HyperX Cloud Alpha vs Cloud II: Which Gaming Headset Is Better for You?

The HyperX Cloud Alpha and Cloud II are two of the most popular mid-range gaming headsets right now. Both models boast great comfort and sound at reasonable prices. However, there are some key differences when it comes to audio performance, surround sound and wirelessconnectivity.

This comprehensive guide compares every aspect of the Cloud Alpha and Cloud II headsets. I‘ll analyze the wired and wireless variants to help you decide which one better matches your budget, gaming platform and audio preferences. You‘ll also get buying recommendations based on use case. Let‘s dive in!


The Cloud Alpha wins for audio clarity thanks to its dual chamber drivers while the Cloud II provides more immersive 7.1 surround sound. The Cloud Alpha wireless lasts nearly 10 hours longer per charge too.

However, the Cloud II‘s wireless microphone has lower latency and its inline audio controls are more convenient. Both deliver supreme comfort with lush memory foam cushions. There’s no clear overall winner – choose based on your priorities.

Audio Quality and Performance

The 50mm dual chamber drivers powering the Cloud Alpha reproduce crisp mids/highs and a tighter bass response perfect for competitive gaming. The drivers utilize separate chambers for low and mid/high frequencies to minimize distortion.

This lets you accurately pinpoint enemy locations in FPS titles like Apex Legends based on subtle audio cues. The frequency response of 13Hz-27,000Hz ensures no audio details get lost.

Meanwhile, the Cloud II‘s large 53mm drivers and expanded 5Hz-23,000Hz range create a fun, bass-forward soundstage. This adds excitement and hard hitting impact to action sequences in games like Doom Eternal.

You‘ll also get more environmental immersion in solo story driven adventures thanks to the Cloud II‘s 7.1 virtual surround sound. This gives audio more "space" while enhancing directionality – everything from dialogue to ambient effects feels more natural.

So if you mainly play competitive multiplayer games, the Cloud Alpha is the better pick. But the Cloud II‘s bombastic, cinematic sound makes for incredible immersion within expansive game worlds. Both deliver amazing audio for the price.

Microphone Quality

Clear voice chat is crucial for squad-based games, so how do the onboard mics stack up? Each headset comes with a flexible boom mic for undistorted speech pickup.

Thanks to a 100Hz-12,000Hz frequency response, the Cloud Alpha mic accurately captures speech details from gentle whispers to excited yelling. You get natural voice reproduction even in loud environments courtesy of the noise cancellation tech.

The Cloud II isn‘t far behind but you have the added benefit of real time mic monitoring. This lets you hear your own voice to prevent shouting accidentally. An LED mute notification also confirms mute status – perfect for streamers.

Both mics should serve equally well whether bantering with friends or coordinating with teammates. For frequent streaming however, the Cloud II‘s monitoring and visual mute alert gives it the edge.

Design and Comfort

The Cloud Alpha and Cloud II share an almost identical design ethos – over-ear closed back earcups forged from durable aluminum and steel. This allows them to endure daily gaming abuse while blocking external noise.

You‘ll enjoy the signature HyperX comfort from plush memory foam ear cushions. The breathable soft leatherette plus ample clamping force ensures no ear pinching or headaches even after marathon sessions.

Based on anthropometric studies of head shapes, the Cloud Alpha should accommodate larger heads better. But average users find both models extremely comfortable thanks to the well-padded headbands. These let you game for 6+ hours without any clamping pressure.

So unless you fall in the 99th percentile for head size, either HyperX headset gets top marks for comfort!

Surround Sound

With the Cloud II wired headset, an easy to use USB audio control box enables hardware-driven 7.1 surround sound on PC and PS4. This gives audio more spatial dimensionality compared to standard stereo – you get an authentic sense of 3D positional audio.

Tuned for gaming, the 7.1 surround gives competitive advantages in FPS titles by letting you accurately pinpoint enemy locations based on gunshots. The experience translates wonderfully to engrossing single player adventures too.

Unfortunately, the Cloud Alpha is locked to standard stereo unless you supply your own virtual surround DAC/amp. There‘s less overall immersion for cinematic games as a result. The Cloud II clearly wins if you crave that multi-dimensional surround experience.

Wireless Performance

The wireless Cloud Alpha and Cloud II models ditch cables completely for tangle-free convenience. You get lag-free 2.4GHz connectivity up to 20 meters away thanks to the HyperX wireless dongle.

Impressively, the Cloud Alpha Wireless runs for 20 hours more per charge compared to the Cloud II Wireless – 300 hours vs 30 hours. That‘s nearly two weeks of gaming for most users! Few headsets can match this level of wireless endurance.

Both headsets actually utilize the exact same wireless tech. However the Cloud II‘s added mic monitoring uses up noticeably more battery life. Unless you absolutely require that monitoring, get the Cloud Alpha wireless for unmatched cordless gaming freedom!

Connectivity and Compatibility

Wired or wireless, the Cloud Alpha and Cloud II support all major gaming platforms:

Windows PC3.5mm jack, USB audio control unit
PlayStation 4/53.5mm jack
Nintendo Switch3.5mm jack, may require adapter
Xbox One/Series3.5mm jack
Mac3.5mm jack, USB audio control unit
Mobile devices3.5mm jack

Both headsets use a standard 3.5mm connector for game controllers and mobile devices. The Cloud II‘s audio control box adds plug-and-play USB connectivity for computers.

And of course, the wireless versions connect via a USB receiver dongle included in the box. This gives you low latency lossless audio rivaling wired performance.

So you get universal compatibility whether gaming, taking calls or jamming out to music.

Pricing and Availability

As HyperX‘s flagship gaming audio solutions, both headsets offer outstanding value. The standard wired Cloud Alpha and Cloud II cost only $99 – that nets you premium construction and sound.

Here are the best deals currently available for each model:

Cloud Alpha$99.99
Cloud Alpha Wireless$169.99
Cloud II$89.98Refurbished
Cloud II Wireless$109.99$40 off

The wireless Cloud II model is currently $40 off on Amazon if you want killer 7.1 surround without spending over $150. act fast though – the deal expires soon!


So, Cloud Alpha or Cloud II? Here is a quick summary to help decide based on your priorities:

  • Competitive multiplayer gaming: Cloud Alpha for the tighter stereo sound
  • Single player immersion: Cloud II for massive 7.1 surround sound
  • Battery life: Cloud Alpha Wireless lasts 10+ hours longer
  • Mic monitoring: Cloud II Wireless lets you hear your own voice
  • Compatibility: Identical across Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC

Both headsets work beautifully for mixed gaming and music listening as well thanks to the lush audio and wireless flexibility.

At the end of the day, you can‘t go wrong with either HyperX headset. The Cloud Alpha suits stereo purists wanting audio precision in competitive titles. And the Cloud II remains king for breathtaking surround sound to take single player stories to the next level.

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments!

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