Getting Connected: The Complete Guide to Amarillo Internet Providers

Getting fast, reliable internet is now crucial for our households, but securing an affordable service can still seem confusing. Connecting our rural Texas homes hasn‘t always been easy!

Let me walk you through all the existing internet provider options in the Amarillo area as your local guide. I‘ll break down the types of services offered from modern fiber optics to classic options like satellite and DSL. You‘ll learn the real benefits and limitations of each to find your best fit. I‘ll also share plenty of shopping tips from my 20 years advising Panhandle residents on their connectivity.

First off, why has quality internet historically been so spotty across west Texas?

The Long, Winding Road to Rural Internet Access

Here in the Panhandle, we span vast rural areas without much network infrastructure in place. And running telecom cables and fiber lines under the rugged plains isn‘t quick or economical. Back in the 90s, most Amarillo homes only had access to sluggish dial-up internet or slightly faster DSL lines from the phone company.

Fiber optic cabling would‘ve cost a fortune to deploy across our city and could never reach far-flung ranches. For a long time, satellite internet offered the only option for rural folk beyond range of those DSL or cable lines in closer suburbs. But performance was never great.

Luckily, Amarillo internet access has come a very long way in just the past decade!

Those big telephone companies have steadily upgraded their cables within city limits to support way faster fiber and cable internet. We also have some growing regional providers now building out their own fiber networks.

Soon I think even more ranches near Amarillo could get fixed wireless internet beaming from towers. But true high-speed internet may not realistically reach every single home out there for years. Let‘s discuss what‘s available for our locality…

Overview of Major Amarillo Area Providers

From my experience, these providers currently offer residential internet service in Amarillo and immediate rural suburbs:

  • AT&T – Offers fiber + DSL internet access
  • HughesNet – Longtime satellite internet provider
  • Viasat – Satellite internet with higher speeds than past
  • EarthLink – Fiber + DSL internet bundles
  • Windstream – Growing fiber internet service
  • Optimum – Local company with fiber optics

You‘ll commonly see fiber internet, DSL, and satellite options around Amarillo today. Next I‘ll compare the pros and cons of these different technologies.

Comparing Internet Connectivity Options

We access the internet through various transport methods, each having advantages and downsides. Let‘s explore how fiber, DSL, satellite and more compare.

Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber optic networks transport data super fast as light through flexible glass fibers rather than traditional metal cables. Here are the main perks of fiber internet:

  • Symmetrical speeds – Equally fast 1 Gbps download & upload performance enables smooth video calls
  • Great capacity – Can support dozens of connected devices streaming, gaming, working simultaneously
  • Future-proof – Easily scales up to 10 Gbps speeds to meet growing household demands

Fiber is absolutely what more Amarillo-area homes need. Now let‘s see what providers are offering…

DSL Internet

An older digital network technology leveraging telephone lines, DSL historically offered homes better speeds than sluggish dial-up. However, it still has major limitations:

  • Slow speeds – Typical packages only provide 25-100 Mbps download speeds and far slower upload
  • Capacity constraints – Performance degrades as more devices access network simultaneously

DSL download speeds may suffice for smaller households. But uploads often disappoint.

Satellite Internet

Satellite internet beams connectivity from orbiting dish arrays above Earth across wide swaths of countryside. It brings basic access to rural areas lacking wired infrastructure.

Downsides of satellite include:

  • High latency – Signals must travel immense distances to satellites introducing lag
  • Weather impacts – Heavy snow/rain can temporarily block signal reception
  • Data caps – All plans have restrictive monthly data limits around 50-150 GB

Let‘s examine Amarillo satellite offerings…

Amarillo Internet Providers Comparison

Now that we‘ve reviewed different types of internet services, let‘s see what exact options and plans providers currently offer Amarillo subscribers:

Amarillo Fiber Internet Plans

Fiber internet is taking Amarillo by storm with its unmatched speeds and expanding availability. Below I break down your fiber choices:

ProviderMax Download SpeedMonthly PriceData Cap
AT&T Fiber 300300 Mbps$55/monthNone
AT&T Fiber 1 Gig1 Gbps$80/monthNone
EarthLink 100 Mbps100 Mbps$59.95/monthNone
Windstream 1 Gig1 Gbps$69.99/monthNone
Optimum 300 Mbps300 Mbps$40/monthNone

With many options now breaking that magical 1 Gbps barrier along with reasonable pricing, Amarillo fiber delivers stunning performance.

