Hulu Live TV in 2023: A Complete Guide to Channels, Pricing and Key Features

You‘re considering cutting the cord in 2023. But reliable access to live sports, local news and top primetime shows gives you pause. Enter Hulu Live TV – a cable-like live TV streaming service from the established Hulu brand offering 75+ channels for just $69.99 a month.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll give you an in-depth look at everything Hulu Live TV provides in its 2023 channel packages, features and streaming additions to help you determine if it‘s the right cable TV replacement.

An Introduction to Hulu Live TV

First launched in 2017, Hulu Live TV builds on Hulu‘s popular on-demand streaming platform to offer live cable channel access without requiring a cable TV subscription or contract.

For a reasonable $69.99/month, you get over 75+ live channels spanning sports, news, entertainment and more. Unlike skinny bundles like Sling TV, Hulu Live TV competes directly with fuller-featured cable alternatives like YouTube TV in terms of channel count and add-ons.

What sets Hulu Live TV apart is including full access to Hulu‘s entire streaming library of 85K+ on-demand shows and movies, along with Disney+, at no extra cost. A cable-sized channel lineup supplemented by leading streaming services provides incredible value.

As of Q3 2022, Hulu as a whole has grown to 47 million total subscribers in the U.S. across all plans. Of which 4.4 million come from Hulu + Live TV specifically – double its subscriber base just two years ago.

So Hulu Live TV‘s growth outpaces the general cord-cutting trend, on track to hit 10 million subscribers by 2025 according to Digital TV Research. Driven by rising prices for traditional pay TV and quality-of-life improvements.

Are you considering joining the over 25% of US households now without cable or satellite in 2023? Let‘s break down everything Hulu Live TV provides across channels, features, quality and cost to size up how it stacks against going cable-free or choosing another live streaming provider.

Hulu Live TV Channel Lineup & Add-Ons

Here is a category-by-category overview of every live channel offered on Hulu Live TV across their base plan and optional add-ons:

As you can see, Hulu Live TV divides channels across six umbrellas delivering 75+ channels in total out of the gate. From there you can choose from a range of Sports, Entertainment, Spanish and Premium add-on bundles to gain access to 130+ total channels.

The base package focuses on major national broadcasters (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox), sports via ESPN networks and entertainment spanning from MTV to Discovery. While the likes of YouTube TV carry more niche channels in their base bundle, you won‘t miss any critical local stations, sports coverage or top primetime cable staples.

Add-on CAN provide more tailored variety with extra sports programming through NFL RedZone, lifestyle channels via Cooking Channel and DIY Network, Spanish language via ESPN Deportes and more.

Plus you can access hit HBO Max shows like The White Lotus or Yellowstone from Paramount Network through premium STARZ and SHOWTIME add-ons if desired.

Altogether it‘s possible to closely mimic your old cable package in terms of variety and channels with Hulu Live TV. Without the long term contracts or hidden equipment fees chaining you down either.

Next let‘s compare how Hulu Live measures up in terms of extra features and streaming quality against the cable and satellite providers it aims to replace.

Feature & Streaming Quality Overview

Beyond just live channel availability, here is an overview of how some of Hulu Live TV‘s extra capabilities and streaming quality stack against leading alternatives:

FeaturesHulu Live TVYouTube TVDIRECTV StreamCable Provider Xfinity/Spectrum/Optimum
Monthly base price$69.99$64.99$69.99$80+
Number of channels75+100+140+200+
Cloud DVR storage50 hoursUnlimitedUnlimited50-100 hours (older DVR boxes)
Simultaneous streams allowed2 streams3 streams20 streamsEntire home (5-10 devices depending)
4K streaming?Select on-demand onlyYes (select channels)Yes (select channels)Limited channels
Offline viewing downloads?NoYesNoN/A
Multiple user profilesYes, up to 6Yes, up to 6NoYes, up to 10 based on cable box
Access major streaming services?Yes, Hulu/Disney+ includedNo extra streamingJust HBO Max includedPremium channels only
TV Everywhere app login?YesYesYesYes


