How to Watch USA Network Without Cable in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Do you want to watch popular shows on USA Network but think it‘s impossible without paying for an expensive traditional cable package? Thanks to live TV streaming services, accessing this long-running cable channel without cable is totally achievable in 2023.

In this detailed guide, we‘ll explain multiple options for streaming USA Network to best fit your household‘s budget and preferences. You‘ll learn everything needed to finally cut the cord for good while keeping your favorite USA Network programs.

A Quick History of USA Network‘s Cable Dominance

Before jumping into the various streaming platforms at your disposal, it helps to understand USA Network‘s journey to prominence. This background provides useful context on why our goal is to replicate full access to this popular channel through internet TV.

USA Network first launched in 1977 under the ownership of Kay Koplovitz. In its early days, USA focused predominantly on sports broadcasting. But over the first half of the 1980s, the channel shifted more into general entertainment like talk shows, movies and some original scripted programming.

USA Network really began building itself as a household name through the 1990s and 2000s. This growth coincided with finding its niche of airing syndicated reruns of hit network dramas alongside buzzy original shows like Monk, Burn Notice and Suits that attracted their own loyal followings.

At its peak around 2006-2007, USA Network was available in over 96 million homes and was the #1 most watched cable network. Although competition has increased, USA Network still reached 86 million subscribers as of 2021.

So for over three decades now, USA Network has used its formula of popular off-network series, reality staples like Chrisley Knows Best, WWE wrestling and original scripted programming to entice traditional cable subscribers month after month.

Luckily, despite USA Network remaining a cable TV stalwart, you no longer need expensive packages filled with channels you don‘t watch just to keep up with your favorite USA shows. Streaming TV now grants the freedom to access this beloved channel and its wealth of content without cable contracts or equipment fees.

Breakdown of Major Live Streaming Services

Gaining USA Network access through streaming rather than cable primarily relies on a growing segment of TV providers called over-the-top (OTT) platforms. Instead of physical infrastructure, these streaming services deliver live television channels directly over the internet.

As long as you have a sufficiently fast home internet connection, OTT providers can reliably replicate a traditional channel package experience. The main differences lie in far more flexibility around pricing, contracts and supported devices compared to cable.

We‘ll highlight four of the biggest names providing live streaming TV that include USA Network in their channel bundles below:

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu entered the live TV space in 2016 to help cord cutters move away from restrictive cable packages. For a reasonable monthly rate, Hulu + Live TV offers 75+ live channels plus Hulu‘s entire on-demand library.

USA Network stands among the most well-known channels offered in Hulu Live TV‘s base $69.99 package. So without paying for higher cable tiers, you immediately regain access to current USA shows and movies alongside other top cable brands like ESPN, Discovery, Fox and more.

Supported devices span all major streaming platforms. Unique perks include 50 hours of free DVR storage and two concurrent streams. Hulu‘s interface also lets you seamlessly move between live channels, DVR recordings and thousands of hours of on-demand movies/TV in one place.

YouTube TV

YouTube dipped its toes into the live TV streaming waters back in early 2017 with YouTube TV. Since then, YouTube TV has quickly emerged as a top contending cable replacement thanks to its straight-forward pricing and channel offerings.

For just $64.99 per month, YouTube TV supplies 100+ popular national cable channels, including our crucial USA Network. Cloud DVR functionality comes baked in too for recording any show airings you may miss without filling up storage space.

YouTube TV allows up to three simultaneous streams with six customizable user profiles accommodating the whole household. Supported platforms range from phones to media streaming devices to smart TVs.

Overall, YouTube TV makes for one of the simplest and most full-featured OTT solutions to watch USA Network and other cable favorites without the cable box.

Sling TV

Sling TV stands as one of the OTT pioneers in live streaming space having launched initially back in 2015. While Sling has ceded some market share to Hulu and YouTube TV over the years, it remains a cost-effective way to access certain cable channels like USA Network without bundles.

Rather than a single base package, Sling TV is broken into Orange and Blue track starting at $40 each per month. Of the two, only Sling Blue contains USA Network within its 41 channel lineup.

