Making Sense of the HP ProLiant DL360 Server

If you manage servers or IT infrastructure, chances are you‘ve crossed paths with the HP ProLiant DL360. As one of HP‘s all-time best-selling servers, the DL360 delivers remarkable versatility for data centers and tech professionals alike.

But what exactly is the DL360 and why does it warrant such popularity? Let‘s find out together…

DL360 Overview – Your New Server Sidekick

The ProLiant DL360 resides in HP‘s extensive server portfolio as a high-density, rack-optimized system, engineered for compute-intensive work.

Configurable as either a single or dual-processor server, the versatile DL360 squeezes serious processing muscle into a compact 1U chassis ready to bolt into standard 19" racks.

Unlike consumer desktops, server-grade DL360 components offer higher reliability to keep your apps running 24/7:

  • Dual hot-plug power supplies with automatic failover
  • ECC memory to prevent data corruption
  • RAID disk arrays to minimize downtime from drive failure
  • Remote management capabilities independent of OS status

Let‘s explore what else gives this server its enterprise capabilities.

Stepping Through 30 Years of Innovation

The DL360 has sustained remarkable growth over multiple generations – a testament to HP‘s steady technology innovations.

DL360 G12000Debut model – single CPU, 4GB RAM limit
DL360 G52006First support for dual-core processors
DL360 G62009Two CPU sockets for expanded performance
DL360 G7201150% more CPU cores and memory capacity
DL360 G102018New Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs (up to 28 cores!)

As you can see, HP never rests on their laurels! The latest DL360 continues the trend…

Sporting bleeding-edge Intel processors with up to 56 total cores and massive 6TB memory capacity, this 1U server handles workloads thatcripple lesser machines.

And that‘s just the tip of the iceberg…

Why DL360 Servers Dominate Enterprise IT

The ProLiant DL360 excels across metrics important for business computing:

Density – Its ultra-compact 1U chassis is perfect for squeezing performance wherever space constraints exist.

Efficiency – Shared components, intelligent automation and ecosystems integration reduce overhead for IT admins.

Scalability – Modular components future-proof growth, allowing capacity and redundancy to scale on-demand.

Reliability – With redundant power, exemplary hardware quality, and resilient components, system uptime achieves new levels.

Manageability – Deploy, monitor and upgrade DL360 servers remotely using comprehensive tools that integrate with popular platforms.

With game-changing technology packed efficiently into 1U, it‘s easy to appreciate why the DL360 owns over 30% global server market share!

Okay, the DL360 clearly dominates – but is it right for your environment?

Sizing Up Your DL360 – Sample Configurations

One size rarely fits all in enterprise IT. To match capability with necessity, let‘s explore some common DL360 configurations:

Virtualized Infrastructure

  • Dual Intel Xeon Silver 4208 CPU (8 core, 16 thread)
  • 192GB DDR4 ECC RAM
  • Dual 10Gbps NIC + 8-port 1Gbps embedded NIC
  • 8TB SAS storage in RAID 10

Database Server

  • Dual Intel Xeon Gold 5218 CPU (16 core, 32 thread)
  • 768GB DDR4 ECC RAM
  • Quad-port 10Gbps SFP+ NIC
  • 16TB NVMe SSD storage

High Performance Computing

  • Dual Intel Xeon Platinum 8260 CPU (24 core, 48 thread)
  • 100Gbps Infiniband adapter
  • Local storage optional – leverage shared storage

Which blueprint aligns best with your apps?

With flexible configuration options spanning DRAM, storage media types/capacities and networking interconnects, you can size a DL360 that fits just right!

While we‘re optimizing configurations, let‘s optimize our wallets too…

Keeping DL360 Costs In Check

At roughly $5,000 base price, the DL360 G10 carries a premium price tag. But consider:

  • You pay for rock-solid enterprise-grade engineering (worth it!).
  • Buying prior gen servers save 40%+ over latest models.
  • High-mileage refurbished units with warranty offer deep value.

With due diligence across new, used and refurbished sources, you can secure a superb DL360 server up to 70% below retail. Now that‘s optimization!

What else ticks the value box? How about…

7 Key Benefits of Choosing DL360 Servers

  1. Density – Lots of compute in compact, rack-ready chassis
  2. Efficiency – Streamlined deployment & administration
  3. Scalability – Grow capacity & redundancy seamlessly
  4. Reliability – Maximized uptime for 24/7 operation
  5. Manageability – Rich remote server instrumentation
  6. Support – Huge ecosystem & accessible documentation
  7. Value – Excellent TCO including discounted models

Of course, no server lacks trade-offs. Let‘s peek at a few…

4 Potential DL360 Pitfalls

  • Noise – Fan airflow cools elaborate CPU & IO guts in tight confines
  • Power – Expect copious power appetite under full loads
  • Flash – All-flash models get pricey fast as capacity grows
  • Depth – 1U chassis over 2 feet deep requires cabinet planning

Thankfully clever design and redundancy schemes temper these concerns for most environments.

And by teaming with HP‘s legendary infrastructure ecosystem, solutions exist to smooth any rough edges that materialize.

Final Analysis – DL360 Servers Deliver

After appreciating its past, present and future, three things become strikingly clear about HP‘s stalwart ProLiant DL360:

  1. It leverages Intel’s latest processing power better than any rival.
  2. It squeezes maximum density, efficiency and flexibility into 1U.
  3. It retains undisputed popularity through balanced capabilities.

For these reasons and more, I strongly recommend the DL360 server for most data center roles – be it cloud infrastructure, virtualization, databases or beyond.

Boasting robust configurations from leading processors and massive memory down to fast, resilient storage, the DL360 forms the bedrock of servers underpinning modern IT…

And will for years to come!

So next time you architecture infrastructure, start your server shopping list with DL360. Your apps will thank you!

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