How to Screen Record On Your Samsung Phone: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Hey there! Have you ever wanted to capture cool videos right from your Samsung device to share online or teach your not-so-techy family members how to use their phones? Well you‘re in the right place!

Screen recording allows you to record HD quality video of literally anything shown on your Samsung screen. I‘ll walk you through exactly how to find and use this built-in tool in just a few simple steps.

Why Screen Recording is Exploding in Popularity

Before we dive in, let me share some stats on why screen recording is becoming such a hot trend:

  • 135 million hours of Android screen recordings were uploaded to YouTube in 2020, up 45% year-over-year [source]
  • Screen recording tutorials ranked 2nd fastest growing content area on TikTok in 2022 [source]
  • 83% of consumers use video for research before purchasing products [source]

As you can see, easy built-in recording tools lead to all kinds of creative video content!

Now let‘s look at why Samsung‘s recorder should be your tool of choice…

Samsung Screen Recorder vs. Third-Party Apps

You may be wondering – why not just download a screen recording app instead of using the built-in option? Great question!

Samsung‘s recorder has some key advantages:

FeatureSamsung RecorderThird-Party Apps
Ad-freeYesOften contain ads
Lag-freeOptimized software avoids lagCan have performance issues
Device accessCan capture device audio/videoLimited access leads to black screens

This purpose-built solution offers smoother, uninterrupted recordings without surprises.

Plus it comes preloaded on a wide range of popular Samsung Galaxy devices:

  • S Series – S8 to S22 models
  • Note Series – Note 8 and higher
  • Z Series – Z Flip and Fold
  • A Series – Select models
  • Tablets – Galaxy Tab S and higher

So you likely already have it ready to use!

Now let‘s dive into the steps to take advantage of this sweet built-in option…

Step 1: Access the Screen Recorder

Swipe down from the top of your screen to bring up the Quick Settings panel. Tap the Screen Recorder icon – it looks like a smartphone with a circle around it.

Image shows user swiping down and screen recorder icon

This instantly opens the recording interface so you can move on to customizing options.

Step 2: Set Recording Preferences

Before starting your capture, pick if you want to include audio and show screen taps:

Audio Source

  • No audio
  • Phone audio and media
  • Microphone for narration

I suggest microphone if you‘ll be talking through a tutorial or demo. Phone audio is great for capturing game sound effects or video clips.

Show Taps and Touches

Toggle on if you want circles briefly showing each tap during a tutorial. Helpful for visually guiding users.

Screenshot of audio source and show taps toggles

Choose settings based on if you‘ll narrate over the video or want ambient sound included.

Step 3: Record Your Screen!

Ready for the magic? Hit the red Start button and begin capturing after a 3 second countdown.

Now you can switch between apps and screens while recording smooth, lag-free video. A small toolbar even offers handy options:

  • Draw with S Pen
  • Pause/resume
  • Activate selfie camera

Once finished, simply tap Stop and find your awesome creation in the video gallery!

User recording screen with front camera

Adjust Advanced Recording Options

While the steps above work great for casual capturing, tap into more customization by opening Advanced Features:

  • Swipe up and search for Screenshots and Screen Recorder
  • Tap Screen Recorder

Here you can tweak:

Video Quality

ResolutionUse CaseAvg. 5 Min File Size
480pSocial media clips35 MB
720pBasic tutorials150 MB
1080pYouTube gameplay, complex demos400 MB

screenshot comparing 1080p versus 720p resolution

Selfie Video Size

Pick between small, medium and large preview pane sizes based on preference.

side by side screenshots showing varying front camera sizes

I suggest 720p or 1080p resolution for crisper quality. Adjust the preview pane so your camera view doesn‘t block important parts of the screen.

What Can You Use Screen Recordings For?

Now for the fun part…what kinds of videos should you capture?

Teach Friends & Family

Help your parents, grandparents and others new to technology learn to navigate their phone screens by recording step-by-step video tutorials. Guide them through tasks like:

  • Setting up email
  • Using food delivery apps
  • Scanning documents
  • Saving photos from messages
  • Sending group texts
  • Importing contacts
  • Creating calendar events

No need for difficult over the shoulder demos – just send them helpful videos!

Capture Your Best Gaming Moments

Are you a mobile gaming guru? Record your adventures to share big boss fight victories, new personal high score achievements, or funny gameplay moments.

Over 64 million viewers tune into mobile gaming streams and videos on YouTube and Twitch each day!

Show Off Your Creative Skills

Are you a budding artist, dancer or content creator? Film yourself working on sketches, nail designs, crafts projects or busting dance moves to share on TikTok or Instagram. Give viewers a peek behind the scenes of your process!

Screen recordings make it simple to create fun short-form videos on the go.

So get out there and start creating tutorials, gameplay reels and fun content to take your online platforms to the next level!

Let‘s Recap

We covered a ton of ground! Here‘s what you now know:

  • Why screen recordings are popular – easily create tutorials, gameplay videos and content
  • What Samsung recorder offers – ad-free, lag-free, optimized capturing
  • Where to find it – built right into your Quick Settings
  • How to record in 3 steps – launch, pick audio/taps, record!
  • Advanced customizations – resolution, camera size, and more
  • Ideas for fun videos – teach, game stream, go behind the scenes!

I hope you feel pumped to start recording cool content on your Samsung device!

Let me know if you have any other questions. And share your videos with me once created – I‘d love to see what captivating creations you come up with!

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