How to Start Your Own Sports Blog: The Complete Guide

Hey there sports fan! Are you looking to start a blog about your favorite sport or team? If yes, you’ve come to the right place.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the entire process from coming up with a niche through successfully monetizing your sports blog. I’ll also share plenty of tips, examples and best practices tailored specifically for aspiring sports bloggers like yourself.

So whether you are a seasoned sports blogger looking to level up or just starting, stick with me, because you’re going learn everything you need to launch and earn from your sports blog. Let‘s get started!

A Quick Overview of What We‘ll Cover

Starting a blog is exciting but can also get overwhelming fast given everything that’s involved.

So I wanted to provide a quick overview of the key steps we’ll be covering in this guide:

  • How to research and choose the best sports niche for your blog
  • Comparing blogging platforms like WordPress vs Medium
  • Finding the ideal domain name and fast web hosting
  • Designing a stunning blog layout and navigation
  • Creating compelling multimedia content that engages readers
  • Building traffic through effective promotion strategies
  • How to foster true community and discussions
  • Pros and cons of different sports blog monetization models

I realize that this is A LOT to take in. So take your time and refer to this section if you need an overview refresher at any point.

Now let‘s get ready to start your sports blog!

Step 1. Choose a Specific Sports Niche

As an aspiring sports blogger, naturally you’ll have many interests you can write about. But I always advise picking a defined niche for a few reasons:

  • It makes your blog distinctly stand out in a crowded space
  • You can really establish expertise around your niche over time
  • Readers instantly understand what value to expect from your blog

Let‘s go over some popular sports blogging niche options:

Specific Sport

Focus your blog‘s content exclusively around one sport – for example baseball, football, basketball etc. This works very well if you want to go all in on a sport you are absolutely passionate about.

According to recent surveys, nearly 68% of all sports blogs center around just one major sport.

Fantasy Sports

The fantasy sports niche has exploded in recent years. Industry reports suggest over 60 million people now play fantasy sports in the US and Canada alone. Cater your blog‘s content strategy exclusively to fantasy sports enthusiasts.

Sports Betting

As sports betting continues to expand after the repeal of PASPA, this niche offers tremendous potential. You can focus your blog on odds analysis, site reviews, picks, legality issues and so on.

Sports Gear/Equipment

If you love sports gear, this niche allows you to obsess about things like gloves, bats, helmets, shoes etc. You can review equipment, cover new launches and test the latest gear through affiliate programs.

I recommend researching each niche carefully and also checking out established blogs before deciding. Ultimately your niche should reflect personal passion and knowledge for the best results.

Step 2. Select an Appropriate Domain Name

Your sports blog needs shareable brand name. The domain should ideally:

  • Clearly communicate topic relevance
  • Contain relevant niche keywords
  • Be short, memorable and easy to spell

Let‘s say you picked basketball as your blog‘s niche. Here are domain examples:


Once you‘ve decided, check domain availability with a registrar like GoDaddy or Namecheap.

According to web hosting companies, exact match domains see higher trust and traffic if available. So try getting the .com version of your domain containing target keywords.

Step 3. Find Reliable Web Hosting

Now that you have a domain, your sports blog needs web hosting for visitors to actually access your content online.

Here is a comparison of popular sports blog hosting options:

HostStarting PriceSpeed & UptimeStorageSupport Quality
Bluehost$2.75/monthDecent50GB SSD24/7 Live Chat
A2 Hosting$2.99/monthBlazing FastUnmetered24/7 Ticket + Chat

Based on the key criteria above, I recommend SiteGround if your budget allows. Their specialized WordPress hosting, speeds and knowledgeable support are extremely well suited for blogging.

If looking for an affordable yet reliable option, A2 Hosting also excels on speed and storage.

No matter what host you pick, avoid cheap shared hosting plans ill-suited for actually running a blog.

Step 4. Pick Your Ideal Blogging Platform

Here are leading blogging platform options for sports blogs:


The world‘s most popular blogging platform, WordPress now powers over 40% of all sites on the web. From ease of use to customization and scalability, WordPress simplyticks all the boxes.

It enjoys unmatched support too. You can pick from thousands of free sports themes and plugins. And community forums offer solutions for just about any issue you may face.


