Illuminati Facts

The Illuminati conjure up a lot of images and things. What is it about this word that is so fascinating?

The Illuminati have been linked to being possibly in control of the world. However, this can’t be verified because it is a secret that can’t be exposed. Oftentimes, the Illuminat’s control in business, government, media, and entertainment have been usually linked.

The Illuminati name refers to a real and fictitious name for a group. The Illuminati was originally an Enlightenment inspired group that became a secret society.

The Illuminati were clearly misunderstood and live today. Read more about this group below!

The Illuminati began as a real organization before becoming a secret group

The Illuminati was a real life organization at one time. Not many may realize how this cult and secretive began like any other organization.

On May 1, 1776 the Bavarian Illuminati, of present day Germany, was able to form a society or group. At the time, the Illuminati was called the Electorate of Bavaria. The aim of the group was about free thinking, liberty, and more expansive thought. Initially, the original

The original illuminati founders were philosophers and professors. Many were active or working from the University of Ingolstadt, which is in present day Germany. This school was influenced by Jesuit doctrine. The atmosphere was not open so this official group went underground. g. Adam Weishaupt then moved the group to become its own secret society. From then on the Illuminati began.

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The Illuminati was originally called something else in the beginning

Illuminati name origin

The Illuminati has not always been the same. What we know today has changed dramatically. The original Illuminati name origin is Italian in origin.

However, the original name and movement of what would be the Illuminati is much different. The ever fascinating and curious group was originally called the “Perfectibilists. Adam Weishaupt, the Bavarian founder of the group had other ideas for this group initially.

In time, the founder of the group thought the name was not serious, so he went through several name changes. Before settling on the Illuminati he settled on  The Bee Order. However, he finally finalized on the name “The Order of the Illuminati.”

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Illuminati name origin comes from Italy

Illuminati name origin

The actual word itself Illuminati is an Italian word. The late 16th century saw an increase in a free thinking spirit. The name Illuminati derives from the: plural of Italian word illuminato. The Italian word originates from the Latin word illuminatus. In general, the meaning of the word Illuminati is  ‘enlightened.’ The past participle of the word, Illuminati, is illuminare.

The name Illuminati, in both Latin and Italian, literally means “illuminated” or the “enlightened (ones).” When Weishaupt settled on a name he finalized the name on “The Order of the Illuminati.”

Illuminati as a name has been referenced and seen as a reference point overall. For example, many know that it refers to open mindedness. Also, the name “Illuminati” in Italian and more has a deeper meaning. The name is a reference to all intellectuals, philosophers, secret societies, religious adepts, and more.

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The beliefs of the Original Illuminati were odd

Illuminati odd

Initially, the historical Illuminati that came from Bavaria, in present day Germany, had odd rituals. Their ideals were definitely not commonplace in that part of Europe or anywhere else in the world.

The Illuminati utilized  symbols. For example, the original group used the owl as a symbol. The Illuminati had complex and confusing hierarchies within the group. There were ranks deemed novice, Minerval, and more that went up to Illuminati Minerval. This was a division that created order and logic to their thinking.

The strangest thing was that the original Illuminati  didn’t trust anyone over 30. They felt that anyone over the age of 30 was stubborn and too set in their ways in life. Very often, most Illuminati members were paranoid and kept their identities secret.

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Illuminati Members used nicknames related to history

It may be less surprising to know how secretive these members were but overall the protection of privacy was key. The main goal for anyone in the Illuminati was anonymity and privacy from being made public.

Therefore, many people within the Illuminato used pseudonyms or names that were other than their own. The names given by Illuminati members would often reference history or historical figures. For instance, AdamWeishaupt, the founder, was known as “Spartacus.” While other members had nicknames like “Philo.”

Better yet, even when there was communication between people in the Illuminati then there were secret gestures and references beyond aliases. Certain town names would be changed and referenced between Illuminati members to be able to do various operations in secrecy.

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Many people believe the Illuminati control the world

Illuminati control the world

Whether the Illuminati did control the world is quite incredible to think about overall. Illuminati control in business, government, media, and entertainment have been usually linked. Because the Illuminati is often associated with world leadership in a secretive and underhanded manner.

Many historians seem to theorize that the Illuminati have only been moderately successful in world domination at most. But, at the same time many think the Illuminati successfully control the world. If we were to think further about this, then we would never know if a powerful group does dominate the world.

The Illuminati are often linked to the Freemasons, so influence and secret societies go hand in hand. For example, Johann Goethe was a member of the Illuminati, which gives more validity to this rumor. Illuminati influence is certainly clear in various industries but never in a grand and clear way but only in possibilities.

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Illuminati celebrity member

The amount of celebrities linked to the Illuminati could fill a long book. Some of the more recent notables include Beyonce as well other Hollywood celebrities like Madonna, Bono, Justin Bieber, and more.

One pattern is evident among all of these cases and that is that Illuminati membership guarantees success. Overall, the connection has been that the Illuminati has the power and resources to guarantee success at such a high level. Beyonce makes references to the Illuminati in songs as well to cause more controversy.

In particular, beyond entertainment there are important historical characters involved in the Illuminati. For example, it has been said that American presidents like Thomas Jefferson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Henry Kissinger were involved. As well, international figures like Winston Churchill, and business people like John D. Rockefeller is reported to have been associated with the Illuminati, too.

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Conspiracy theories and the Illuminati seem to be highly connected

Conspiracy theories and the Illuminati

When people think about the Illuminati than many think about conspiracy theories. By definition, a conspiracy theory is defined as, “a belief that some covert or secretive but influential and important organization is responsible for a circumstance or event.”

Many tend to associate the presence of any grand theory about history, tragedies, and more in relation to the Illuminati. The biggest link about this involves because of the grand importance of the Illuminati overall. Basically, many think  the Illuminati are the secret rulers of the world, so theories come out about this group constantly.

Today, many conspiracy theories exist around events like 9-11, Cobvid-19, wartime events, and business crisis trends.

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Media in the USA and Europe in the last 50 years made the Illuminati popular

Illuminatus Trilogy

One book in particular, The Illuminatus Trilogy, by Robert Shea, showed the Illuminati and how it could be true with compelling research. The book, which was released in the 1970s exposed the Illuminati to a new and emerging media obsessed culture.

Media, movies, and especially books like Dan Brown’s popular novel Angels and Demons brought back the notion of the Illuminati. The mixing of  satanism, paranormal alien myths, and other fascinating facts made the Illuminati more popular than ever.

The Freemasons became popular in many American and even European movies. Therefore, more people than ever were believing the power of the Illuminati, and how this secret group was controlling politics. Today, the power of the Illuminati continues in various forms. For example, some believe the popular phrase that the “lizard people” who control the world are the Illuminati.

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The Illuminati eventually disappeared despite theories around the world

Illuminatis secrets

In 1785, the Duke of Bavaria banned secret societies, therefore the Illuminati were targeted. This restrictive law very much affected the Illuminati.

Thereafter, many of the Illuminati’s secrets were revealed, and, then without a trace the group was not officially heard from at all. But, once the group did dissolve then many theories and wild speculation began to swirl around the ILluminati.

Illuminati theories, which included big plans for world domination, were never revealed. However, many speculated that the group continued despite being banned from existing in any form in Bavaria. The dissolution of the announcement of the existence of the Illuminati led to developments and trends. Eventually, the Freemasons began to become more powerful in this time thus causing theories that the Illuminati and Freemasons were similar and working together for world domination.

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