Used iPad Pro 11-Inch Purchase Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Hey there! If you‘re reading this, I‘m guessing you‘re thinking about buying a used iPad Pro 11-inch to save some money over a brand new model. I‘ve been there myself! I regularly go hunting for Apple bargains to fuel my gadget habit without breaking the bank.

After buying and testing SEVERAL used iPad Pros for work and pleasure over the past few years, I‘ve learned the ins and outs of scoring a great discounted deal. I recently gave my old original 2018 model to my nephew and just purchased a used 2020 unit as an upgrade for myself.

So I‘ve experienced the used 11-inch iPad Pro buying journey first-hand multiple times. In this guide, I‘ll share everything I wish I knew earlier to help you shop smartly. I‘ll cover…

Where you can buy used with confidence
Typical pricing and what impacts it
Must-have accessories to enhance your experience
In-depth performance review of older generations
And plenty more iPad Pro advice tailored for the bargain shopper!

Let‘s start with a quick but important recap on the different iPad Pro generations so you understand exactly what you‘re buying…

iPad Pro 11-Inch Generations At a Glance

Before you start searching eBay or meeting some random Craiglist seller at the mall, it‘s helpful to understand the key differences between iPad Pro generations. This gives you perspective on the upgrade cycle, features added in newer versions, and guides you on what specific model aligns with your budget and needs.

Here‘s a brief overview of each generation of the 11-inch iPad Pro since the original launched in 2018, including release timeframe, key new features, and starting prices:

1st Generation

Released: Late 2018
Key Features: Powerful A12X Bionic chip, USB-C connector, TrueDepth front camera and Face ID, Four-speaker audio
Starting Price: $799 (64GB, WiFi model)

This original iPad Pro delivered laptop-class performance in a thin and light tablet form factor. It felt very futuristic at the time! The powerful speakers and USB-C power delivery stand out in my memory too.

2nd Generation

Released: Early 2020
Key Addition: Dual camera system + LiDAR Scanner for improved photography and augmented reality
Starting Price: $799 (128GB, WiFi model)

This release focused on major camera hardware and depth perception upgrades to showcase Apple‘s technical prowess. Everything else remained largely similar to maintain affordability. The A12Z Bionic chip kept it competitively fast too.

3rd Generation

Released: April 2021
Key Addition: Upgraded M1 chip brings even faster speeds to match Apple‘s laptops
Starting Price: $799 (128GB model)

This was the first time the entry-level 11-inch iPad Pro got a storage bump to 128GB. But the headline upgrade was the M1 chip also used in MacBooks for a big performance boost. If smooth app and browsing experience is your priority, this is a worthwhile step up.

4th Generation

Released: October 2022
Key Additions: New M2 chip, Hover mode with Apple Pencil, WiFi 6E connectivity

Apple just released this bleeding edge model last fall. The supercharged M2 chip makes it WAY faster than any previous generation. It also added some niche features like WiFi 6E support and "hover" functionality with the Pencil. But at a $799 starting price still, these minor tweaks may not justify upgrading from the still-capable M1 model.

Phew…that‘s a quick generational history of the 11-inch iPad Pro! As you can see, Apple has maintained premium pricing while delivering meaningful upgrades every 2 years or so. Now let‘s explore where you can actually find discounts on these awesome but expensive tablets…

Best Places to Buy a Used iPad Pro 11-Inch

While new 11-inch iPad Pros still start at Apple‘s typical $799, buying a used, older generation model can net BIG savings. I‘m talking hundreds of dollars in some cases!

But finding legit used deals still requires knowing where to shop. During my bargain hunting adventures, I’ve had great success buying used and refurbished iPads from these sources:

Amazon Renewed

My go-to for reliable used electronics is Amazon Renewed. For the 11-inch iPad Pro, they rigorously check condition and functionality. Each listing clearly states cosmetic flaws if any.

I once bought an old 1st generation iPad Pro 11-inch from them for only $289! It had some light scratches on the body but worked flawlessly. Pretty amazing savings versus the $799 I would’ve paid just 4 years prior.

Apple Refurbished Store

For lightly used 11-inch Pros that are virtually indistinguishable from new, Apple‘s Refurbished Store is best. Models here are Apple certified with new batteries and outer shells. You even get the same 1 year warranty as buying completely new. Just expect to pay only 10-15% less than current retail pricing.

I bought a refurb 3rd gen model here with 256GB capacity for $759. Given the storage bump, it was a solid $90 discount that‘s better than nothing!


You can find some screaming used iPad deals on eBay if you filter carefully for reputable sellers. I filtered for sellers with 97% positive ratings and returns accepted. I encourage buying from local sellers since you can test in-person before purchasing rather than relying on photos.

I travel a lot for work though so I once took a chance on a 2020 Pro from a seller with a 30-day money back guarantee. I saved over $250 buying through them versus Amazon Renewed and it arrived in flawless condition!

Facebook Marketplace

If meeting strangers from the internet makes you nervous, scout for nearby iPad deals on Facebook Marketplace instead. You chat with real people in your community and test devices together before exchanging any money.

