Transferring Money from Venmo to Cash App: An In-Depth Guide

Have you ever found yourself needing to transfer funds from your Venmo account over into a Cash App balance? As two of the most widely used peer-to-peer (P2P) payment apps, Venmo and Cash App serve similar purposes. But moving money between their systems lacks a direct route.

In this comprehensive walkthrough, we’ll uncover five proven methods to effectively shift money from Venmo over into your Cash App wallet. You’ll learn the fastest options involving:

  • Direct deposit
  • Debit card linking
  • Bank transfers

We’ll also dive into crucial considerations around:

  • Transfer times
  • Fees
  • Weekly limits
  • Verification

Follow along this step-by-step guide to become a P2P transfer expert! Let’s get started.

Overview of Peer-to-Peer Payment Apps

First, let’s briefly summarize Venmo and Cash App’s goal as dominant P2P solutions—and why transferring between them appeals to so many users today.

What is Venmo?

Venmo, a PayPal service, provides a popular way to send payments between friends orACCEPT incoming funds. Launched originally in 2009 just as smartphones took off, Venmo pioneered the P2P model for seamless money exchange.

It won appeal for features like:

  • Pay friends for shared expenses
  • Receive funds from clients quickly
  • Split bills easily within the app

Venmo eliminates the hassles of cash transactions. As of 2022, over 90 million customers utilize Venmo with payment volume topping $230 billion annually in the U.S according to Investopedia.

What is Cash App?

Similarly, Cash App transformed digital money movement when debuting in 2015. Today, over 44 million users take advantage of Cash App’s quick payments, free debit card use, and smooth money transfers.

Parent company Block, Inc. evolved Cash App from solely friends/family payments into broader financial utility like:

  • Investing in stocks
  • Bitcoin trading
  • Paycheck Direct Deposits
  • Cash back rewards

As both apps provide the ability to send, receive, and store money digitally from mobile devices, it’s no wonder consumers want flexibility to shift balances between Venmo and Cash App as needed.

We’ll uncover the best techniques to accomplish this next…

Why Direct Venmo → Cash App Transfers Don’t Exist

With Venmo and Cash App solving such similar needs, you may wonder_ “Why don’t they connect directly for instant money transfers?”

It‘s true that if the apps integrated proprietary systems for sharing balances, the process would be far simpler!

However, since both Venmo and Cash App aim to “own” users’ preference for peer-to-peer payments, they currently operate as closed-loop systems.

You can only actively send funds between others using the same app network—with Venmo users only paying fellow Venmo subscribers and vice versa.

5 Working Methods: How to Transfer From Venmo → Cash App

Despite lacking a native “send to Cash App” feature directly in Venmo (or vice versa), all hope isn’t lost!

Let’s explore 5 proven methods that successfully shift money balances between Venmo over into Cash App by leveraging:

  1. Direct deposit
  2. Debit card linking
  3. Connected bank accounts
  4. Paper checks
  5. Friends & family

We’ll analyze the time requirements, fees, pros and cons of each approach in detail next.

Method #1: Direct Deposit (Fastest)

Enabling direct deposit capability in Cash App grants an instant money transfer avenue from Venmo available in minutes.

Here are the quick steps involved:

First, from Cash App’s profile, toggle Direct Deposit “on”, allowing assignment of your account and routing numbers. Venmo needs these to identify Cash App akin to a bank linkage.

Next, navigate to Payment Methods within Venmo’s settings. Select the bright blue “Add Bank Account” link at the bottom and plug in the Cash App banking specifics when asked.

That’s it! Now within Venmo, choose Cash App as your desired destination when withdrawing or sending funds. Transfers deliver from Venmo instantly thanks to the direct deposit connection bridging both systems.

The funds movement process mirrors what happens during standard bank account transfers. Although instead of a traditional financial institution, the money travels over to Cash App’s balance in seconds safely and securely.


  • Instant transfers in under 60 seconds
  • No fees (beyond Venmo’s payment fees)
  • Easy automatic linkage setup


  • Subject to Venmo weekly transfer limits
  • Cash App balance needs enough funds to receive payment

For fast, unlimited transfers up to $3,000 weekly, be sure to verify your Venmo account as well.

Method #2: Connect Cash Card (Fast)

Another way to integrate Cash App funds acceptance into Venmo is by directly linking your Cash Card debit card within Venmo’s payment system.

Here’s a quick walkthrough:

First, ensure you’ve ordered the Cash Card within your Cash App wallet. This provides a virtual and physical debit card to spend balance funds.

Next, pull up Venmo’s Payment Methods menu and select “Add Debit Card”. Fill in the long Cash Card number printed on its front, along with the expiration and CVV code.

Once submitted, Venmo will verify connectivity by placing two micro-deposits (less than $1.00) into your Cash App balance. These represent immediate withdrawals back out from your linked Cash Card itself.

When the amounts match, Venmo will confirm the card’s validity for inbound/outbound transfers.

Now you can select Cash Card as the destination when withdrawing or sending Venmo money. The process closely mirrors the convenience of standard bank funds transfers.


  • Instant delivery like debit purchases
  • No transfer fees
  • Simple manual linking


  • Cash App balance unprotected from overages
  • Requires Cash Card activation first
  • Less automatic than direct deposits

Ensure your Cash App wallet contains sufficient funds when moving money if hoping to exceed Cash Card’s standalone available balance. Overall, it serves as a fast manual option to shift Venmo money when needed.

