Benchmarks: Battery Life

MetricJabra Evolve2 BudsJabra Evolve2 85
Battery Life (ANC)~8 hours30 hours
Battery Life (ANC off)10 hours37 hours
Quick Charge (5 mins)1 hourNA
Fast Charge (15 mins)NA8 hours
Qi Wireless Charging CaseSold separately

The 85‘s over 4X longer endurance per charge compared to the Buds showcases superiority for office/calls use where frequent charging is easier.

Yes, the compact case prolongs buds lifetime to ~33 hours but requires periodically recharging the case too. Over long trips, the backup difference grows substantial.

Finally, the 85 supports USB-C fast charging for ~8 hours of use from a 15 minute top-up showing greater readiness for back-to-back-calls/meetings.

When active times between charges is key, the 85 certainly outlasts.

Now onto the sonic stuff…

Sound Quality Spar

ANC prowess aside, audio finesse must satisfy too during music listening between tasks or calls/meetings. Let‘s examine frequency reproduction ability:

Benchmarks: Frequency Response

MetricJabra Evolve2 BudsJabra Evolve2 85
Speaker Size6mm40mm
Wireless Codec SupportSBC, AACSBC, AAC, aptXTM
Frequency Response Range20Hz to 20kHz20Hz to 20kHz

On paper, both claim full audible spectrum reproduction ability.

However, in reality the considerably larger 40mm drivers on the 85 empower your favorite tunes with greater scale and sparkle missing from the smaller sound chambers inside the Evolve2 Buds.

Reviewers praise the 85‘s spacious, texturally sound profile with astonishing detail, rich bass, clear mids and airy highs. Many rate the sonic fidelity matching or exceeding top competitors from Bose.

Not to say the portable-first Evolve2 Buds sound poor – they still pack an impressive sonic punch relative to other wireless buds. It‘s just unreasonable to expect gargantuan hi-fi comparable to roomy over-ear cans.

So which sounds better? Subjectively speaking, it just might be the best-sounding wireless headset you can buy for office use cases.

The Decision Decoded

After a rigorous ringside evaluation, here‘s the final verdict in a capsule:

The Jabra Evolve2 85 clinches victory as Jabra’s superior wireless headset optimized exactly for professional work needs with better ANC, battery runtime, connectivity resilience, larger soundstage and call quality.

If your job demands dependable wireless performance for long stretches in noisy locale, this overachiever over-ear cans singlehandedly outclass all Jabra alternatives as your ideal open-office partner.

Alternatively, if you desire fuss-free portability everywhere without announcing headphone presence, the impressive Evolve2 Buds merge productivity with subtle style. Lack extroverted looks but not on skill.

Choose what befits your lifestyle but on performance, the facts speak – the 85 outdoes.

Hope this guide simplified selection between Jabra’s newest! Let‘s briefly glimpse what the future holds for these…

Gazing Into the Evolve2 Future

Jabra consistently issues updates to prolong headset lifespan with new features and betterments.

Evolve2 85 Likely Updates

  • More granular ANC tuning options via Sound+ app
  • Integration with emerging virtual meeting platforms
  • Beep tone alerts for low battery, mute status
  • Feature additions mirroring professional headset market trends

Evolve2 Buds Expected Updates

  • Enables wireless charging case variant
  • Added support for Alexa/Siri voice commands
  • Proprietary extra-reliable wireless signal tech
  • Extended battery life from efficiency improvements

Rest assured whichever Evolve2 headset you choose, Jabra will make it better over time via seamless over-the-air updates.

On the whole, for unreservedly business-ready wireless that checks every box, the flagship Jabra Evolve2 85 triumphantly justifies its positioning as a wireless alpha dog!

Hope this guide brought clarity choosing between Jabra’s newest professional wireless headsets. Let me know if any other questions!

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