So You Lost the Samsung TV Remote? Here‘s How to Power On and Take Back Control

Losing the television remote is a common annoyance that can temporarily ruin your viewing experience. But don‘t worry – even without the standard Samsung remote, you can still turn on and control core functions on your smart TV.

I‘ll walk you through several methods to power on your Samsung television using just the manual buttons or a mobile device. You‘ll be surprised how easy it is!

An Overview of Turning on Samsung TVs Without the Remote

Nearly all modern Samsung televisions contain physical manual control buttons directly on the frame, hidden from view during normal operation. These buttons allow you to perform essential actions like:

  • Power on/off
  • Adjust volume level
  • Change channels
  • Access basic menus

By locating these buttons, you can startup and watch TV despite having a missing or broken remote handy.

Additionally, by downloading the Samsung SmartThings mobile app to your smartphone or tablet, you can utilize advanced options similar to the remote through an intuitive touchscreen interface.

So while losing the remote is an inconvenience, you need not miss out on entertainment – whether by the manual controls or mobile app Samsung has you covered!

Below I‘ll guide you through the exact steps to startup and use your Samsung television without the standard remote control:

Step 1: Locate the Concealed Manual Power and Control Buttons

The manual control buttons on Samsung TVs are purposefully hidden from sight along the bottom or back edges, tucked under the logo.

On 2018 to 2023 model year Samsung TVs, you‘ll find these buttons along the center rear border directly under the logo. Feel around the logo area for a tactile rectangular shape to locate them.

Diagram showing concealed button location on rear of modern Samsung television

Older 2014-2017 Samsung TVs may position buttons on the left, right or bottom frame instead. Check sides and underside if not centrally placed.

These buttons are laid out in a row and have the following functions when pressed:

ButtonSymbol EngravedPurpose
1st on LeftDown arrowChannel Down
2nd from LeftUp arrowChannel Up
MiddlePower iconTurn TV On/Off
2nd from Right– iconVolume Down
1st on Right+ iconVolume Up

So for example, the volume up button will have a ‘+‘ symbol engraved. Feel for the markings to orient yourself without needing to pull the TV away from a wall mount to see back buttons.

Press and hold the Power button for 3-5 seconds until video displays to turn the Samsung TV on.

Use the outer volume and channel buttons to manually change levels or select programming.

Pro Tip: Short 1-second presses of the Power button opens a basic settings menu to toggle options using directional keys if needed.

Now let‘s look at extending functionality through mobile apps.

Step 2: Install Samsung SmartThings App to Use Mobile Device as Remote

While manual buttons get the job done to power on and control basics, using them long-term for changing channels/volume can be tiresome.

For convenient hands-free navigation, install the Samsung SmartThings app on your smartphone or tablet instead.

SmartThings gives you a touchscreen remote perfect for effortless command of newer compatible Samsung TV models. Available on both iPhone and Android devices.

To connect SmartThings:

  1. Download and launch the app
  2. Sign into your Samsung account
  3. Tap ‘+ Add Device‘
  4. Select ‘TV‘ from list
  5. Choose model year and series of your television
  6. Follow on-screen prompts to authenticate

Once linked, you‘ll have a digital remote able to power on/off, open apps, play streaming content, enter channel numbers, adjust settings, and more!

Smartphone screenshots depicting Samsung Smart Things app TV remote

Additionally, using your phone means regaining voice commands and text entry not possible from manual buttons alone.

So when remote needs arise, simply launch SmartThings and take back full control!

For step-by-step setup details, [see Samsung‘s guide]( on connecting mobile devices to newer television models.

Now let‘s compare why the physical remote is still ideal over alternative button and app options.

Why the Dedicated Samsung Remote is Superior for Convenience

As we‘ve discussed, the manual built-in buttons and SmartThings app offer backup ways to access vital TV functions if you don‘t have the OEM Samsung remote.

However, the standard remote remains far more efficient thanks to dedicated keys not replicated otherwise.

Advantages of using the physical remote control include:

  • One-touch power button for instant on/off (no holding manual switch)
  • Full menu navigation via directional pad plus selection/back buttons
  • App/source input shortcuts not on TV body
  • Channel number keypad missing from manual controls
  • Text entry capability needed for login IDs/passwords
  • Advanced optional features like voice input, gaming buttons, etc
  • Control soundbars/Blu-Ray players simultaneously
  • Universal design easy to grip without constantly looking

Additionally, universal remotes able to control various brands require programming not needed on native Samsung remotes.

So while the methods above work temporarily, replacing the remote is your best option long-term.

Troubleshooting If Samsung TV Won‘t Turn On

Hopefully by this point your TV powered on via the concealed manual power button or mobile SmartThings app touchscreen.

But in some cases, technical issues may prevent typical startup using either alternative control.

Before attempting blind power-on methods, first ensure your Samsung television remains properly plugged into a confirmed working electrical outlet.

Also verify any surge protectors, power strips or outlets themselves didn‘t get switched off leading to disconnection.

If the TV still exhibits no signs of life despite holding the rear power button or sending startup signals from mobile apps:

  • Try unplugging the television power cord from the wall for 60 seconds to reboot
  • Inspect for damaged sockets or cables needing replacement
  • Test by connecting another working device like a phone charger to rule out outlet problems
  • Double check connections ensuring no loose plugs on either end
  • Contact Samsung Support for troubleshooting help if problems persist

Avoid repeated manual powering attempts which can actually damage sensitive internal components not intended for constant hard rebooting.

Take Back Control of Your Entertainment

Losing the dedicated remote no longer spells an end to enjoying your Samsung TV. Through built-in manual buttons or mobile apps, you can still turn on and access key functions when needed.

We walked through multiple methods to startup and utilize your Samsung television without the standard remote control on hand. Now you‘ll never have to miss a must-see show or movie again just because you can‘t find the clicker under couch cushions!

So use the directions above to switch on your set and take back command until buying a suitable replacement controller.

And going forward, consider getting a spare remote to keep handy for when inevitable misplacement occurs. Plus look into universal options capable of backing up specialty equipment remotes.

Now get out there and keep binge watching! Just because you lost the remote doesn‘t mean the entertainment stops.

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