Unlock the Secret Shortcut Button on Your iPhone‘s Apple Logo

Have you ever wanted an extra button on your iPhone that would let you quickly perform common tasks or access frequently used apps? Well, thanks to a hidden iOS feature called back tap, you can actually turn the Apple logo on the back of recent iPhones into a customizable shortcut button!

What is Back Tap and How Can It Help You?

Back tap is an innovative accessibility feature introduced in iOS 14 that allows you to double tap or triple tap the back of your iPhone to trigger certain system actions. It basically transforms the glossy Apple logo on supported iPhone models into a secret shortcut button that you can customize to your needs.

So instead of constantly swiping and tapping around on your screen, you can simply tap the back of your phone anytime to launch apps, enable tools like the flashlight or magnification, take screenshots and much more.

According to Apple‘s iOS accessibility guidelines, back tap provides an easier way to access frequent iPhone functions. It can boost efficiency and productivity for all users. For those with certain disabilities, it can also make using an iPhone easier.

As per the iOS compatibility list, back tap is currently supported on the iPhone 8 and newer models including the latest iPhone 14 lineup. Of course, you‘ll need to be updated to iOS 14 or later to use the feature.

Now let‘s get right into how you can start using back tap to unlock a whole new world of iPhone shortcuts!

Step 1: Head to Your Accessibility Settings

The first step is to open up the Settings app on your iPhone and select Accessibility. This is where you‘ll find the configuration options for back tap.

Open Settings app and select Accessibility

Scroll down and tap on Accessibility (you may need to enter your passcode here).

Step 2: Choose Touch > Back Tap

Next, select Touch from the Accessibility options.

Select Touch from Accessibility menu

Scroll all the way down this menu and tap on Back Tap.

Choose Back Tap option

This is where you‘ll be able to assign actions to back taps.

Step 3: Configure Double Tap or Triple Tap

Under the Back Tap settings, you‘ll see options for Double Tap and Triple Tap.

Tap on either one to set up that back tap gesture. You can configure both if you like!

Select double tap and/or triple tap

Step 4: Assign Back Tap Actions

Now comes the fun part – choosing which system functions or shortcuts you want to assign to back taps!

Here are some of the most handy uses for this nifty iPhone shortcut:

Launch Frequently Used Apps

You can set double tap or triple tap to instantly launch commonly used apps like Safari, Camera, Photos, Messages etc. No more wasting time searching through home screens.

Back Tap GestureApp Shortcut
Double tapOpen Safari
Triple tapLaunch Camera

Take Screenshots

Back tap offers a much quicker way to take screenshots rather than pressing multiple buttons. Just double tap the logo anytime to snap and save your iPhone‘s screen.

Enable Accessibility Tools

Those with disabilities can trigger critical features like VoiceOver, Switch Control or the Magnifier by simply tapping the back. It enables independence and ease-of-use.

Run Custom Siri Shortcuts

You can program back taps to activate any Siri shortcuts you create for automating tasks like turning on lights or ordering coffee!

The options are endless, so configure back tap in ways that best suit your usage. Just tap Back Tap anytime later if you want to change the assigned actions.

Conclusion: Enhance Your iPhone Experience

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine‘s guidelines for accessible devices, the back tap feature greatly improves iPhone convenience and usability. It opens up practical shortcuts without needing extra software or hardware.

So if you own a recent iPhone model, do try out these quick steps to unleash the hidden capabilities behind your Apple logo. With such effortless shortcuts at your fingertips (or backs!), you are sure to save hours of time and enjoy a smoother iPhone experience.

Go ahead, be moreproductive and have fun tapping away on the back of your iPhone! Let me know in the comments if you found innovative uses for back tap.

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