How to Use PayPal on Amazon: A Comprehensive 5 Step Guide

As one of the largest ecommerce platforms globally, Amazon offers unparalleled selection and convenience for online shoppers. However, despite boasting over 300 million active user accounts worldwide, Amazon does not provide the option to directly checkout with PayPal. This restriction stems from PayPal‘s previous ownership under eBay, one of Amazon‘s primary competitors.

Fortunately, users determined to utilize their PayPal funds on Amazon purchases have a couple straightforward workarounds at their disposal. This guide will walk through the two primary methods to use PayPal on Amazon step-by-step, enabling readers to leverage the financial account of their choice.

Buying Amazon Gift Cards with PayPal Balance

Arguably the simplest approach involves purchasing Amazon gift cards using your PayPal account balance or linked bank account/cards. You can then apply the gift card balance towards any items in your Amazon shopping cart.

According to industry analysis, the average US household maintains $175 in unused gift cards. By putting that dormant value to work, you gain flexibility in combining payment types while streamlining the online checkout process.

Leading gift card marketplaces accepting PayPal include:


  • Over 28,000 verified online reviews
  • Physical & digital gift cards available
  • Transactions protected by encryption


  • Range of denominations from $10 – $500
  • emailed gift cards arrive in minutes
  • 256-bit SSL security at checkout

Once purchased, you can add the gift card to your Amazon account by navigating to "Your Account" > "Gift Cards" and entering the claim code.

Benefits of the Gift Card Method

  • Bypasses need to input card details/bank account information
  • Allows combining gift card balance + other payment types
  • Quick online delivery of gift card code
  • Utilizes unused funds already in PayPal account

For those willing to take a few extra steps, linking your PayPal card directly enables checkout from your Amazon wallet.

Linking Your PayPal Card to Amazon

Adding your PayPal debit or credit card within your Amazon account payment methods requires roughly five minutes. Once connected, you can assign PayPal as the default payment option and even enable one-click ordering.

Step 1: Log into Your PayPal and Amazon Accounts

Naturally, you‘ll first need access to both your PayPal and Amazon accounts. Having your PayPal card nearby can also speed up data input.

Recommended: Enable two-factor authentication on both accounts for enhanced login security.

Step 2: Visit Your Amazon Account Settings

After logging in, hover over your username in the top right and select "Account" from the dropdown menu.

Tip: Alternatively, navigate directly via

Step 3: Click on "Your Payments"

From the Account Settings overview, click on "Your Payments" along the left-side menu. This section manages all payment methods associated with your Amazon account.

Step 4: Add New Card Details

Scroll down and select "Add a payment method" then choose either credit/debit card. Carefully fill out your PayPal card number, expiration date, and security code.

Warning: Even minor typos while inputting this sensitive financial data could lead to issues.

Once accurately entered, click the "Add your card" button to link your PayPal card.

Step 5: Shop at Amazon with PayPal

Start shopping! When checking out, simply choose your newly added PayPal payment option. Amazon will now debit funds directly from your connected PayPal balance or associated account.

Process Overview

To recap, here are the key steps condensed:

  1. Login to PayPal and Amazon accounts
  2. Under Account Settings, choose “Your Payments”
  3. Select “Add a payment method”
  4. Carefully input PayPal card details
  5. Complete purchase with PayPal as payment method

Is Using PayPal on Amazon Safe?

Absolutely. Both recommended workarounds follow authorized methods of applying your PayPal balance/accounts towards Amazon purchases. Users should feel confident entering sensitive information.

However, as when transacting through any online platform, maintaining strong account security is highly encouraged:

  • Enable two-factor authentication
  • Create complex login credentials
  • Monitor account activity for unauthorized changes
  • Contact support regarding any suspicious behavior

By incorporating sound account hygiene habits, customers can exploit the convenience of PayPal on Amazon worry-free.

Visual Demonstration

For a step-by-step walkthrough of adding your PayPal card to Amazon, please view the instructional video below:

PayPal + Amazon FAQs

Can I use my PayPal Credit line on Amazon?

Yes, by adding your associated PayPal Credit card you can access that line of credit for Amazon purchases. Keep in mind, interest rates still apply.

Why are there restrictions on linking PayPal to Amazon?

Originally owned by eBay, PayPal allowing competitor Amazon direct access to its 100+ million user accounts was untenable. Thus, workarounds allow applying PayPal without fully integrating.

What happens if my PayPal card expires?

If your connected PayPal card expires or needs updating, repeat the “Add payment method” steps above inputting the refreshed card details. You can have multiple PayPal cards registered.

Is there a way to make PayPal my 1-Click default?

Yes! Under “Your Payments” assign PayPal as your default payment method. You can then enable one-click ordering for streamlined checkout.

Ready to Unlock PayPal on Amazon!

As one of the leading online retailers globally, Amazon offers unparalleled selection paired with renowned convenience. This expert guide has outlined straightforward methods for overcoming restrictions to enable PayPal as your preferred payment method.

Whether purchasing gift cards or directly linking your card, shoppers can now seamlessly connect balances across accounts when buying through Amazon. Employ the strategies above and happy shopping!

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