Hey There! Deciphering if the 2022 iPad Pro is Worth Every Penny

I‘ve been testing gadgets for the better part of a decade, but few devices spark curiosity like an Apple iPad. Now in its 6th generation stretching back to 2015, the iPad Pro remains alluring as Apple‘s vision for the future of computing. It crams desktop-grade performance into a slim tablet, no detached keyboard required!

But that computing luxury demands a luxury price too. Let‘s figure out if the latest iPad Pro‘s sky-high cost actually aligns with its capabilities for your needs. I promise no confusing tech jargon along the way!

A Luxe Tablet Luring Creative Folk

One glance at those slim bezels and you realize Apple obsesses over iPad design. They‘ve tuned the Pro to be all screen in slick aluminum. It looks like a digital clipboard…that happens to have more processing muscle than most laptops!

Beneath the classy exterior lies the new crazy-fast M2 chip. Apple usually saves those bleeding edge silicon brains for Macs. But not your Dad‘s iPad anymore, the Pro flaunts enough speed for editing multiple 4K videos while live-rendering 3D graphics!

Of course professionals creating on-the-go lust for that power. But you‘re curious if commanding those creative chops actually warrants the iPad Pro‘s rising costs:

That‘s a key question we‘ll unpack together! Once we scan every angle of the iPad Pro experience, you‘ll know if paying the premium suits your needs.

M2 Chip Mania!

We nerds get giddy over new silicon brains. The M2 now beating inside the iPad Pro boasts Apple‘s latest 5-nanometer manufacturing (those are tiny transistors!). With such dense circuitry, efficiency goes up and heat stays low.

That enables boosting the M2‘s muscle:

  • ☑️ 8-powerful CPU cores (15% speedier than before)
  • ☑️ 10 graphics cores for complex visuals
  • ⚡ 16 neural engine cores for machine learning

Maybe my geeky side snuck out there! But trust me, those beefy internals translate to buttery smooth usage no matter the task:

  • 🎞️ Importing 4K videos is nearly instant
  • 🎨 Photo edits layer with zero lag
  • 🏎️ Quickly exporting projects even with many apps open

When pushing the M2 hard, the iPad Pro never broke a sweat or got warm in my testing. Impressive!

And there‘s plenty more future-focused tech tucked inside:

  • 📶 5G connectivity
  • 🛰 GPS positioning
  • 🎧 Four speaker sound

But you‘re probably less concerned about spec sheets. We really want to know if all this power actually makes professionals more productive.

So I talked to Amanda, a graphic designer who specializes in mobile branding:

"I can now concept entire brand style guides on my iPad Pro! Flowing between Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Keynote with the new Stage Manager multitasking is so fluid. Everything exports faster too, so I nail client deadlines even working from home."

It was insightful surveying other pros too. The iPad Pro certainly packs desktop strength now. But does that mean it should command desktop pricing?

Decoding the Dollar Signs

We buy personal technology to solve real problems. So price should align with performance benefits. Let‘s analyze if the latest iPad Pro‘s specs justify the staggering costs Apple charges:

iPad Pro ModelStarting Price
11-inch 128GB, WiFi$799
12.9-inch 128GB, WiFi$1,099

No doubt those are luxury tablet prices. But how do they compare against rivals or Apple‘s own lineup?

TabletPricePerformance Delta
Samsung Galaxy S8$549Slower overall
iPad Air 2022$599Slightly weaker
MacBook Air M2$1,199More powerful

Well that 2nd generation Apple silicon certainly commands premium pricing! And maxed out iPad Pro configurations now exceed $2,300. Ouch!

You have to tip your hat — Apple keeps making the iPad Pro irresistibly powerful year after year. But less intensive use cases don‘t justify paying such an astronomical cost premium in my opinion.

Let‘s explore exactly who should indulge in iPad Pro luxury.

Who Should Covet the New Hotness?

With analyzing technology products comes mastering the art of making recommendations. I consider three key factors when evaluating iPad Pro fit:

Performance Needs → Does your workload demand cutting edge speed?
Budget → Can you afford a costlier pro device?
Work Environment → Do you create on the go or mostly stationary?

Let‘s apply that framework across common iPad Pro buyers:

✅ Perfectly Paired Pro Users

  • Graphic designers
  • Video editors
  • Photographers
  • Music producers
  • Architects

These creatives grind out graphics, edits, tunes and models needing the M2‘s multitasking muscle. Their businesses thrive thanks to mobile tools enabling new working styles.

🤔 Feature Overkill Risks

  • College students
  • Medical professionals
  • Casual artists
  • Retirees

Light computing tasks or static working environments mean these buyers see limited gains from leading edge tablets. Cheaper iPads or laptops better match their use cases.

Obviously there‘s nuance across individual needs. But broadly, I only recommend professionals needing desktop power and portability pay the iPad Pro‘s steep premium.

Next let‘s get more personal on the exact model I‘d splurge on!

My Personal iPad Pro Pick

If purchasing an iPad Pro, I‘d invest where power reserves ensure lasting value for years of mobile creation. Here‘s the configuration striking that optimal balance of price and future proofing:

👉 12.9" iPad Pro (6th gen)
⚙️ M2 chip (10 core GPU)

🗄 256GB storage

Why 12.9 inches?

That spacious canvas makes content creation more comfortable despite slightly lower portability.

Why 256GB storage?

Saves $100 over 512GB while providing ample space for critical files after offloading older projects into cloud archives.

Why WiFi only?

5G connectivity doesn‘t meaningfully improve real-world speeds over advanced WiFi 6 in most areas for less drain on the battery.

See how I evaluated across all the variables there? You can now make the iPad Pro decision best aligned with your own needs.

And if opting for an older generation iPad Pro model, hopefully understanding the key upgrades in this latest version helps determine if you should postpone your purchase or keep hunting for deals on prior editions.

Parting Wisdom

Look, I adore technology pushing boundaries every year. The iPad Pro embodies that innovative spirit by cramming so much power into such a sleek slate. There‘s an undeniable future-forward appeal.

But brilliance has a cost, especially for early adopting bleeding edge gadgets. The latest iPad Pro‘s staggering price tags reflect its position defining a new era of computing. One flowing seamlessly across desktop, laptop and tablet environments depending on your location and use case needs.

My extensive testing proves the 2022 iPad Pro offers creative professionals enough muscle to leave laptops behind for mobile-first workflows. We‘re only scratching the surface of the utility boosts coming too as Apple refines iPadOS software deeper into hybrid computing territory.

Yet I suggest most casual users chase savings over spec sheets instead. Your occasional web browsing and Netflix binging sees fractional gain from such expensive processing prowess. The standard 2022 iPad delivers outstanding versatility at under half the price.

If ready to level up your creative pursuits with leading tablet power though, the iPad Pro stands distinctly alone as a one-of-a-kind mobile creation portal. Just be sure the value matches your personal budget!

I‘m glad we took this journey together. Let me know if any other questions pop up about finding your perfect iPad match!

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