I actually found my nephew‘s iPad on FB Marketplace being sold by a nice older lady 20 minutes from me. She kept it in a case so it looked brand new. After updating to iPadOS 15, it works amazingly well as his first tablet!


For tech junkies needing more nerdy device specs like battery health data, Swappa has your back. Their sellers must verify devices before listing to ensure quality. I haven’t bought an iPad here personally but it’s quite popular for finding mint condition phones and tablets secondhand.

Ballpark Used Pricing for Each 11-Inch iPad Generation

Used iPad Pro prices can swing hundreds of dollars depending on factors like generation, storage, cellular capability, condition, warranty length, bundled accessories, and demand at time of sale.

But here’s a quick cheat sheet on what you can expect to pay from reputable used sources based on my personal buying experience:

GenerationLaunch YearStorageWiFi or CellularUsed Price

As you can see, buying older iPad Pros used can mean BIG savings over 50% in some cases versus what they originally sold for. But 4th gen models released less than 6 months ago won’t be hugely discounted yet. Cellular connectivity and more storage bump used pricing too.

My pro tip is to only pay up for cellular if you truly need it. WiFi models are typically $100+ cheaper when shopping used if you mostly use your iPad where wireless access is available.

I‘ll cover some key accessories to enhance your used iPad Pro experience shortly. But first, let‘s dive deeper into an extended review of a specific used model…

In-Depth Review: Refurbished 1st Gen 2018 iPad Pro Performance

To share specific real-world feedback rather than just surface-level recommendations, I bought a used original 1st generation 11" iPad Pro for $289 on Amazon Renewed. Here’s how this entry-level 2018 model holds up in 2023 based on a few weeks of hands-on testing:

Buying Experience

  • Space Gray 64GB WiFi version priced at $289 (~65% off original MSRP)
  • Listed condition was “Refurbished: Manufacturer Certified”
  • Shipped fast in generic brown box with basic protective padding

Physical Condition

  • Enclosure has light signs of use like minor scratches on corners
  • Screen miraculously has no visible scratches despite lack of case
  • All buttons, ports, speakers fully functional


  • A12X Bionic holds up nicely for web browsing and watching video
  • Only lags slightly launching larger apps and games
  • Speakers sound great even at higher volumes


  • 12MP rear and 7MP front shooters capture decent photos and sharp 4K video
  • Noticeably better dynamic range and detail than my old iPhone

I‘m thoroughly impressed by how well this entry-level 2018 iPad Pro works in 2023 with basic usage. The industrial design still looks slick and modern too thanks to slim bezels. Performance is just a TAD slower than the latest models launching complex apps. But for only $289, I scored a big-screen portable computer with years of usability left!

Next I‘ll share must-have accessories I recommend picking up used as well to complete your iPad Pro setup on the cheap…

Must-Have Accessories for Used iPad Pros

One benefit of buying used is saving enough budget to also invest in accessories for enhanced productivity and protection. Even buying recent generation accessories used can yield big savings too!

Here are some of my top recommended additions for any vintage of iPad Pro:

Apple Pencil

This Bluetooth stylus makes your iPad feel like a digital sketchbook or notepad for creativity and precision work. Used first gen Apple Pencils are only ~$60.

Keyboard Case

For productivity, a backlit Bluetooth keyboard case like this popular one makes typing so much more natural.


Expand connectivity options with a slim USB-C hub like this to easily plug in USB drives, cameras, external monitors and more.

Rugged Case

Since used iPad Pros may lack pristine condition, picking up a rugged case like this UAG option protects against future drops and accidents during everyday use.

As you can see, protecting your used iPad Pro investment with quality accessories greatly enhances real-world functionality for not a lot of money.

Now let‘s wrap things up with some best practices to safely shop the used market and maximize the awesome iPad Pro savings…

Tips for Safely Buying Used iPad Pros

Here‘s a quick checklist of trustworthiness tips when deal hunting for used and refurbished iPad Pros:

Inspect Photos – Carefully check gallery photos for any cosmetic defects before committing to buy. Also look at peripherals like wall charger to judge care taken.

Check Accompanying Accessories – More complete original packaging with unused cables, adapters etc raises resale value of seller claims.

Test Thoroughly In-Person – If buying locally, thoroughly inspect exterior, screen, test cameras, buttons, speakers etc on the spot before money exchanges hands.

Verify iCloud Removed – Make seller demonstrate device wiped along with deactivated activation lock to ensure you can setup.

Restore To Factory Settings – After buying, I immediately reset any used device I acquire to a pure software state for peace of mind.

I know buying used requires more diligence and risk versus grabbing a shiny new iPad Pro off the Apple store shelf without a care. But with the right research and realistic expectations, you can save BIG while still getting an awesome modern tablet experience.

I hope all the shopper tips and hands-on advice provides ample confidence to start your used iPad Pro search! Let me know if any other questions come up during your shopping journey.

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