Medium focuses on simplicity and beautiful typography. It appeals more to casual bloggers less interested in customizing technical aspects like design, plugins etc.

If you love Medium‘s minimal interface and want to benefit from their existing readership, it remains a good option.


Owned by Google, Blogger lets you start blogging fast without worrying much about domain registration, hosting etc.

However, the range of customization options is limited compared to WordPress. Branding your blog can be tougher as your blog‘s URL will be a subdomain of Blogger.

Overall when it comes sports blogs, WordPress emerges the platform of choice for most bloggers. The unparalleled flexibility allows your blog to stand out while extensive resources ensure you never feel stuck.

Step 5. Design Your Blog‘s Layout

One of the best parts about WordPress is themes. Themes control your overall site design and layout.

There are specific sports WordPress themes like Sporty Blog, SportsPress and Gazetta that come pre-configured to display sports content beautifully.

While installing a themes, customize key elements:

  • Colors
  • Logo
  • Pages
  • Widgets
  • Navigation Menus

Also make your blog mobile responsive for maximum engagement today.

Don‘t worry if it feels intimidating initially. There are plenty of free beginner-friendly tutorials on YouTube as well to help you design your blog.

Step 6. Start Creating Engaging Content

Consistently publishing well-researched articles is key to attracting recurring readers to your sports blog.

You can cover topics like:

  • Game breakdowns
  • Player interviews
  • Gear reviews
  • Fantasy sports advice
  • Sports betting picks

Incorporate relevant images, videos and graphics into posts. This significantly boosts engagement from readers.

Also research keywords relevant to each post topic and strategically incorporate them throughout your post content. This really helps with search engine discoverability so more readers find your articles.

Make sure to promote new posts as well across social media and other channels. We‘ll cover this next.

Step 7. Effectively Promote New Content

Simply publishing posts is not enough. You need an external promotion strategy to reach more readers.

Solid options to share and distribute content include:

  • Post highlights on social media profiles
  • Add social sharing buttons on articles
  • Participate in relevant online groups
  • Email subscribers whenever you publish
  • Allow RSS subscriptions to your blog
  • Guest post on complementary niche blogs
  • Collaborate with influencers in your field

Try combining several approaches for best results when expanding your readership.

Step 8. Foster Community Engagement

The long term success of your sports blog depends on building a community. This boosts reader retention and repeat visits.

You can encourage discussions by:

  • Enabling comments on articles
  • Launching niche forums
  • Posting weekly Q&A videos
  • Sending personalized emails to engaged readers

You may also consider exclusive membership perks for loyal community members. This further incentivizes participation.

Step 9. Monetize Your Blog Over Time

Once you build substantial traffic and an engaged community, you can start monetizing your sports blog:

Display Advertising

This includes showing paid ad banners via networks like Google AdSense. Based on niche relevance, advertisers pay you whenever someone views or clicks an ad.

Rates vary greatly depending on country and niche. As per AdSense data, sports blogs typically earn anywhere from $3 to $15 RPM in display ad revenue.

Affiliate Marketing

Sign up with affiliate programs in your niche to earn commissions promoting helpful products. Relevant affiliate categories include sporting goods, fantasy sports platforms, sports betting sites etc.

Affiliate earnings scale directly with your traffic. After doing the legwork of reviewing products, you can earn passive commissions upwards of 25%.

Sponsored Posts

You can get paid by relevant brands to create sponsored reviews and mentions for their products/services. Sports equipment manufacturers often utilize such native advertising opportunities.

I recommend focusing on organic growth and community for at least 6 months prior to monetizing your blog via the options covered above.

Over time, aim have multiple streams so you have diversified income from the expertise you build around your sports niche.

Let‘s Recap

I realize that‘s a ton of information about starting a successful sports blog – so let‘s do a quick recap:

  • Pick a niche aligned with your interests and expertise
  • Register a domain with your main keywords
  • Get fast web hosting from a provider optimized for WordPress
  • Leverage WordPress for easy yet powerful customizations
  • Design visually appealing layout with sports themes
  • Create engaging multimedia content regularly
  • Promote your articles via social media and outreach
  • Build a tightly knit community of sports fans
  • Make wise monetization choices tailored for your niche

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out in the comments section below!

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