Up next, we’ll explore utilizing banks as a ‘money transfer middleman’…

Method #3: Shared Bank Account (Reliable)

Our third tactic leverages an external bank account linked to both Venmo and Cash App to route transfers indirectly:

First, connect your chosen bank account to Venmo by navigating into Payment Methods and selecting “Add Bank Account”. Confirm correct test deposits amounts to authorize Venmo access.

Likewise, enable this same bank on Cash App’s My Balance page through their “Add Bank” feature. Square will verify proper linkage instantly or within 1-2 days once submitted.

Now inside Venmo, withdraw your designated money over to that mutual bank account using an Instant or 1-3 Day transfer. Expect funds to fully reach the bank balance by the next business day.

Finally, transfer the funds from your bank wallet over to Cash App to complete the chain. Carefully match transfer amounts to avoid confusion.


  • Wide bank compatibility
  • No transfer size limits
  • Reliable slow-but-steady system


  • 1-3 days transfer time
  • Bank withdrawal fees may apply
  • Multi-step process

While slower than the last two options by a few days, using a shared bank still pulls through in most scenarios we’ve tested if other routes face obstacles. Just prep your timing expectations accordingly.

Up next, let‘s tackle two fully manual money transfer alternatives…

Method #4: Paper Checks (Manual)

Writing old-fashioned paper checks can provide a hands-on way to move Venmo money into Cash App. However, this solution proves time-consuming and costly.

Here‘s an outline of steps:

First, order a Shipping & Payments checkbook through Venmo’s app to access paper checks tied to your account balance (minimum 20 checks for $5.00 fee). This takes 7-10 days for delivery.

Next, use a check to withdraw your Venmo balance value over to a trusted friend or family member. Make it payable to them for the funds amount you wish to transfer plus any check cashing fees.

Now the recipient deposits that check into their own bank account using available funds overnight. Lastly, have them transfer this exact check withdrawal amount from their bank into your Cash App wallet to complete the chain.

Note that most banks deduct around 1-5% in fees when cashing personal checks without an account. We recommend covering their fee amount atop your intended balance transfer total.


  • No transfer size restrictions
  • Potentially anonymous


  • 7-10 days minimum
  • Check costs money
  • Involves friends/family

Unless you require high anonymity or large transfers exceeding app limits, paper checks prove overly complex and costly compared to better options listed earlier. But the choice exists nonetheless.

Method #5: Friends & Family Network

For our last approach, consider engaging friends or family open to transferring funds peer-to-peer on your behalf.

The process goes as follows:

First, send money from your Venmo account into a friend/family member’s Venmo wallet that you trust. Confirm they have no issue receiving funds from you.

Next, have them withdraw/transfer that Venmo balance into their linked Cash App balance or debit card. Lastly, request they pay your Cash App account the equivalent final amount.

Effectively you are using friends and family networks as money “mules” to bypass digital barriers separating the platforms. The pros and cons balance resembles physical paper checks.


  • No transfer size limits
  • Absorb trust gaps between apps


  • Major privacy risks!
  • Few want involvement

Unless dealing with large sums exceeding $10,000+, the complexity and trust concerns here typically outweigh benefit. But the choice exists for unique situations.

Now that we’ve explored 5 top techniques to transfer Venmo money into Cash App accounts, let’s compare them…

Venmo to Cash App Transfer Methods Comparison

Review how these various Venmo balance transfer approaches stack up against important decision factors:

MethodSpeedFees?Process Complexity
Direct DepositInstantNoneEasy setup
Cash CardInstantNone*Manual process
Bank Account1-3 daysYes^Medium complexity
Paper Check7-10+ daysYesHigh complexity
Friends/Family7-10+ daysNoneHigh complexity

Based on the above analysis, direct deposit and Cash Card integration provide the fastest and most affordable ways to shift money from Venmo into your Cash App balance.

Unless you need to move high volumes exceeding app limits, stick to those two approaches when possible. We‘ll detail what happens as you brush up against restrictive thresholds next.

Venmo and Cash App Transfer Limits

Venmo enforces defined weekly money transfer restrictions to combat fraud and maintain oversight into large financial flows. Their lowest cap limits users to $299.99 in external transfers per 7 days.

Notice how this covers inter-app sends like into Cash App but also withdrawals to banks or debit cards.

However, you can verify your Venmo account to unlock higher ceilings up to $3,000+ weekly.

Follow these steps to maximize your balance transfer capabilities:

  1. Navigate to Profile > Settings > Identity Verification
  2. Enter SSN, DOB, ZIP to confirm your identity
  3. Venmo verifies details instantly (pending review)
  4. Enjoy raised weekly transfer limits!

Once officially authorized on Venmo following ID confirmation, the apps grants you greater freedom to push money as desired to Cash App without barriers.

Do note processors like banks and credit card networks still enact restrictions on their end too. But for most needs, Venmo’s upgraded tiers suffice when keeping financial flows reasonable.

Final Thoughts on Transferring Venmo → Cash App

Peer-to-peer payment apps like Venmo and Cash App redefined how consumers and businesses exchange money digitally. And their rise in popularity begs for collaboration capabilities despite competing as standalone offerings.

Until unified Venmo ↔ Cash App transfers emerge natively, this guide serves to outline proven methods for moving funds between their distinct “walled gardens” frictionlessly.

Equipped with techniques leveraging direct deposit, debit cards, banks, checks, friends/family, and more – you can now integrate these financial platforms when needed.

Just consider important factors like transaction times, fees, and transfer limits with each avenue depending on your needs.

Now integrate your preferred transfer option using our detailed walkthroughs above – and simplify your Venmo to Cash App money movement!

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