How to Turn Off Voicemail on an iPhone (with Photos)

Voicemail can be a useful feature for catching calls you miss. But if you don’t need that functionality, your iPhone allows you to turn voicemail off completely.

In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn multiple methods for disabling voicemail on your iPhone, either temporarily or long-term.

Who Might Want Voicemail Disabled?

There are a few main reasons you may want to turn off your iPhone‘s built-in voicemail:

  • You don’t get many voicemails. If few people leave you voicemails, maintaining a voicemail box is fairly pointless. Disabling it removes the option so callers aren’t prompted to leave messages.

  • You prefer texting or email. Many iPhone users today favor digital communication like texting or email over voicemails. Turning off voicemail can nudge contacts towards those alternative options.

  • You want to limit functionality. Disabling certain iPhone features can simplify your mobile experience. If you won’t use voicemail, limiting those capabilities focuses the device on what matters most to you.

Now let’s explore your options for disabling that native iPhone voicemail box.

Method #1: Turn Off Voicemail Via Settings

The most straightforward way to disable voicemail on an iPhone is directly through the Settings menu. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

Access Your iPhone‘s Settings

Start by opening up the Settings app from your iPhone‘s home screen:

iPhone home screen with Settings app icon highlighted

Tap the Settings icon to access options for customizing your device‘s capabilities.

Open Phone Settings

Next, select “Phone” from the list of settings to open advanced calling options:

Open Phone settings

The Phone menu lets you control your iPhone‘s calling and voicemail functionality.

Turn Off Voicemail

Under the Phone settings, choose “Voicemail” and look for a “Disable” or “Turn Off” button for voicemail. Tap that option to deactivate your voicemail.

If your carrier does not provide a native disable option, skip ahead to use carrier tools for turning off iPhone voicemail instead.

Disable voicemail

Tap the option to disable your iPhone’s voicemail inbox.

And that’s all there is to it! With a few screen taps in Settings, you‘ve successfully turned off voicemail capabilities on your iPhone.

Method #2: Disable Through Phone App

Some carriers allow iPhone users to turn voicemail on or off directly within the Phone app.

Here are the steps to try finding a deactivate voicemail option there:

Open the Phone App

Like most native iPhone apps, you can find the Phone application on your home screen. Tap to open it.

Open Phone app

Access calling functions through the Phone app.

Select Voicemail Options

In the Phone app, check for settings related to voicemail. This may be under a “Voicemail” tab or found in an app menu.

Voicemail options in Phone app

Look for voicemail controls under relevant tabs or menus.

If you discover a switch to turn voicemail off, tap it to disable the feature through your carrier. Otherwise, move on to using carrier tools next.

Turn Off Voicemail Through Your Carrier [#carrier-method]

If native iPhone tools don‘t offer voicemail disabling, your best option is to contact your mobile carrier directly. Most major carriers allow subscribers to turn off iPhone voicemail through support channels or account settings.


AT&T iPhone users can turn off voicemail by accessing their online account portal. Under Profile and Settings > Features, toggle "Voicemail" off.


Verizon subscribers can call customer support (800-922-0204) to request voicemail disabling. Turning it off through account tools is not directly available.


T-Mobile allows disabling voicemail by logging into your account and going to Profile > Media Settings. Toggle "Voicemail" to off and confirm.

Contact your carrier for exact details on their specific process to turn off iPhone voicemail access.

Disabling Voicemail Passwords

If keeping voicemail enabled, you may want to remove the password protection to simplify access.

Here are the steps to turn off your iPhone’s voicemail password:

Call Voicemail System

Dial into your visual voicemail system directly. You can typically hold the “1” key on your iPhone dialpad to quick call voicemail.

Enter Current Password

When prompted, enter your existing voicemail password to get into your inbox.

Select Menu Options

Skip to the main menu for voicemail system settings. Look for something like “Voicemail Settings” or “Voicemail Preferences.”

Turn Off Password

Under that section, search for an option to disable your voicemail password and select it. This will immediately remove password protection.

Disable voicemail password

Remove password requirements for simplified inbox access.

Long-Term Voicemail Disabling

For a more permanent voicemail disabling, call carrier support directly. Ask to have iPhone voicemail removed from your account services. This change will stick even when swapping devices.

To ever reactivate, call back and request voicemail re-enabling.

Recap and Additional Tips

And that covers the main methods for turning off your iPhone voicemail capabilities! Here are some final best practices:

  • Double check by calling your phone to confirm voicemail no longer picks up.
  • Consider setting up an auto-reply text for callers with another way to reach you.
  • If issues ever arise, don’t hesitate to contact carrier support.
  • You can reactivate voicemail anytime by reversing these steps.

We hope this guide gave you the exact instructions needed to successfully disable voicemail on your iPhone. Taking control of call and message management helps optimize your mobile experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fully delete voicemail capabilities on an iPhone?

While voicemail cannot be permanently deleted from iPhone systems, turning off the feature through these steps will fully remove access and prevent messages from being received.

What happens if my iPhone voicemail gets full before I disable it?

Typically nothing harmful. The voicemail inbox may fail to accept new messages but your overall service should not be impacted. Clearing old voicemails before disabling the feature can avoid the rare issues.

Is disabling voicemail also possible on other smartphones?

Yes, with Android devices you would access similar system settings to turn off native voicemail apps. Reaching out to carriers is also possible for device-wide disabling.

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