Hummer EV vs. Ford Lightning: Which One Wins?

The battle for electric truck supremacy is heating up. Two major contenders vying for the crown are the 2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup and the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning. These brand-new EVs put a modern, eco-friendly twist on their iconic gas-guzzling counterparts.

But when comparing the Hummer EV and Ford Lightning specs and features side-by-side, key differences emerge. Keep reading to see how these electric trucks stack up across critical categories. The winner may surprise you.

Overview and Pricing

First, let‘s level-set on precisely what we‘re comparing.

The Hummer EV Pickup is General Motors‘ ambitious effort to transform their notoriously un-ecofriendly Hummer brand into an electric vehicle powerhouse. The 2022 edition Hummer EV launches GM‘s new Ultium battery platform promising powerful performance and up to 329 miles of range. With a starting price of $108,700, it‘s clearly positioned as a luxury purchase rather than a daily workhorse.

The Ford F-150 Lightning, alternatively, leverages Ford‘s best-selling F-150 trucks‘ tried and tested blueprint but swaps the gas engine for an electric powertrain. The 2022 Lightning aims to electrify America‘s favorite pickup with 232-320 miles of range plus loads of torque and tech. With a base price of $41,769, it‘s designed as an electric workhorse for the everyday truck owner.

Hummer EV Pickup vs Ford F-150 Lightning

Already we see philosophical differences emerging. The Hummer EV leans into its audacious, luxury appeal and price tag. While the Lightning focuses on practicality for the working truck driver. But specs and performance details reveal more.

Performance and Capability Comparison

Both trucks boast impressive performance and capability figures – especially for such large vehicles. Here‘s how they measure up:


  • Hummer EV – 329 miles
  • Ford Lightning – 232 miles (base) / 320 miles (extended range)

0-60 mph acceleration:

  • Hummer EV – 3 seconds
  • Ford Lightning – Mid 4 second range


  • Hummer EV – 1000 hp
  • Ford Lightning – 452 hp (base) / 580 hp (extended range)

Towing capacity:

  • Hummer EV – 7,500+ lbs
  • Ford Lightning – 10,000+ lbs

As we can see, the Hummer EV‘s supercar-like acceleration gives it a clear performance advantage. No surprise given its 3-motor configuration and higher horsepower.

But surprisingly, the Ford Lightning offers over 2,500 lbs more max towing capacity. Truck traditionalists likely favor that workhorse-level hauling capability over raw speed performance. And depending on the trim, the Ford edges out or matches the Hummer EV on driving range estimates too.

The Ford Lightning caters neatly to buyers wanting both immense EV torque and serious truck utility. But the Hummer piles on even more one-of-a-kind traits.

Unique Hummer EV Features

While hardcore truck devotees are sure to appreciate the Lightning‘s practical talents, the Hummer EV tempts with several irresistible, specialized features:

CrabWalk – The Hummer EV has a 4-wheel steering system enabling diagonal driving so it can "crab walk" at low speeds. Hugely useful maneuvering through extreme off-road conditions.

Extract Mode – Lifts the Hummer EV 6-inches for intense off-roading clearance.

Infinity Roof – Modular transparent roof panels give an open-air feeling and epic sky views.

UltraVision – Surrounds drivers with 18 cameras plus underbody cameras greatly aiding extreme off-roading.

Add in the Hummer‘s tailgate speakers, drive mode selector, and 35" tires, and its specialty use cases like rock crawling truly shine. As extreme as the Hummer leans into adventure truck specialization, the Lightning doubles down on refinement and day-to-day livability.

Standout Ford Lightning Features

What the Lightning may lack in flash and dazzle, it balances with smart features heading off pain points truck owners dread:

Pro Power Onboard – Equips owners with 9.6kW of exportable power to run electric tools/equipment from the truck. Invaluable for contractors and outdoor work.

Blue Cruise – Cutting-edge hands-free highway driving aid comparable to Tesla Autopilot. Makes long hauls far less tedious.

Phone As A Key – Uses smart phones to lock/unlock and start the truck without fumbling for keys. Simplifies daily access.

Frunk – Spacious front trunk capacity that gas engine trucks can‘t match. Adds cargo flexibility.

Add the Lightning‘s practical 4-door SuperCrew configuration to the equation along with Ford‘s loyal truck buyer base, and this friendly people-mover rounds out real truck owners‘ needs better overall.

Verdict: Which Is the Better Electric Truck?

Declaring one single winner between the striking GMC Hummer EV Pickup versus Ford‘s F-150 Lightning comes down to buyer priorities.

  • The Hummer EV prioritizes outright performance and off-road theatrics. Its staggering acceleration, silhouette-sculpting extract mode, and Oregon Trail-evoking Crabwalk stoke adventure dreams in ways no truck has before. If wanting an ultra-capable e-truck to conquer backwoods terrain and draw envious eyes, the Hummer can‘t be beat. Just prepare for a luxury car-level price tag.

  • The Ford F-150 Lightning takes a more measured approach optimizing features daily truck users crave. By blending seating for 5, immense torque, leading tow ratings, clever comforts like BlueCruise and Phone As a Key, plus serious cargo flexibility into a familiar F-150 form factor – Ford built the perfect practical electric truck for work and family. And with Ford‘s vast dealer network, buying and servicing simplifies too.

For the majority of truck buyers who value no-fuss utility, the Ford Lightning strikes the best overall balance of electric vehicle advancement with the capability and convenience trucks are built on. It cruises smoothly into first place for EV truck best suited to replace an ICE pickup for everyday needs. But the Hummer EV still electrifies an extremely fun, specialized niche for off-road thrill-seekers.

Whichever direction you lean for pure bliss or workhorse priorities, the electric truck segment is clearly charging rapidly ahead here to stay. Buckle up and get ready to be jolted by this high voltage revolution!

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