How to Verify Your YouTube Channel Step-by-Step

Hey there! Verifying your YouTube account is an important step towards unlocking more features to grow your channel. This complete guide details different YouTube verification levels and steps you through phone, ID and video verification processes.

I‘ll also break down requirements for scoring the prestigious channel verification badge to establish your authority as a creator.

Let‘s get started!

Why Should You Verify Your Channel?

Here‘s an overview of key benefits you can unlock through YouTube account verification:

  • Custom thumbnails for more views
  • External links in descriptions
  • Longer videos over 15 minutes
  • Live streaming capabilities
  • Increased daily video upload limits
  • Monetization and YPP eligibility

Without verification, your channel faces significant limitations for maximizing viewership and revenue potential.

There are 3 main verification types:

  1. Basic Account Verification
  2. Intermediate Account Verification
  3. Advanced Account Verification

Let‘s explore what features each level unlocks.

Account Verification Benefits Comparison

FeatureBasic VerificationIntermediate VerificationAdvanced Verification
Custom Thumbnails
External Links
>15 Minute Videos
Live Streaming
Increased Daily Uploads
Monetization Eligibility

As this table illustrates, upgrading to intermediate and advanced verification grants way more customization, reach, and money making benefits!

Now let‘s dive into steps for achieving those higher levels.

How to Verify Your YouTube Account

Verifying initially with your phone number only takes a couple minutes.

Phone Number Verification

  1. Go to
  2. Enter phone number
  3. Get 6 digit code via text or call
  4. Input code to confirm ownership
  5. Enjoy basic rewards like long uploads!

Once you complete phone verification, intermediate perks are enabled automatically.

From here, you have two options to upgrade to advanced account verification. Let‘s discuss them both.

YouTube Advanced Verification Methods

You have choice between ID verification or video verification to confirm your identity and unlock additional features like more daily uploads.

ID Verification

  1. Navigate to Channel Settings in Creator Studio
  2. Select "Verify my Identity" under Advanced levels
  3. Upload photo of valid government ID document
  4. Wait 24 hours for YouTube review

I recommend ID verification if you want the simplest no-fuss option.

Now let‘s explore uploading a verification video.

Video Verification

Why choose video verification?

✅ Faster than waiting on ID review

❌ Requires recording and uploading a selfie style video

Follow these steps:

  1. Start from Channel Settings then open Advanced access
  2. Click "Get Started" under Video Verification option
  3. Review instructions and tips before hitting record
  4. Scan QR code or click email link to sync smartphone
  5. Position face centered, then clearly speak phrases
  6. Submit video through linked device

YouTube will confirm validity of video – process can take under an hour for instant advanced verification!

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Unlocking Channel Verification Badge

The coveted channel verification badge displays prominently beside your channel icon, signifying your popularity and brand authority to viewers.

YouTube Verified Badge Example

Here are the key requirements:

✅ 100,000+ legitimate channel subscribers
✅ Consistently upload engaging, high-quality videos
✅ Have professional channel branding and metadata
✅ Represent real brand or persona accurately

Without meeting community guidelines and view count thresholds, unfortunately your verification application will be denied.

Let‘s walk through steps to apply.

How to Apply for Blue Verification Badge

Once eligible, here is how to request channel verification:

  1. Go to YouTube Settings in Google Support portal
  2. Scroll down and select Verification badges option
  3. Click Request Verification and complete application
  4. Provide links evidencing popularity, reception and content statistics
  5. Wait 1-2 months for in-depth YouTube review

If successful, your channel icon will display the prestigious blue checkmark so fans recognize your establishment!

Hitting 100k Subscribers for Verification

I realize many creators feel overwhelmed looking at the 100,000 subscribers watermark.

Let me provide encouragement and analysis!

Average YouTube Stats

  • Viewers per subscriber = 500 views
  • Avg subscriber conversion = 5%
  • Watch time before subscribing = 60 minutes

Quick math means if you can accumulate 500,000 views at a 5% conversion rate, that translates to 25,000 subscribers already!

Then factor watch time. YouTube reports most viewers engage for 1 hour before subscribing.

Brainstorm a 12 part series driving 720 minutes or 12 hours of content. At same conversion rate, that‘s another 36,000 potential subscribers through viewership and loyalty!

See – with consistency and thoughtful audience targeting, you absolutely can hit milestones for securing official channel verification.

I‘m cheering you on! 🙌

Tips to Get More YouTube Subscribers

Here are my top 7 subscriber growth tips:

  1. Fine tune your channel branding for professional appeal
  2. Analyze your audience and craft content tailored to their interests
  3. Promote uploads and channel through social media
  4. Ask viewers to subscribe at end of each video
  5. Feature playlists to encourage binge viewing
  6. Engage fans with polls, community posts and friendly comments
  7. Collaborate with similar creators for cross-promotion

Building that loyal viewership takes time and commitment. But the rewards of profitable viewership and prestigious verification are well worth it!

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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