  • Less costly than traditional cable
  • No contracts, cancel anytime
  • Includes Hulu and Disney+ streaming
  • Access popular broadcast, sports and entertainment


  • Largest base channel lineup but less than some competitors
  • Limited 4K resolution support for live programming
  • 50 hour DVR is smaller capacity than alternatives
  • Streams limited to home network only (no TV Everywhere)

As this table illustrates, Hulu Live TV hits the sweet spot balancing channel selection, pricing and extra perks no cable provider can match. While falling just short of rivals in areas like unlimited DVR, 4K streaming and download flexibility.

With that said, 1080p resolution found on the overwhelming majority of channels keeps quality crisp across devices. And the 50 hours of cloud DVR storage should suffice for most users‘ recordings needs on a rolling basis.

Having FULL access to Disney+ and Hulu streaming included makes for an absolute game changer benefit though!

Now let‘s explore exactly what internet connection speeds you‘ll require to make Hulu Live TV perform optimally across your devices.

Ideal Internet Speeds for Streaming Hulu Live TV

Here are the internet speeds Hulu themselves recommends for smooth streaming based on your resolution preferences:

But what do real-world tests suggest in terms of internet speeds matching Hulu Live TV‘s performance?

Expert site conducted extensive testing across devices by streaming shows and sports on Hulu Live with internet connections ranging from 25 Mbps down to just 3 Mbps.

The bottom line:

For SD quality, even slower 3 – 5 Mbps DSL connections proved sufficient across mobile devices and laptops. No major buffering issues even with multiple streams.

For HD streaming, 8 – 10 Mbps connections delivered flawless, high quality performance free of spinning wheels across phones, tablets, web browsers and TV streaming sticks. Highly recommended minimum.

4K streaming worked perfectly at 25+ Mbps connections rates common on higher-end cable and fiber networks. So those with compatible 4K TVs have the best experience.

In total, while 25+ Mbps fiber or cable plans enable full 4K capabilities plus dozens of device connections, even 8 – 10 Mbps networks proved up to handling multiple HD Hulu Live TV streams.

Just be sure to cap your simultaneous streams at 2 – 3 devices on slower connections to prevent congestion. And directly connect TV streaming boxes via Ethernet vs. WiFi when possible.

Now that we‘ve covered Hulu Live TV‘s channels, features and streaming considerations in depth, let‘s weigh out overarching pros and cons as a cable TV substitute.

Pros and Cons of Switching to Hulu Live TV


  • Flexible pricing at $70 monthly or as low as $55 for ad-supported Hulu Live TV means no contracts or long term commitments. Cancel anytime.
  • Solid all-around channel selection spanning must-have sports, news and entertainment. Compare lineups before committing.
  • Cloud DVR allows recording shows like a traditional cable box with 50 hours storage.
  • Full access to Hulu and Disney+ streaming provides countless movies, shows, Hulu Originals and more completely distinct from live channels. Massive perk!
  • Stream on laptops, phones, tablets and popular devices like Roku, Fire TV and Apple TV. Mobile flexibility cable can‘t match.
  • No equipment rentals or hidden fees making pricing predictable month-to-month


  • No access to full channel lineup or DVR recordings when traveling unlike new options from DIRECTV or cable providers
  • Lacks extensive 4K streaming support outside some on-demand content given home internet limitations
  • Reliant on stable high-speed home internet without bundles or discounts many cable packages offer
  • Occasional peak hour congestion resulting in error messages reported requiring restarts

In total Hulu Live TV presents an excellent middle ground between costly traditional cable and more limited skinny streaming bundles. Offering the most popular national channels across news, sports and entertainment for an affordable rate.

Supplemented by bonuses like cloud DVR capabilities and full access to thousands of shows and movies thanks to the Hulu and Disney+ bundles no competitors provide.

For savvy cord cutters not needing every last niche channel, but wanting reliable access to live sports and programming when it matters most, Hulu Live TV checks all the boxes.

