Is Collecting Demon Slayer Funkos Worthwhile? A Collector‘s Perspective

Let‘s set the stage. Demon Slayer has rapidly become a global pop culture juggernaut, capturing the hearts of anime fans everywhere with its compelling storyline of a young boy named Tanjiro seeking to avenge his family by battling human-eating demons.

And then there‘s Funko. In just over two decades, these cute little figurines with oversized heads and eyes have sparked full-on obsession for collectors as they get licensed to create Pops spanning countless franchises.

So when Funko‘s signature style met one of anime‘s hottest series, the result was electric excitement amongst Demon Slayer fans. But should newcomers be tempted to start collecting these vinyl keepsakes? As an avid collector myself, let me provide some insight.

Why We Love Collecting Funko Pops

To understand the strong allure of Funkos, you have to appreciate collectors‘ psychology. Finding and adding new Pops taps into our innate thrill of the hunt. Displaying them lets us exhibit passion for our fandoms.

And here‘s the thing—they make us happy.

Esteemed psychologists have found that collecting provides real emotional rewards:

"Collecting enhances the collectors‘ well-being by enabling them to experience positive emotions such as joy, creativity and a sense of community with fellow collectors. It also enables them to find respite from daily problems." – Dr. Wijnand van Tilburg, University of Essex

Beyond joy, collecting also represents aspirational achievement. Amassing valuable, rare pieces gives us a sense of pride and self-esteem. So while the monetary investment required may appear steep to outsiders, collectors easily validate costs through emotional fulfilment.

Psychological Benefits of Collecting
Positive emotions – Joy, Creativity, Surprise
Community – Bonds with shared passion
Respite – Escape from daily stresses
Achievement – Expertise and rare acquisitions

So in short, collecting Funkos makes us happy while satisfying our competitive spirits. It‘s a healthy creative outlet that enables us to tap into the thrilling parts of the hunt while taking home fantastic decorative pieces that provide ongoing happiness as part of our sacred collections.

Assessing a Funko Pop‘s Lasting Value

Newcomers often first want to understand whether Funkos represent a sound investment. Will that initial purchase yield any long-term payoff or accrue in value?

As a veteran collector, my philosophy is to pursue figures tied to your genuine passions. But certain Pops definitely demonstrate more staying power and value growth potential over time:

Factors Increasing Funko Pop Valuation

ScarcityLower supply/availability drives up demandLimited edition runs (labeled #/1000 etc)
Iconic IP/Culture ImpactMajor pop culture crazes retain appealStar Wars, Harry Potter, Disney classics
Character PopularityCentral hero/villain roles command more valueThe Child aka Baby Yoda
ConditionMaintained mint condition boosts worth drasticallyUnopened box, undamaged figure
Special AttributesColor/pose/size variants perceived as more uniqueMetallic or “flocked” finishes

“For Funko Pop appraisal, we analyze market performance metrics far beyond the sticker price. A rare, highly sought-after figure in pristine, unopened condition could be valued 100 times higher than a common Pop with minor box damage." – ‘/‘: Leading Funko Pop Appraiser

So while no one can guarantee a Pop will accrue huge future worth, selective acquisition from booming franchises, strategic variant hunting, and impeccable maintenance offer your best odds at sound investment.

And perhaps most importantly, choose Pops bringing you happiness so you enjoy the journey as much as the destination!

Must-Have Demon Slayer Funko Grails

Now onto the main event—which Demon Slayer Pops warrant a treasured spot in collectors’ wish lists and displays? While still early since the series debuted only a few years back, a few rare grails and stunning exclusives have already emerged:

Tanjiro Kamado (GITD)

No Demon Slayer collection is complete without its passionate hero Tanjiro, depicted here wielding the magnificent Water Breathing dragon technique. This mesmerizing GITD (glow in the dark) version makes a true grail.

Lucky collector ‘:/‘ snagged this gem for just $15 during a Funko lottery event at San Diego Comic Con. Its glow and dazzling colorwork make it the crown jewel of their collection.

Gyomei Himejima (Chase Edition)

As a rare Chase variant with tearful metallic eyes, this stylized depiction of the Stone Hashira tugs at collector heartstrings. With only a 1/6 ratio of the Gyomei run featuring this Chase, its limited availability rockets worth.

Avid collector ‘:0‘ recalls his utter shock discovering the Chase variant at a local retailer: "I was scraping to even find the common Gyomei, so stumbling upon the Chase felt like destiny. It was meant to be in my collection!"

Enmu (Summer Convention Exclusive)

This special event exclusive portrays Demon Slayer’s flamboyant Enmu from the hit Mugen Train film pouting with flowing fabric. Securing coveted convention exclusives proves a collector‘s prowess.

Dedicated collector Ash K. recalls his glorious moment acquiring the Enmu exclusive: "I raced straight from my hotel to the Funko booth the moment the convention doors opened. I was 3rd in line to get this beauty – what a milestone for my collection!"

Building Your Demon Slayer Funko Stash

As a final insider tip, here is my recommended blueprint for navigating the collecting journey:

Collecting Commandments

1Set a budget and stick to only securing personal grails
2Follow official Funko accounts & sign up for retailer alerts
3Join collector communities – exchange intel on inventory alerts & releases
4Verify reputable sellers via review histories and detailed item condition descriptions
5Display proudly & care diligently! Keep in protective cases away from sunlight/damage

Hopefully this collector‘s glimpse gives newcomers insight into the magical world of accruing these lovable figures. Allow your passion to guide you, spice with some savvy hunting, and take exquisite care, and your Demon Slayer Funko haul is sure to provide enjoyment for years to come!

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