Keeping Your Zoom Up-to-Date: The Complete 2023 Update Guide

Video calls, webinars, meetings—Zoom connects millions worldwide through seamless video conferencing. But like any software, new Zoom versions arrive regularly with enhancements.

This guide will teach you best practices for keeping Zoom current across desktop and mobile, helping maintain optimal performance and features. You‘ll learn:

  • How to check your existing Zoom version
  • Step-by-step instructions guiding manual updates
  • Toggling auto-updates for hands-free upgrading
  • Updating Zoom‘s mobile apps on Android and iOS
  • Plus troubleshooting advice resolving any update issues

I‘ll walk through each facet in Zoom updating simply yet thoroughly. So let‘s get started!

Why Staying Up-to-Date Matters

Before jumping into the how-to, understanding why regularly updating Zoom proves so important.

Each new Zoom release packs:

  • Exciting New Features: From touch up appearance to whiteboard collaboration to webinars supporting 100,000 viewes, fresh Zoom versions unlock handy tools improving remote communication and productivity.

  • Security Enhancements: As a prime target, Zoom issues constant patches strengthening defenses against hackers and exploits. Running outdated Zoom leaves you vulnerable based on researchers.

  • Performance Upgrades: Updates frequently optimize Zoom‘s resource efficiency behind the scenes—accelerating load times while using less memory and computer power. Upgrading enhances speed and reliability.

  • Platform Support: Zoom constantly tweaks compatibility for new operating systems and devices. Updating keeps things running smoothly across your workplace‘s diverse hardware and software stack.

  • Bug Fixes: Each update resolves piles of software glitches. By upgrading, you sidestep annoyances from old issues that were already patched.

Below I‘ve compiled a comparison table contrasting critical metrics across recent Zoom releases:

VersionNew FeaturesSecurity PatchesPerformance BoostsBugs Fixed
5.12.0Polls, Pronoun DisplayMedium Severity Web App BugLower CPU/Memory Usage33 Total Issues
5.11.5High Severity Mac RCE FlawFaster Gallery View LoadingVideo Freeze Errors
5.9.0Webinar Support for 100k ViewersWindows App Container EscapeSharper Video at Lower BandwidthBlurry Webcam Streams

As you can see, staying updated delivers measurable improvements all around! Now let‘s dive into manually checking and upgrading Zoom step-by-step across platforms…

Step 1: Checking Your Current Zoom Version

Before updating, it helps knowing your starting Zoom version. Checking takes seconds:

  1. Launch Zoom‘s desktop app then click your profile icon
  2. Select Check for Updates from the dropdown menu
  3. A dialog appears showing your existing Zoom version

I recommend jotting the version down for reference throughout the updating process.

[Screenshot: Zoom profile menu > Check for Updates showing version]

With version confirmed, next I‘ll walk through manually updating step-by-step.

Step 2: Manually Updating Zoom

When major updates launch, Zoom automatically prompts you to upgrade on startup…

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