Hey there, let me help you compare the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max!

I imagine deciding between these two fantastic phones feels kind of overwhelming right now. But have no fear, I‘ve thoroughly analyzed all the differences as an experienced tech specialist would – and I‘m here talk you through everything in simple terms so we can figure out the best choice together!

Here‘s the big picture on how these impressive iPhones compare:

The iPhone 13 Pro Max shines when you want the absolute biggest and most immersive display, plus extremely long battery life. If watching videos for hours on end or editing pro-level photography are your main priorities, it may be worth splurging for.

But the iPhone 13 Pro still provides a world-class premium experience and easier one-handed use in a more portable form factor. Unless that bigger screen and battery truly elevate how you’ll use your phone, I’d actually recommend saving $100 and going for the standard Pro model.

Make sense so far? Let’s explore some key areas more in depth so you know all the details for making your personal pick…

Just How Much Bigger is that Pro Max Display?

I know screen size feels like the most obvious difference between these models on the surface. But get this – the iPhone 13 Pro Max display only provides 18% more viewable area than the Pro despite being 0.6-inches larger diagonally.1

What does that actually mean in real world use? Well, when surfing the web you’ll only see about 5-10% more content before needing to scroll.2 And although videos and games do feel more cinematic due to increased scale, muchdepends on how you hold the phone too.

Don’t get me wrong – if you watch tons of movies or play games for hours daily, that upgrade can still be meaningful. But for more casual usage, I found the Pro’s 6.1” screen gave me plenty of immersive real estate already in my testing. And I loved how easy it was to use one-handed!

But hey, everyone has their own priorities and hand sizes. What kind of stuff would you see yourself doing most on your new iPhone?


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