FAQs – Key Questions About Hulu Live TV Answered

Here we‘ll tackle some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding what devices Hulu Live TV supports, how many people can share an account, adding channels or premium networks, getting locked into contracts and more.

What devices are compatible with Hulu Live TV?

Hulu Live TV works on all of the following popular streaming devices and platforms:

  • iPhones and iPads running iOS 12 or higher
  • Android phones and tablets on Android 8 or newer
  • Amazon Fire Tablets and Fire TV models
  • Roku devices 2016 models or newer
  • Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD
  • Google Chromecast and Chromecast built-in TVs
  • PlayStation 4 and 5 game consoles
  • Xbox One S and Xbox Series X consoles
  • Select LG, Samsung, Vizio smart TVs
  • Web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari on laptops

So everything from phones and tablets to streaming TV devices to gaming consoles. Download the Hulu app to supported platforms or visit on a compatible laptop or computer.

Can I use Hulu Live TV on multiple screens simultaneously?

The base Hulu Live plan allows for 2 concurrent streams at once. You can pay an extra $9.99 monthly to enable unlimited streams if your home network can support multiple high-quality HD streams simultaneously across devices without buffering issues.

How many profiles can I set up on a single Hulu Live account?

Like regular Hulu, Hulu Live TV allows creating up to 6 user profiles under one account subscription. Great for households. Profiles keep viewing history, watchlists and recommendations personalized per member.

What happens to my Cloud DVR recordings after they air?

Any programs saved to your Cloud DVR remain available for 9 months after recording before being deleted automatically to make space for new recordings. So you have plenty of time to catch up on saved shows or sports before they expire. More than enough flexibility for most.

Does Hulu Live TV offer any free trial options?

Unfortunately Hulu Live TV does not currently offer any free trials or previews. You must sign-up for at least one month of service upfront to evaluate the live channel catalog and features before deciding if it meets your household needs and budget long-term.

Can I access my local ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox channels?

In most zip codes – yes! Unlike some streaming bundles Hulu Live TV provides live local affiliate feeds from the major broadcast channels like ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC plus PBS and Univision in over 90% of US TV households. Just enter your zip code on their site to confirm local channel availability in your region. Football fans don‘t have to worry about missing local NFL games most Sunday afternoons.

If I want to add premium channels like HBO Max what does it cost?

You can choose to add the following premium cable channel options to expand your channel selection:

  • HBO Max: $14.99/month
  • SHOWTIME: $10.99/month
  • Cinemax: $9.99/month
  • STARZ: $8.99/month

So you pay the normal standalone costs for each premium network.

Can I access my DVR recordings or On Demand library outside my home?

Unfortunately Hulu Live TV has not enabled their cloud DVR capabilities or on-demand catalog for mobile streaming or offline downloads at this time. So you can only view your DVR recordings or streaming library when connected to home internet. A sore spot compared to cable providers offering TV Everywhere mobile streaming access.

Are annual contracts or commitments required?

The beauty of Hulu Live TV versus traditional cable or satellite is you aren‘t locked into any long-term contracts. No early termination fees. You can cancel service outright anytime if cost or channel selection fails to satisfy going forward. Stream month-to-month with complete freedom to change plans to suit your evolving needs.

Can multiple households use Hulu Live TV simultaneously?

No. Hulu Live TV expressly forbids sharing logins and passwords outside your own household given licensing restrictions. So unlike sharing say a Netflix account with family elsewhere, you cannot legally share access to your Hulu Live TV subscription across multiple households or families. Devices must connect from one primary house.

We hope this guide has given you clarity around what Hulu Live TV offers versus cable and streaming competitors today to inform your decision making process on whether to cut the cord in 2023. Ultimately channel selection, price and contract flexibility should drive your choice. But don‘t underestimate the sheer value Hulu Live TV provides with full Disney+ and Hulu streaming bundled in free of charge too!

If you still have questions, browse Hulu Live TV plan details on Hulu‘s website for the latest offers, channels and compatible devices to replace cable in your household.

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