How to Unlock Apple Pay Benefits While Shopping at Walmart: A Simple 6-Step Guide

Have you ever shopped at Walmart but felt stymied trying to use Apple Pay for checkout? I‘ve been there too! As a payments tech specialist, I optimize mobile wallet integration systems like Apple Pay. So I‘ve done deep dives into why a retail giant like Walmart doesn‘t accept contactless payments from iPhones.

After substantial research into Walmart‘s strategy, I can explain the retailer‘s reasoning. Even better, I‘ll show you an ingenious workaound that lets you utilize Apple Pay perks at Walmart!

By linking your Apple Card to Walmart Pay, you can unlock rewards and convenience as if Walmart supported Apple Pay natively. I‘ll provide six simple steps to seamlessly link your accounts and start saving. Let‘s get started!

Why Walmart Blocks Direct Apple Pay Integration

First, it‘s helpful to explore why Walmart actively blocks Apple Pay given how widely adopted contactless payments are today. There are a few key reasons Walmart has strategically chosen not to get on the Apple Pay train:

Promoting Their Own Walmart Pay Platform

Walmart developed a custom mobile payments solution called Walmart Pay in 2016. This proprietary system lives within the Walmart mobile app rather than relying on Apple Pay through the Wallet app. By promoting Walmart Pay over Apple Pay, Walmart maintains tighter control over user data and shopping behavior analytics.

Avoiding Apple Transaction Fees

For each Apple Pay transaction, Apple charges retailers a 0.15% fee. When you look at the insane volume of purchases happening across over 4700 Walmart stores daily, these fees would add up quickly. Walmart wants to keep profit margins as high as possible. Dodging Apple Pay fees helps protect the bottom line.

Keeping Prices Low

Closely tied to avoiding fees, rejecting Apple Pay integration helps Walmart reinforce its brand reputation for EDLP (everyday low prices). The retailer can‘t risk any factor that could boomerang to drive up operational costs and force price markups in stores.

Maintaining Control of Customer Data

From a loyalty and marketing perspective, Walmart gains deeper insights into customer shopping habits and purchasing data via Walmart Pay integration. Bringing Apple Pay into the mix risks diluting these analytics by driving payments through Apple instead.

Now let‘s get into the service design workaround that allows you to tap into Apple Pay rewards even when shopping at Walmart.

Workaround Steps – How You Can Use Apple Pay with Walmart

The solution lies in linking your Apple Card to Walmart Pay. Utilizing the Apple credit card in this manner allows you to make use of Apple Cash daily cash rewards and innovative card features even when shopping at Walmart.

Here are the six simple steps to make this digital integration happen:

Step 1: Download the Walmart App

First, you’ll need to download the Walmart shopping app for iPhone on the App Store. This provides access to integrate the Walmart Pay digital wallet.

Fig 1.1 – Download the Walmart app from the iOS App Store

Step 2: Create a Walmart Account

Open the app and sign up for a Walmart account if you haven‘t already by tapping "Account" and "Create Account". This allows you to save payment methods for faster checkout.

Step 3: Navigate to Wallet

After creating your account, navigate to the Wallet section under Account > Payment Methods > Wallet. This is where you can store payment methods.

Fig 1.2 – Walmart Pay digital wallet houses payment methods

Step 4: Add Apple Card

Tap + Add Payment Method > Credit/Debit Card. Here you‘ll input your Apple Card information to link accounts. Make sure your Apple Card is already activated within Apple Wallet.

Fig 1.3 – Connect Apple Card data into the Walmart Pay wallet

Step 5: Shop and Select Walmart Pay

When checking out at Walmart, open the app and choose Walmart Pay on the Services tab.

Fig 1.4 – Access Walmart Pay via the Services menu

Then select your Apple Card from the payment card options to connect your linked account.

Step 6: Scan and Pay

At the self-checkout area, tap "Scan Code" and hold your phone screen facing the QR code shown on the PIN pad. This will validate your chosen payment method. Confirm the amount, and finish your purchase!

Apple Card Perks Unlocked

Tapping into your Apple Card features is the real incentive in taking this roundabout approach. You wouldn‘t go through the trouble otherwise!

Connecting your Apple Card for Walmart Pay buys brings Apple Pay conveniences into the mix since everything links behind the scenes through encrypted tokens.

Here are the main benefits now accessible:

Apple Card Cash Back

  • 3% Daily Cash back on Apple products bought at Walmart
  • 2% Daily Cash back on all other Walmart purchases

Apple Card Financing

  • Ability to split costs on large purchases into monthly installments

High-Level Security

  • Zero fraud liability and private transaction coding for safety
  • One-time payment tokens prevent merchant data breaches

Apple Wallet Budgeting

  • Payment reminders and spending summaries for tracking
  • Weekly activity reports to better understand purchase categories

As you can see, joining your Apple Card and Walmart Pay accounts opens the door for contactless checkout powered by Apple wallet features.

Tips for Seamless Checkout

Making this digital mashup work flawlessly does take a bit of preparation. Here are tips for ensuring smooth sailing:

  • Activate your physical Apple Card first for immediate usage
  • Save your Apple Card as the DEFAULT payment method
  • Add your linked card to Walmart EXPRESS PAY for faster checkout
  • Enable location services access so Walmart Pay can successfully connect on-site
  • Hold your phone close to the Walmart Pay terminal during QR code scanning


Still have questions about this nifty workaround? Here are answers to commonly asked questions:

Does Walmart accept Apple Pay now?

No. Walmart does not natively accept Apple Pay or contactless payments yet. This integration method allows indirect usage.

Can I use Apple Pay on the Walmart website?

At this time, Apple Pay is not enabled on the Walmart website either. You can only tap into Apple Pay perks via the linked in-store method explained.

Is it safe to connect my Apple Card & Walmart accounts?

Absolutely! User data security is taken very seriously. Payments transmit safely using encrypted tokens so details stay protected.

Do I earn full Apple Card rewards when using Walmart Pay?

Yes! You can earn the full Daily Cash back percentages from Apple on linked Walmart purchases based on standard reward tiers.

Concluding Thoughts

While Walmart itself doesn’t directly enable Apple Pay tap-to-pay checkout, you can unlock associated rewards through this clever linking workaround.

It takes a dash of effort upfront to integrate your Apple ID payment credentials with Walmart Pay credentials. But once your accounts handshake through the wallet, you’ll benefit from maximum savings potential moving forward.

I suggest bookmarking this step-by-step guide for handy reference. Understanding the nuances of why Walmart blocks Apple Pay while still capitalizing on card rewards equips you for shopping success!

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