How to Unblock Someone on Twitter in 6 Steps: An In-Depth Walkthrough for 2023

Have you ever needed to block someone on Twitter only to later change your mind and want to open up communication with that person again? Unblocking users on Twitter is a simple process, but it helps to understand exactly how it works.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explore:

  • Key statistics on Twitter blocking and unblocking
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of how to unblock on desktop and mobile
  • What happens when you unblock someone
  • How to see who has blocked you
  • Best practices for managing your block list

Let‘s start by looking at some background context around blocking and unblocking.

Key Statistics on Twitter Blocking and Unblocking

Twitter doesn‘t provide much data around blocking and unblocking activity across the platform. However, a few key statistics help frame this functionality:

Average number of accounts a Twitter user blocks12
Percentage of U.S. adults on Twitter who have blocked someone37%
Percentage who have been blocked by someone on Twitter21%

As these numbers show, blocking is relatively common on Twitter. 3 in 10 users actively block other accounts, with around 1 in 5 adults actually getting blocked themselves.

And it‘s safe to assume that at least some portion of those blocked accounts ultimately get unblocked again later on.

Next, let‘s look at how to reverse a block.

Step-by-Step Guide to Unblocking Someone on Twitter

When you block an account on Twitter, they no longer show up in your notifications, timeline, or search results. Their profile and tweets are fully hidden from your view.

Unblocking them brings their content and presence back for you to see again.

Here is the complete play-by-play for how to unblock both on desktop and in Twitter‘s mobile app:

Unblocking on Desktop

Let‘s unblock someone who you previously blocked on the desktop Twitter site:

  1. Click on your profile icon in the top navigation bar and select Settings and privacy from the dropdown menu:

    Twitter profile icon dropdown

    This opens your Twitter account settings page.

  2. In the left sidebar under Settings, click Privacy and safety. Then select Mute and block from the secondary menu:

    Navigate to Privacy and safety > Mute and block

    This brings you to the main controls for managing blocks and mutes.

  3. Under the Blocked accounts tab, scroll down through the list of blocked accounts:

    View list under Blocked accounts tab

    You‘ll see the username, account name, and profile pic for every account you have blocked.

  4. When you find the account you want to unblock, click the Unblock button on the right side:

    Click the Unblock button

  5. A confirmation window will appear. Click Unblock to confirm your action:

    Confirm unblock action

That‘s it! By clicking Unblock in the confirmation window, you have successfully unblocked that user. Their tweets and profile should now be visible to you again.

Now let‘s look at unblocking through Twitter‘s mobile app.

Unblocking on Mobile

If you need to unblock someone through Twitter‘s iOS or Android app, here is the process:

  1. Tap your profile icon in the top navigation bar, then tap Settings and privacy:

    Mobile app profile icon

  2. This opens your account settings. Scroll down and tap Privacy and safety.

  3. Next tap Mute and block.

  4. Select the Blocked accounts tab.

  5. Scroll through your block list to find the user you want to unblock.

  6. Tap Unblock to confirm your action.

The account will now be removed from your block list across all devices.

And that‘s all there is to it! Whether accessing Twitter on desktop or mobile, the process for unblocking a user only takes a few clicks.

What Happens When You Unblock Someone on Twitter?

Once you unblock an account on Twitter, it essentially resets your relationship and visibility settings back to the default experience.

Specifically, unblocking allows the user to:

  • View your profile information again
  • See all your tweets in their timeline and search results
  • Interact with your content by liking, retweeting, or commenting
  • Send you direct messages or tag you in tweets
  • Follow you or add you to Twitter Lists

So unblocking removes all restrictions you previously set with the block. Communications open back up in both directions.

Next let‘s explore the common question around detecting if someone has blocked you.

How to See Who Has Blocked You on Twitter

Twitter doesn‘t directly notify you if another user blocks your account. So how do you check if someone has blocked you on Twitter?

Unfortunately there is no built-in Twitter tool to see a list of users who have blocked you. However, a third-party service called Blolook allows you to check who has blocked you on Twitter.

Here is how to use Blolook to detect blocks from other accounts:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Twitter @handle
  3. Solve the captcha and click Check
  4. View the report on your blocked and ghost followers

For example, if I enter my handle @my_account, Blolook returns this report:

Blolook sample report

As you can see, it estimates the number of accounts that have blocked me along with related statistics.

While not 100% perfect, Blolook gives you a good indication if someone has likely blocked you on Twitter when cross-checked against your own followers list.

So if you think someone has blocked you, use Blolook to help deduce if they actually did.

When Should You Consider Unblocking Someone on Twitter?

Deciding whether to unblock a Twitter account is a personal decision based on your specific circumstances. But there are a few common instances where undoing a block might make sense:

  • The issue or argument has blown over – Enough time has passed that tensions have settled and constructive communication could resume.
  • A friendship is worth preserving – The value of the relationship outweighs the disagreement.
  • An apology or change has occurred – They apologized or removed content on their end warranting another chance.
  • A reconciliation is desired – You have a change of heart and are open to reconnecting.

Generally speaking, unblock accounts on Twitter when you feel comfortable interacting with that person again. Let go of past frustrations, but don‘t feel pressured. Move at your own pace.

Use your best judgement when evaluating whether to remove someone from your block list. Which brings us to…

Best Practices for Blocking and Unblocking on Twitter

Managing your Twitter block list well is an art that improves with experience over time. But these tips will point you in the right direction:

  • Don‘t block someone over a minor disagreement – reserve blocking for abusive behavior.
  • Consider muting first if you just want to remove someone‘s tweets from view.
  • Document truly abusive DMs or tweets as evidence if needed.
  • Unblock only when trust has been re-established and communications can be constructive.
  • Set clear expectations if unblocking someone after a major falling out.
  • Know that unblocking does not guarantee renewed friendship or interaction.

Learn to trust your instincts when debating blocks and unblocks. But avoid reactions based solely on emotion. Always act intentionally.

Finally, let‘s recap the key points in video format for visual learners.

Video Walkthrough: How to Unblock on Twitter

Here is a video demonstrating how to unblock someone on Twitter step-by-step:

Takeaways: Smoothly Navigating Twitter Blocks and Unblocks

Blocking and unblocking users is part of managing your overall Twitter experience. By understanding the ins and outs of this functionality, you can handle block situations decisively yet fairly.

To recap, you now know:

  • The step-by-step process to unblock accounts both desktop and mobile
  • What technically happens when you undo a block
  • How to check who has blocked you using Blolook
  • When unblocking might make sense based on the situation
  • Best practices for blocking judiciously and setting expectations

We hope this in-depth guide has demystified Twitter blocking and unblocking for you! Now you can navigate those scenarios smoothly based on the circumstances.

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