Fiber internet has grown rapidly from when AT&T first launched their U-verse bundles here in 2009. Yet availability remains scattered with coverage gaps, particularly in rural areas.

I always advise checking exact fiber access on your street before choosing providers. Punch in some addresses when you comparison shop online.

Amarillo Satellite Internet Plans

If you live beyond reach of fiber or other wired networks, satellite internet offers an alternative:

ProviderMax SpeedMonthly PriceData Cap
Viasat 50 Mbps50 Mbps$140/month200 GB
HughesNet 25 Mbps25 Mbps$110/month50 GB

While speeds and data limits have improved recently, satellite still carries frustrating limitations like weather disruptions and laggy performance. It works better than nothing though!

Hughes Network Systems first offered their satellite internet to Amarillo residents way back in the 90s when most had no other option.

More Amarillo Providers

Aside from leading fiber and satellite operators, you may find providers offering older technologies too:

  • DSL – AT&T, EarthLink, Windstream – Max speeds: 100 Mbps down, 10 Mbps up
  • Fixed Wireless – Rise Broadband – Max speeds: 50 Mbps down, 3 Mbps up

Compare all internet types in your area before deciding!

Now I want to ensure you get the most out of your new high-speed Amarillo internet provider…

Setting Up Your Home Wi-Fi Network

After selecting a capable internet provider, creating a quality wireless home network lets you enjoy uninterrupted streaming, gaming, Zoom calls and more across all your household devices.

Follow this checklist when setting up your Amarillo Wi-Fi:

Wi-Fi Router – Choose an advanced router like the NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR700 WiFi 6 Router which unleashes the full speed potential of modern fiber/cable internet plans with blazing fast AC7200 dual-band Wi-Fi supporting over 25 devices.

Modem – Confirm any modem or gateway hardware rental fees with your ISP. For fiber plans with speeds above 500 Mbps, you typically must rent a high-capacity modem.

Wi-Fi Extenders – If your home experiences any Wi-Fi dead zones, add mesh range extenders like the TP-Link Deco X90 system to blanket every room with strong signal for unbroken video calls and streaming.

By optimizing your home wireless network, Amarillo fiber, DSL and cable internet plans really shine! Reach out anytime if you need help finding the best gear combos.

Choosing Your Best Amarillo Internet Service

I hope mapping out all the modern provider internet options in Amarillo helps you evaluate plans. Here are my top tips for deciding on the right service:

Lead with fiber internet availability – Verify if fiber optics are accessible on your street for unmatched speed and reliability, before reviewing other provider types.

Compare fiber ISP packages – If fiber is available, contrast monthly pricing tiers from AT&T, EarthLink and the rest with my buyer tables above. Many plans now break 1 Gbps with reasonable pricing.

Consider satellite carefully – Satellite should only be a last resort if absolutely no wired providers can reach your rural address. Performance lags.

Setup a powerful home Wi-Fi network – Invest in advanced routing and extending hardware to unleash full fiber/cable internet speeds across all your household devices with no buffering or dead zones.

I‘m always glad to clarify any points as you weigh options for securing quality internet access that fits your household‘s needs and budget. Reach out with questions!


Bringing reliable high speed internet to Amarillo households has demanded immense infrastructure investments across hundreds of rural Texas miles. We‘ve come so far from the days of grainy dial-up and sluggish satellite being the only options!

Multiple providers now vie to supply Amarillo with an array of modern connectivity from zippy fiber optics to fixed wireless internet. Fiber and cable plans continue expanding, though mostly nearer to Amarillo city limits for now. While satellite access still serves remote country homes.

Carefully compare what internet technology types are genuinely available at your exact address when selecting providers. I urge all Amarillo-area friends to keep pressing for fiber internet expansion into more communities since performance can‘t be beat for the price.

Let‘s continue working together to connect every Panhandle household and ranch!

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