For $15 more per month, the combined Sling Orange & Blue plan ups the channel count to 50+ and merges the content of both packages. This route nets you USA Network alongside ESPN, AMC, Lifetime and more top cable channels without needing huge bundles.

With either approach, 50 hours of DVR storage can be added for $5 monthly. Sling apps allow streaming across most devices except PlayStation consoles. If affordability outweighs some missing networks, Sling makes accessing USA Network rather inexpensive.


FuboTV differentiates itself by directly targeting sports fans wanting to cut the cord but not lose access to many key sports channels and leagues. Alongside tons of sports offerings, FuboTV‘s Pro plan still includes entertainment staples like USA Network for $69.99 monthly.

For that reasonable price, you receive over 200 total channels spanning sports, news, lifestyle and more popular networks. The 1,000 hour cloud DVR never forces you to pick and choose which USA Network shows to record either.

FuboTV Elite goes a step further with extra sports channel additions and boosted 4K streaming capabilities for $79.99 per month. Across either plan, streaming reaches from phones up through smart home theater setups.

If you want a streaming TV provider tailored more for sports, FuboTV brings excellent overall cable channel representation headlined by its sports-first offerings for reasonable single pricing.

Now that you understand the core live streaming services that allow USA Network streaming without cable contracts or equipment, how do they compare feature for feature? Our detailed breakdown chart below showcases everything you need to know at a glance:


Beyond the comparisons above, also factor device availability for your TV setup, DVR nuances like fast forwarding behavior, exact sports network needs and extra perks like simultaneous streams allowed.

With those additional considerations, YouTube TV or Hulu + Live TV recommended for seamlessly replacing cable with streaming thanks to channel variety, reasonable pricing and widespread device app support. Tailor specifically around budget or sports using Sling TV or FuboTV instead.

Extra Tips for Streaming USA Network

If you want to explore beyond the most mainstream cable replacement streamers highlighted so far, a couple alternative options to get USA Network without cable exist:

  • Use NBC‘s Free Episode System: NBC provides website and app access to a limited number of recent episodes from networks like USA Network to watch for free using "credits"
  • Leverage Cable Provider Streaming Plans: Some cable companies now offer cheaper streaming-based TV packages without equipment fees. For example, Xfinity Stream starts at $40/month with USA Network included

So if you prefer to stick with your current cable provider, research what streaming plan options they may offer to replicate your key channel access like USA Network for lower monthly costs.

FAQs: Streaming USA Network Without Cable

Here are quick answers to some frequently asked questions around getting USA Network through streaming sources rather than cable packages:

What is the cheapest streaming TV option for USA Network?

Sling Blue provides the lowest regular pricing at $40 monthly for USA Network streaming access. But Sling Orange & Blue bundles more content for only $15 more at $55/month.

What devices support USA Network streaming apps?

Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Android TV, Xbox, iOS/Android phones and most smart TVs all support installing apps for the major streaming services offering USA Network.

What popular shows can I watch on USA Network?

Top programs, both past and present, include WWE wrestling, Chrisley Knows Best, Burn Notice, White Collar, Monk, Suits, Psych and NCIS reruns among others.

Can I get USA Network through providers like Philo or DirecTV Stream?

Philo does not carry USA Network currently. DirecTV Stream does offer USA Network on its entry $69.99/month package along with standalone HBO Max included.

Is there any way to stream USA Network 100% free?

No free, fully legal option exists. Using NBC‘s website/app credits allows only limited recent USA Network show episodes. Streaming providers start at $40+ monthly.

Closing Thoughts

We hope this detailed walkthrough has provided everything you need to confidently cut ties with cable TV yet continue uninterrupted access to much-loved USA Network shows. Thanks to Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV and more, it no longer takes sacrificing this popular channel just to save costs month to month.

Each streaming TV provider outlined above brings its own combinations of pricing, supported devices, DVR allowances and specific channel lineups to fit different preferences. With USA Network notably included on all options, choose the streaming service aligning best to your household viewing habits.

Then enjoy the freedom and flexibilty of streaming USA Network hits like WWE wrestling, Chrisley Knows Best or NCIS reruns without paying for endless cable channels outside your interests. Cutting the cord in 2023 proves streaming easily lets you creating a customized, affordable TV package containing just what you actually want to watch, USA Network included!

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