Deciding Between the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max: Which High-End iPhone is Best For You?

As an iPhone enthusiast comparing Apple‘s latest and greatest, you may be wondering—should I choose the iPhone 11 Pro or the 11 Pro Max? Both pack impressive specs and performance into a premium design. But the Max lives up to its name with a giant 6.5” display, while the regular Pro sports a more pocketable 5.8" screen.

This guide will compare the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max head-to-head across 8 key categories. Read on to learn which advanced iPhone lines up best with your needs and preferences! We‘ll help you decode the differences so you can pick your perfect Pro…

Display Size

The Pro Max wins handily for media consumption with its expansive 6.5-inch display. That extra real estate lends itself beautifully to mobile gaming, video binging, editing photos, and more. If you prioritize screen size for immersive activities, the Max has your name on it.

The 11 Pro is no slouch at 5.8 inches, but single-handed use suffers less strain. For portability purists, the Pro finds that sweet spot between generously sized and travel-friendly.

The Bottom Line:
Max for media mavens, Pro for one-handed convenience

Display Resolution

Both models tout Apple‘s specialized Super Retina XDR OLED panels with excellent color reproduction, high brightness levels up to 1200 nits, and insane 2,000,000:1 contrast ratios.

But when it comes to resolution, the Max pulls ahead with a sharp 2688×1242 pixels packing 458 ppi. The 11 Pro lags slightly behind at 2436×1125 pixels and 458 ppi.

The Bottom Line:
Slight win for the Max in clarity, but both qualify as visual stunners

Processing Power

Good news! The 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max share the same insane processing muscle in Apple’s blazing-fast A13 system-on-a-chip.

Backed by 4GB of RAM, that 7nm chip rips through demanding tasks like video editing, rendering 3D graphics, and augmented reality. iOS 13 also introduces machine learning capabilities for vastly improved computational photography.

Both phones guarantee a buttery smooth experience thanks to this bleeding-edge silicon.

The Bottom Line:
Equally matched processing beasts

Battery Life

With a 3,969 mAh battery pack compared to the Pro‘s 3,046 mAh, the Pro Max boasts the best battery life of any iPhone yet.

Apple rates it at 20 hours of video playback, while the Pro reaches about 16 hours. In normal daily mixed usage, both phones should last all day without issue. However, frequent travelers and power users may want to grab that extra juice afforded by the Max.

The Bottom Line:
All-day battery for most people, but Pro Max pushes the limits


You‘ll capture equally stunning photos and videos with the triple 12MP rear cameras on both iPhone 11 models. That array includes wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto lenses—a mobile photography tour de force!

With 2x optical zoom in and out plus advanced computational photography enabled by the A13 chip, these shooters set a new standard. Plus the 12MP TrueDepth front camera takes selfies to the next level with Portrait Mode enhancement.

The Bottom Line:
Category tie. Both equipped for photography excellence!


Apple continues its legacy of leadership in mobile security with Face ID facial recognition supported on both devices.

Using TrueDepth camera technology, Face ID verifies user identity by mapping your facial characteristics. This single sign-on biometric method enables swift, reliable authentication for unlocking the device, authorizing App Store purchases, accessing passwords in Keychain, and approving Apple Pay transactions.

Face ID works accurately even in challenging lighting and when glasses, hats, beards, or significant hair style changes are introduced.

The Bottom Line:
Another tie thanks to identical Face ID capabilities


Due mainly to its larger display and battery, the iPhone 11 Pro Max typically costs $100 more than the regular Pro. Specific asking prices vary by factors like carrier contracts, payment plans, storage capacity, and seasonal promotions. But in general:

iPhone 11 Pro: Starts at $999
iPhone 11 Pro Max: Starts at $1,099

For the bigger screen real estate, extra battery life, and bragging rights of owning the most advanced iPhone available, that Becjamin hardly seems exorbitant! But bargain hunters can save a hundred bucks with the 11 Pro while still enjoying blazing speed and excellent cameras.

The Bottom Line:
The Max commands a moderate premium for peak specs

Which Phone Wins for You?

Did the Pro Max with its media-happy display and marathon battery life already charm you? Or does the more palm-friendly 11 Pro seem like an ideal fit?

In summary:

iPhone 11 Pro

  • Compact 5.8" size great for portability
  • A13 chip delivers lighting fast speeds
  • Triple camera shoots gorgeous photos
  • Less expensive starting price

iPhone 11 Pro Max

  • Giant 6.5" screen immerses in videos & games
  • Long battery life outlasts smaller Pro
  • Fast A13 chip matches smaller Pro
  • Triple cameras capture stunning images

Hopefully this guide gave you the insights needed to pick your perfect Pro! Let your top priorities and personal preferences steer you toward the 11 Pro or Pro Max. Rest assured you‘ll end up with an incredible device either way. Enjoy unleashing your chosen iPhone‘s immense power!

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